Weekly Update: The club takes a wee trip to Scotland, and we need a carer for Steve…

Hi all –


Hope you’ve all had a good weekend and are eagerly awaiting this better weather which we’ve been promised this week. Although I’ve not made it to club this week, I’ve since been out twice with my new adopted bed race team, and am almost sick with nerves at the prospect of running the race again this year. Good to see both of the Team Nidd beds training hard, too.


Apology of the week goes to Mark David, whose fell running exploits I absent-mindedly left out of last week’s round up. Ever the master of understatement, Mark just sent me the same email with the results he had previously sent the week before. I’m happy to set the record straight here: Mark completed the Kildwick Fell Race, a 4 miler with 850ft of ascent, in an impressive 35:45, followed by Simon Harris in 36:14. With barely time to bang the mud from his shoes, Mark was back at it again, racing the Roseberry Romp (sounds like a sexual position, but that might just be me) hauling himself round the 1,100ft climb in 46:29. Well done, Mark.


Last weekend, Bill Hitchcock was in fine form at the Lough Cutra Triathlon, tackling a 1.9k swim, 96k bike ride, all topped off with a cheeky half marathon. Bill completed the ordeal in 05:58:29, coming first in, and setting a new course record for, the super-vets (60+) category. An amazing achievement.


On Thursday, Carol Morgan and Simon Franklin headed off to do the Apperley Bridge Canter – a multi-terrain 10k near Bradford. Carol finished in 44:59, closely followed by Simon in 45:45.


Having spent the past week adjusting their kilts and fastening on their sporrans, Team Nidd headed over the border to compete in Edinburgh. In a warm up for the bigger races the following day, Matt Wilkinson and Philippa Moorse put themselves in for the Edinburgh 5k on the Saturday, finishing in 19:07 and 30:10 respectively. On Sunday, Matt was back in form for the Edinburgh Marathon, completing the course in an impressive 03:09:23. Annie Burns (04:45:17) and Judy Greenwood (05:58:48) completed Team Nidd’s marathon triplet. I’ve no idea how you people do it, I really don’t. You’re all marvels.


Fiona (01:36:27) and Mike Deacon (01:36:29) led the way in the half marathon, followed by Debbie Gibson (02:00:55), Michelle Smith (02:07:00), and Philippa Moorse (02:13:10). Team Nidd also fielded a relay team for the marathon course, and a cumulative effort from Bob Sweeting, Mike Greenwood and Dave & Ann Rushton secured an impressive time of 04:59:15. Well done to all of you! The website for the Edinburgh Races won’t let me search by running club but only by name, so am relying on Philippa’s recollection of who was there. If you’ve been missed out, you can blame Philippa.


Martin Lofthouse (18:39) claimed himself a new PB at the Harrogate Park Run, followed by Andy Harris (20:46) and Maurice Kelly (21:13). Steve Newton (21:22) would have got a new PB if he had remembered to tie his shoe laces. If anyone would like to supervise Steve on a Saturday, make sure he is properly dressed and has been to the toilet before he leaves the house, that kind of thing, please let me know. Hot on the heels of his untied shoes came Alison Isles (22:44), James Cook (23:03), Paul Manning (23:15), Nick Smith (24:27), Jenny Manning (25:34), Tony Chapman (26:51), Rebecca Ventress (27:47), Christine Jones (27:48), Sue Reast (29:48), Michelle Dinsdale (32:06), and Amanda Smith (35:00).


Whether you’ve run a marathon or just run a bath, everyone at Nidd Valley House would love to hear your achievements. Why not send them to us? My email: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


The Week Ahead
Right, chaps, pay attention. It’s the next feature of the Evening League Series on Tuesday in Thirsk, and Team Nidd are going to be out in force. I’ll be damned if we’re going to let Knaresborough Striders overtake us in the league table, so we need everyone we can to turn out. It’s not that I’m competitive; it’s just that I don’t like losing. Our team spirit is brilliant this year – just look at the cheers everyone got as they smashed up the hill to finish line at Dragons – and it’s at times like this when it feels great to be part of the friendliest running club in the country. Let’s keep the momentum going. The more eagle-eyed among you will note that this race is part of the Club Road Championships, so if you’re hungry for more points, then this is the race for you.


For those of you who aren’t racing in the Evening League, there’ll be a slow and steady run from the Hockey Club at 7pm.


On Thursday, it’ll be the usual club run from the Hockey Club at 7pm. Beers in the bar, afterwards, and the chance to eat your own bodyweight in salt and vinegar crisps. This isn’t an alcoholic version of a committee meeting (though that’s just given me an idea) or in any way exclusive, and all are welcome.


Ripon Races
We’re going to have a club day at Ripon Races on August 15. Prices yet to be confirmed, as this depends on what deal (if any) I can get with the racecourse, and what arrangements we make for taxis etc. I think you’re looking at something to the tune of £25. I’ve already heard from a few people, so let me know if you’re up for it. Again, my email: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


A Word to the Wise
“It’s only a hill if you think it’s a hill.” – Martin Lofthouse, talking utter drivel if you ask me.


Have a good week, everyone. See you on Tuesday!


Sam x

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