Weekly Update: On yer bike… (thanks Philippa! – Sam x)

Well well well, if you were a betting person you had backed a sure fire winner when you thought I’d be the one to fill Mr Sam Fugill’s flipflops and write his weekly email when he went away.

I thought I’d open with a bike related heading just to set his pulse racing in panic that I may try and tempt you all over to the dark side. No fear Sam – they’re safe with you (though I can advocate the benefits of cross-training you know…. ).

So story of the week has to be Harrogate 10km. No excuses for not attending today’s race with it being on your doorstep, though Rebecca “I’M TURNING 40” Ventress seemed hell bent on corrupting the Nidd Valley ladies by having them join her in drinking Prosecco and eating cake the night before.

Rebecca, Aimi, Michelle – your absence from the run was noted, stay behind after class for your detention, one hundred lines – “Running comes before drinking, running comes before drinking…” And no, cheering on your team mates is not penance enough.

So who did what? Jamie Dilasser found his form and brought the men home in style, Carol Morgan leading the ladies home, both followed by a plethora of black and yellow vests. Special mention to Sarah Hughan who obviously runs well on copious amounts of Prosecco and smashed her previous 10k pb by over 3 minutes coming in at 52.17. Maybe it was because she was in a rush to get to Boots for some paracetamol for her head-ache? Top job Sarah. I’m sure you’ve all been hitting refresh on the Harrogate 10k results page so i’ll not list them all.

Elsewhere Matt “OCR” Wilkinson took part in two Spartan races in Manchester yesterday to further cement his place in the World Obstacle Course Racing Championships later in the year. So if anyone noticed the bumps and bruises today – it wasn’t me….

I got tapped on the shoulder by the Chairman this week, not one to hide his light under a bushel he let me know that he ran the Tynedale 10K during the week. He came in 40 seconds shy of his pb with 43.25 which was no mean feat considering the sweltering temperatures. Then he tapped me on the shoulder again this morning. I’m sure he was just making sure I didn’t forget to mention his awesomeness.

Parkrun was obviously ‘on hold’ for most Nidders this weekend though Terry Massey secured a 6th place finish, Tony L-C and Dave Rushton appeared to run hand-in-hand judging by their times. Sarah Hughan and Debbie Dilasser decided a pre-party, pre-10k Parkrun was in order with Nick Smith also ‘doing the double’. Michelle Dinsdale, Andrew Williams and Amanda Smith rounded up the field, along with Dave Prince running with his son.

Ex-chairman may throw his toys out of the pram if mention isn’t made to his 8hrs20 in the saddle on the 127 (and a bit) mile Etape Du Yorkshire bike ride yesterday. And in case I didn’t mention it, or you didn’t notice me walking funny this morning, I opted for the short (!) 98 (and a bit) route of the same ride, finishing in 6hrs50 and being quite happy to stand up for the rest of the weekend.

If you’ve got a burning desire to see your name in the weekly email and have an achievement you’d like to share with the club, then get in touch:chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk. Unfortunately you have to put up again with me next week – but Sam is forwarding any emails he deems worthy!!

The Week Ahead
Tuesday – Otley is the venue for the HDSRL finale. Let’s polish off the season in style. Dan – are you placing bets on the number of attendees at this one (he thrashed me in the guessing stakes at the last race)??

PLEASE NOTE: As the key-holders for the Hockey Club are either away, or attending the Evening league run, the clubhouse will NOT be open on Tuesday, but if anyone is still wishing to run they may meet outside.

Thursday: meet at the Hockey Club, ready to run at 7pm, anyone for the Gorge? Dave?

Burton Leonard 10k
It’s our annual ‘mob match’ with the Striders at the Burton Leonard 10k on 19 July 2015. We took the trophy in the inaugural race in 2014 and it fits well with Sam’s decor so he doesn’t want to give it back. Get your place booked: http://burtonleonardrun.org.uk/. A bit of road, a bit of trail, some flat bits, some hills, and a river crossing (if you opt for that route). A little something to suit everyone, and a little something for everyone to moan at too!!

Ingleborough Fell Race
The next race in the fell champs looms large (quite literally) on the horizon. 18th July. Phil Robinson will no doubt try and entice us all to tackle the hills in his reminder email…..

A Word to the Wise
“ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK!!!” – Jenny Manning (2012) whilst on a training run going up a nasty hill in Follifoot.

“I’m not running up that f**king thing” – The very same Jenny Manning (2014) on realising we had to run up Ingleborough 14 miles into a 28 mile LDWA run.

It has been nice being back. Please do me a favour and make my job easier next week by finding some obscure race to take part in and shout about – otherwise it will be a quiet weekend on the news front.

Over and out ….. just going to find one of those rubber rings to sit on……

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