Weekly Update: Have you ever wondered why you don’t see me in swimwear?

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Thanks to Philippa for stepping up to the plate last week and filling the chairmanly flip flops to dispatch the weekly missive. It made a lovely change to be reading it rather than writing it, so thanks Philippa. I’m going to hang fire on the results for just a few seconds, as there is a matter of grave importance that I must share with you…


Burton Leonard 10k: 19 July 2015

Knaresborough Striders are laying down the challenge for a rematch of the Burton Leonard 10k Race, and they want to claim the annual Mob Match Trophy.


We won the glorious Trophy at the inaugural challenge in 2014, and it is rightfully ours. We are not going to give it back.


If they want war, we’ll give them war.


We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in the fells, we shall fight on the roads and on the trails, we shall run with growing confidence and growing strength as a team. We shall defend our club, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the start line, we shall fight through the gruelling climbs, we shall fight through the breathtaking descents, and on the home straight. We shall fight in each and every sprint finish. We shall never surrender!


Further details on how to enlist: http://burtonleonardrun.org.uk/.



Let’s get straight to the impressive matter of the Evening League at Otley. This being a handicap race with a staggered start, the results are all over the place. Michelle Dinsdale (54:59), Nick Smith (46:14) and Paul Eagling (40:14) were the first three over the line for Team Nidd, followed by Ian McLeod (41:20), Matt Wilkinson (33:01), Debbie Gibson (46:39), Carol Morgan (37:56), Dave Rushton (48:27), Steve Newton (41:32) and Alison Little (50:36). Dave Seaman (43:39) wasn’t far behind, chased down by Sarah Hughan (46:21), Aimi Blueman (53:34), Jon Easton (38:35), Dan Eagling (38:06), Martin Lofthouse (35:09), Jim Cook (44:39), Andy Todd (35:41) and Paul Geary (38:34). Five excellent finishes rounded off a strong Team Nidd performance: Natalie Lancosova (54:11), Debbie Dilasser (47:46), Jane Hill (54:24), Simon Franklin (41:00) and Michelle Smith (54:56).


Special congratulations to Matt Wilkinson who was the top scoring Nidd in the final league rankings, coming 14th out of 572 runners. That said, well done to all of you who’ve turned out and run for the club in the league, especially the Evening League virgins among you. Every run has counted in what has been an excellent team performance.


Emma David took herself up to the Lake District to compete in the Wasdale Fell Race yesterday. Results aren’t out yet and, this being fell running, they won’t be out any time soon. Still, whatever the time, completing the 21 mile race and 1000ft of climb is one profound achievement. Well done, Emma. Keeping it in the fells (Phil Robinson will be wiping tears of pride from his eyes), the lesser-spotted Damien Handslip ran the Dales Trails 31k Race near Muker in 3:57:00 yesterday. Again, another cracking result.


There’s no stopping some people, there really isn’t. It was a new park run PB for Michelle Dinsdale (29:14) and Bob Sweeting (29:37)at Harrogate, and a PB for Maurice Kelly (20:49) up at Fountains. Well done to all three of you. It’s also a special mention for Sarah Hughan who bagged herself the monthly sweatshop prize for a new pair of trainers. Sarah describes herself as “so pleased I am nearly crying”. You might want to go out a little more, Sarah.


A late result is better than no result at all, so you’ll be pleased to know that at the end of June Martin took 3rd place at the Stavely Stampede. Martin completed the 10k chase in an impressive 38:18. What took you so long, Martin?


News hot off the press! Three Nidds completed the Leeds 10k Race earlier today. Well done to Matt Wilkinson (36:45), Martin Lofthouse (38:52) and Nick Smith (53:51).


Congratulations to Matt Rickard for completing the Ripon Triathlon yesterday in 2:42:13. That’s an amazing achievement, and explains why Matt is the Club Captain and I’m not. I’ve decided that triathlons aren’t my kind of thing, simply because I’m one of those people who should never be seen in public in swimwear. It isn’t a good look, kids. And with that image fresh in your mind…


The admin team here at Nidd Valley HQ are busy in their open plan office, chatting round the water cooler and eager to get their hands on the hottest athletic gossip. Give them something to talk about: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


The Week Ahead

  • Tuesday & Thursday: if you fancy joining the nicest running club on the face of the planet for some lovely summer evening running, then make sure you’re at the Hockey Club for 7pm.


  • Saturday: to the hills! It’s the next in the fell champs, and this time we’re going to tackle to infamous Ingleton Fell Race. I did this a couple of years back, with a hangover I could have sold to medical research, came near-last in my age category, tripped up right at the end and somersaulted across the finish line in full view of my then-manager (who for some inexplicable reason had come with her partner to the village gala). Awkward doesn’t even begin to cut it. Nonetheless, it’s a cracking race with lovely views, and a steal at only £4. More details here: http://www.fellrunner.org.uk/races.php?id=3555.


  • Sunday: it’s the Burton Leonard Race. But you already know what. You’ve already booked your place, haven’t you?


A Word to the Wise

“I became a great runner because if you’re a kid in Leeds and your name is Sebastian you’ve got to become a great runner” – Sebastian Coe on the perils of athletics in Yorkshire. I wonder if he ever ran the Leeds 10k, then…


Sam x

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