Weekly Update: Hands up if you’ve been to Gorleston…


Hi all –


Well this fell running lark is all getting very out of hand. Those at fell training last Tuesday will remember Rachael Prince putting on a dazzling display in the slalom race. “She’s good”, whispered Emma is hushed reverential tones. “Where the hell did she learn to do that?” added Fell Running Phil, agape in wonder, jaw resting on his muddy shoes. I’ve no idea where she learned it, but she was showing off her delicate footwork at her very first fell race on Saturday, completing the Pendle 3 Peaks in a cracking 3:27. Rachael was cheered home by the rest of Nidd Valley’s Fellies: Carol Morgan (1:54), Maurice Kelly (2:10), Simon Franklin (2:11), Dave Prince (2:15), Mark David (2:20), Phil Robinson (2:24) and Sarah Chalmers (3:27). Well done to you all, especially to the ladies who collected the 3rd Place Ladies Prize – a fine addition to the Nidd Valley trophy cabinet.

Also on Saturday, Rick Dallaston took part in the Burnsall 10 Mile Road Race. Rick took it all in his stride, taming the hilly climb through Wharfedale in an impressive 1:21:00.

Belated results have finally emerged for the Escrick 10k (better late than never, I suppose). Congratulations to Andy Todd (38:30), Fiona Deacon (45:15), Mike Deacon (45:24), Paul Manning (46:14), Jenny Manning (51:24), Michelle Smith (58:28) and Yvonne Manning (1:22:02) – that’s seven sterling performances.

And so we move onto the business of Park Run, and this week’s results make very interesting reading indeed. Michelle Dinsdale (30:30) was down in Norfolk and took part in the Gorleston Park Run (No, I hadn’t heard of Gorleston either. Apparently its early prosperity was based on fishing for herring but is now a quiet seaside resort with a population of 5,882… just in case you’re taking notes). Andy Todd (19:06) was at the front of the pack at Fountains (“And when isn’t he?” I hear you cry), followed by rising star of Nidd Valley Juniors, Alex Robinson (25:04 – PB), Tony Ledwaba Chapman (26:37), Jane Hill (28:14) and Fiona Robinson (32:04).

Over in Harrogate, Dan Eagling (21:50) was totes emosh as he celebrated his 100th Park Run. Ben Baird (20:53 – PB) was first over the line for Team Nidd, and now joins Dan in the campaign to conquer the ever-evasive 20 minute barrier (I feel like I’m giving Dan such a build up with this so that he’ll be overcome with athletic performance anxiety, poor thing). Ben was soon joined by Steve Newton (21:34), Jim Cook (23:34), Sarah Hughan (24:23), Debbie Dilasser (26:01), Andrea Bowen (34:49) and Mandy Smith (35:31). Nice work, people!


The Week Ahead
• Tuesday: you know the deal, kids: if it’s a Tuesday, then it’s a club run. See you at Harrogate Hockey Club for 7pm.
• As Emma David is away in Chamonix this week, there’ll be no fell training (and after the ache in my quads from last Tuesday, I can’t say that I’m complaining). You might as well come to the club run. See you there.
• Thursday: it’s yet another pub run, this time led by yours truly. Meet at the Sun Inn in Norwood, ready to run for 7pm. I’ve been in touch with the pub, and they’re expecting us. As ever, place your order before we run, and they’ll have your food and a refreshing pint ready for you on your return. Whet your appetite here, why don’t you?: http://www.thesun-inn.com/. Running-wise, there’ll be two or three different routes ranging from 4 miles to 8 miles (and if you can read a map and are happy to volunteer to lead a group, I’d love to hear from you). If you have them, you might want to think about popping your off-road shoes on. Remember that there’ll be no run from the Hockey Club so if you turn up and find it’s deserted, at least you’ll know why.


Harrogate Park Run: Saturday 19 September
Thanks to all of you who have let me know your availability to help when we adopt Park Run. I still need more volunteers – especially pacers – so please do get involved. It generates loads of good publicity for the club and is an excellent chance to showcase what is, to be honest, the friendliest running club on Planet Earth.


Summer Pub Runs
The one remaining pub run date for your diary:
• 10th September – Hampsthwaite, led by Dave
More details to follow closer to the time.


Benidorm Half Marathon: 28 November – 1 December
This is the final call for all passengers on the Party Plane to Alicante for the Benidorm Half Marathon. There’s not much time left to let me know if you still want to get involved: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


Club Championships Jokers
There’s been some confusion about the ‘joker’ cards for the Club Championships (well, it confused me but then again I’m a chairman of a small brain). Basically, you can submit your result for one 10k and for one 10m road race (these have to be verifiable) to go towards your finally points tally in the Championship. You can only play your joker for each category once, so choose carefully. Full rules are available here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JtH3RMUxAubYnMyZf2o0nIHOAv1B9huqhXlG8xo30m8/edit. Mark David is the Head Honcho when it comes to the results in the Championships, so you can direct your questions, queries and results to him: sqwubbsy@gmail.com.


Chairmanly Marathon
I’m getting into the silly zone with my marathon training now. You know the bit I mean, it’s the bit after 20 miles when your nipples start to bleed and you begin to hallucinate while sobbing to yourself in quiet despair. I’ll be heading out on Friday evening to do my next long run of about 21 miles at about a 9:00 min/mile pace. If anyone would like to join me for all or part of this, especially the latter bit when my motivation flags, then I’d love to hear from you: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


A Word to the Wise
“Only one more hill to go” – Paul Geary, making perhaps the most unhelpful comment ever uttered by a human being, some 19 miles into a cross-country marathon training session. He took me to Brimham Rocks and back, people. Brimham Rocks. I felt like Frodo Baggins approaching Mordor for crying out loud…


Have a beautiful week, team.


Sam x


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