Weekly Update: Shall we just sack this whole running lark off and start cycling?

Hi all –



Bonjour, bonjour! Nous avons quelques bonnes nouvelles! Emma David and Carol Morgan have been over in Chamonix taking part in some races which are, frankly, enough to make your eyes water. Emma competed in the Sur les Traces des Ducs de Savoie, a course involving 119km with some 24,000 ft of ascent in an incredible 27:54:14. Carol competed in the Courmayeur Champex Chamonix, this time with 20,000ft climb spread over 101 gruelling kilometres, in an impressive 17:56:39. Both of you are utter marvels and we’re proud to have you in Team Nidd. Well done.


Park Run-wise, its three athletic cheers for Jenny Manning (24:33) who took nearly 30s off her PB on the Harrogate course. Dan Eagling (20:24) was first home for Team Nidd, closely followed by Fingers Harris (21:44), Mike Deacon (21:58), Fiona Deacon (22:24), Sarah Hughan (24:55), and Debbie Dilasser (26:10). Nick Smith (27:59) made a welcome return from injury, followed by Stuart Hatfield (29:56), Michelle Dinsdale (33:22), Andrea Bowen (33:33), Emma Edgar (33:48) and Mandy Smith (34:20). For some unknown reason, all the results at Fountains are showing as 59:59, so that’s the slowest official times ever logged by Sarah Gordon and Any Todd. The actual results, whenever they appear, will be found here: http://www.parkrun.org.uk/fountainsabbey/results/weeklyresults/?runSeqNumber=77.


Yesterday, Philippa Moorse and Matt Wilkinson took part in the 6m Dash of the Titan Race in Nottinghamshire. I know exactly what you’re thinking: most couples just go out for a pizza and a bottle of wine. Still, it takes all sorts. I’ll leave it to Philippa to sum up the experience: “I’ve no idea where we finished – nor do I care. Smell of sheep p*ss, got sand in every crevice and bruised to f***. Now where’s my bike?” So it’s a big thanks to Philippa for reminding us all quite why we enjoy running so much.


And if you are wondering where Philippa’s bike is, it’s at the finish line of the York Sport Women’s ‘Come and Try It’ closed road race, which Philippa raced on Thursday night. I’ve no idea how long the course was, or how many laps she had to do, and final results aren’t yet available. But we’ll give her a well done all the same.


Staying on the subject of cycling (and just when shall we rename ourselves Nidd Valley Wheelers?), earlier today Steve Newton competed in the Chris Hoy 100 Sportive. For those of you who like counting things, Steve completed 102 miles (it’s the Hoy 100, Steve… did you get lost?) and 11,200ft of climb in 7hrs 35 minutes, munched his way through 4 energy bars, sucked 8 energy gels and downed 3 litres of SIS. He even got to meet his cycling idol Chris Hoy at the start line. It must have been the athletic equivalent of a child going to meet Santa Claus, bless him. If only he’d been a good boy this year.


If, in the early hours of May 19 1984, I’d been told that I’d spend most of my weekends compiling finishing times and presiding over this chaos, I’d have turned round and crawled right back in. But as it happens, here I am, so you might as well send me your results: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.



The Week Ahead

  • Tuesday: You mean you’ve never been taken up the gorge (in a manner of speaking)? Well, if you turn up at the Hockey Club for 7pm, you might just get lucky.
  • Tuesday: We’re straight back on it with Emma’s fell training sessions. Having seen what she achieved in the Alps last week, you really are being taught by an absolute master. No experience or confidence necessary, just a willingness to have a go and maybe get a little muddy. Meet at the Black Swan pub in Burn Bridge for 7pm.
  • Thursday: See you at the Hockey Club, ready to run for 7pm, then in the bar upstairs afterwards to talk about the relative merits of compression socks. Riveting stuff, I tell you.
  • Saturday: The Fell Champs comes to an exhausted end this weekend with the Guisborough 3 Tops (http://fellrunner.org.uk/races.php?id=3604). You don’t even need me to tell you how Fell Running Phil is coping. He isn’t, to be honest. He can’t even get out of bed. He’s lying there, sobbing, rocking back and forth and clutching his favourite pair of Inov8 Mudclaws. It’s difficult, it really is
  • Sunday: It’s the next instalment in the gripping series of Road Championships, and we’re heading to compete in the 10k at Tholthorpe. If you have a look on their website (http://www.tholthorpe10k.co.uk/), you’ll note the first picture you see is of a team from St John Ambulance. Not sure what to make of that, to be honest with you. I’ve got Mr and Mrs Fugill down for the weekend so I’m out of action running-wise, but good luck to those of you that enter.



End of Summer BBQ: 27 September 2015

We’ll be having our end of summer BBQ (as usual), but this time we’re having a joint gig with the lovely people at Knaresborough Striders. More details to follow soon, I just thought you’d want early heads up so you can save the date etc.



Harrogate Park Run: Saturday 19 September 2015

I’m still after volunteers to help at Park Run. Whether you want to pace, marshal, or stand at the finish line going ‘bleep bleep’ with a scanner and pretending you work behind the checkout in the supermarket, please let me know if you can help. The more the merrier.



Summer Pub Runs

You know the nights are drawing in when we come to the last of the summer pub runs, and Dave will be bringing the curtain down on the 2015 season on 10 September. He’s already sent an email out with provisional details. More details to follow, I’m sure.



A Word to the Wise

Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words, so I’ve no idea what that means for a movie but those of you who saw Mo Farah do his business this week will know exactly what I mean. Be inspired, people. Be inspired: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mK695rGHAYY.



Enjoy your Monday morning lie in and your four day week, team. See you soon.


Sam x


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