Weekly Update: How long would it take you to run to Beijing?

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I’ve just got back from a committee meeting with the Knaresborough Striders as I had to present them with the Mob Match Trophy from the Burton Leonard 10k. Although it was all smiles and inter-club love, we’ll give them such an athletic birching with six of the Nidd Valley best next year that they’ll rue the day that they ever messed with us.

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It’s a little known fact that Fell Running Phil keeps a log of all of his races, calculating his total distance over the years (he’s autistic as well as muddy, clearly). At the Guisborough 3 Tops race this weekend, Phil hit his 5,000th mile. I know, 5,00 miles. As the crow flies, that’s the distance from the club house to Beijing. It’s a profound achievement. Carol Morgan flew round the course (10 miles and 2,200ft of ascent, if you’re taking notes) at such a speed that we didn’t get hold of her result, but she was soon followed by Mark David (1:43), Dave “he’s definitely caught the fell running bug” Prince (1:47), Phil “5,000 miles” Robinson (1:51), Brian “first run for months” Sherwood (2:02) and Sarah “I’m not last!!” Chalmers (2:20). That’s it for the Fell Championships for another year (sorry, Phil) and well done to all of you who have raced in what has been a challenging and competitive season (I’m still getting over Coniston).

Earlier today, Ben Baird (45:14) completed his first race in the mighty club colours of Team Nidd when he raced in the Wetherby 10k (emotional, I know), and was joined by Andy Todd (39:07), Matt Wilkinson (39:53), Jamie Dilasser (40:34), Rachael Prince (55:45) and Nicki Walton (57:41). Matt Wilkinson (18:41) also completed the Yorkshire Gold 5k today, coming a fine sixth overall. Two races in one day, the man is a machine.

Results aren’t yet in for Tholthorpe when Nidds went after the remaining points in the Club Championships. But it is a particular well done to Jenny Manning (50:45), who got her second-best ever 10k time, and to Sarah Hughan (51:22) who got herself a brand spanking new PB. I’m told by a little birdie (Martin Lofthouse) that Sarah put in this spectacular performance after a night on the Prosecco. If she got her act together and sobered up for a weekend, she could be dangerous. She really could.

And so we move to the exciting business of Park Run times. By Jove, it’s interesting reading. First Nidd over the line at Harrogate was Jamie Dilasser (20:15). Sarah Hughan (24:21) shaved a couple of seconds of her previous PB and Tony Ledwaba Chapman (25:39) continued his campaign back to form. You wouldn’t have thought he’d almost killed himself when he stepped out in the front of a car a couple of years ago, you really wouldn’t. Jim Cook (25:48), Ben Baird (25:58), Debbie Dilasser (27:29), Stuart Hatfield (29:58), Michelle Dinsdale (30:45), Andrea Bowen (34:13) and Mandy Smith (34:54) completed the line up. Up at Fountains, Andy Todd (1853) was the sole Nidd and, unencumbered by we mere mortals, finished fifth overall. Matt Rickard (20:11) took himself out for a spin round the Park Run course in Wolverhampton, and Sarah Donaldson (27:25) competed in Antrim. The fame of Nidd Valley is now spread far and wide. Well done, Team!

Over in cycling corner (this is becoming a regular feature), Philippa was back in the saddle on Thursday night when she raced in York. She came second place in the 8k road race, and got pipped at the finish on the 10k to finish fourth. Still, a cracking achievement. Philippa joined Dave Rushton to participate in a sportive at Selby today, with Dave completing the 66 mile route and Philippa setting the bar higher with the 106 mile challenge.

It’s taken me all day to write this. Keep me updated with all your news and achievements, whether running, cycling or just sitting quietly with a pot of tea: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


The Week Ahead
• Tuesday: it’s a club run from the Hockey Club, meeting at 7pm. What do you mean you were going to sit on the sofa, eat Jaffa Cakes and watch Corrie? Some people…
• Tuesday: there’ll be more fell running training for those that want it, meeting outside the Black Swan in Burn Bridge at 7pm. When it comes to providing challenge, exhilaration and excitement, fell running really is in a league of its own. It’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on.
• Thursday: it’s the curtain call in the Summer Pub Runs. However, Dave hasn’t yet settled on a venue or route yet. Stand by your inboxes tomorrow as I’m sure he’ll email you himself. As ever, there’ll be no run from the Hockey Club.
• Saturday: Guy Fawkes 10 reccie run – more below…


Harrogate Park Run: Saturday 19 September 2015
We’ve finally pulled our organisational finger out and got a team together for when we host Harrogate Park Run. If you still haven’t let me know you can help and are able to do so, please do get in touch: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk. The more people we can have in club colours making loads of encouraging noise, the better. The plan as it stands is as follows:

Run Director:
Sam Fugill

Funnel Manager:
Philippa Moorse

Christine Jones
Hannah Peagram

Michelle Dinsdale
Judy Greenwood

Barcode Scanning:
Jane Hill
Nick Smith

Richard Kavanagh (Empress Roundabout)
Dave Seaman (Cedar Court Hotel)
Rachael Prince (St Aidan’s School)
Alan Harby (top of Slingsby Walk)
Paul Eagling (turn from Slingsby Walk to the finish line)

Martin Lofthouse (20)*
Jamie Dilasser (21)*
Dan Eagling (22)
Ben Baird (23)
Phil Ventress (24)
Dave Prince (25)
Jim Cook (26)
Sarah Hughan (27)
Rebecca Ventress (28)
Debbie Dilasser (29)
Tony LC (30)
Nicki Walton (32)
Andrea Bowen (34)

*Martin and Jamie to join the last runners on the final lap and act as sweepers. Marshals can stand down when the sweepers pass.


End of Summer BBQ: 27 September 2015
We’re teaming up with the Knaresborough Striders (yep, those sh*ts who stole our trophy) for a joint end of summer BBQ on 27 September. As in previous years, we’re holding this at Knaresborough Cricket Club. We’re still working out the logistics, but there’ll be loads of BBQ food, salads, puddings and an open bar. If I can persuade our treasurer, I’m hoping to get a bouncy castle too (the kids get about 5 minutes on it before we all pile on).

It’ll be held in the mid-afternoon, allowing those of you who are racing the road championship race at Sutton to get home, showered and back in action.

We envisage this costing just a few quid per person. If you’re interested in coming, can you please let Jane Hill know? Her email: janeyahill@hotmail.co.uk.


Guy Fawkes 10: Sunday 1 November 2015
This is a three line athletic whip. Unless you have a really good excuse (we’re talking life threatening injuries, that kind of thing), we really do need you to be there to help out with the myriad of jobs that an event of this scale involves. Mike Deacon is pouring over the marshal plans as we speak, and you can bet your bottom dollar that your name will be on there somewhere.

Matt Rickard (Guy Fawkes Head Honcho) will be leading the first of the three reccie runs, meeting at the castle carpark in Ripley and ready to run for 9am. We ask that everyone who is helping on the day (that’s the whole club, then) does at least one of the runs so that they can be familiar with the course. It’s also a lovely run with a lovely group of people, so you’ve got no excuses for staying in bed all day.


“I’m getting married in the morning…”
It seems like only yesterday when Paul Geary and Rachel Eastaff first espied one another across the crowded changing room and ran out blushing into the night. And here they are: it’s another Nidd Valley wedding this Saturday. Congratulations to you both, we’re all really pleased for you.

I’ve now got that song in my head, you know the one: “I’m getting married in the morning… get me to the church on time!!” I’m driving myself mad, people.


A Word to the Wise
My marathon training took me to 23 miles today (so it’s a big thanks to Paul for putting up with my incessant bitching for the last half of that), and today’s quote seems more apt than ever.

“Strength doesn’t come from doing what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t” – Rikki Rogers


Good luck to all of you racing in the Great North Run at the weekend. It’s a cracking race, and Geordies are the finest people on the planet. Give my regards to Elvis Presley at Mile 11 (he gets fatter and better every year).

Sam x


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