Weekly Update: Mad Dogs, Englishmen and Dave…

Hi all –


Sorry it’s a day late this week, folks. I got back from a 23 mile training run with Martin “we’ll just do this at a steady pace” Lofthouse, so collapsed on the sofa with a cup of tea and a bag of dolly mixtures before crawling up the stairs to bed.

Thanks to each and every one of you who turned out the support the NVRR Park Run on Saturday, whether you were pacing, time-keeping, scanning, marshalling, or just generally being there and making a lot of supportive noise. Special thanks to Joe Rickard and the Prince Boys who were without doubt the bestest handers-out of sweets we could have wished for, and for Hooter Boy Ventress for giving us all earache.

We got some great feedback. There was the breathless runner who ran with Tony’s 30 minute crew who told me that it was “bloody amazing”. Then there was the Harrogate Harrier who took exception to me describing Team Nidd as the friendliest club on the face of the planet (the truth hurts, my little friend, the truth hurts). Then there was an email from Parkrun HQ: “Thank you Team Nidd Valley, you were awesome this morning.” You get the idea. It was great to see so many of you there and it was one of those moments that made me feel that it’s really good to be part of Team Nidd. Anyway, enough of this sentimental chit chat and on to the pressing matter of this week’s results.


And what interesting reading they make! First taxi off the rank this week is Dave Rushton who took some time out of his holiday to race in Crete’s Three Village Run, joining a few mad dogs and Englishmen to complete the 6.5km course. Well done, Dave. Not sure what Ann was doing, to be honest with you, but someone had to keep an eye on the sun loungers I suppose.

Philippa Moorse completed the Huddersfield Wineathalon yesterday, an eight mile cross-country route involving a glass of wine every two miles. It’s a wonder she found the finish line, all things considered.

And its three athletic cheers for Sarah Hughan (1:58:33) who completed the Vale of York Half Marathon, smashing the 2 hour barrier and bagging herself a new PB in the process. Michelle Dinsdale (2:19:18) joined Sarah in putting in another storming performance and also collecting another PB in the process. Well done to you both. You’re both athletic marvels.

Up at Fountains Parkrun, Andy Todd (18:46) took a strong 9th place, while champions of NV Juniors, Ben Rosie (26:39) and Anna Rosie (33:10) showed that they too could achieve great things. Well done to you all.

Over in “daft bugger” corner, Matt Wilkinson completed in the Nuclear Blackout Race, taming 2 laps of the challenging, muddy and pitch-black 5k course in 1:37:30. Matt came an impressive 58th out of 554 fruit-loops. If that wasn’t enough, Matt took his tired and muddy legs down south to compete in the Spartan Sprint (imagine a park run, but with 20 obstacles and a lot more mud and people trying to electrocute or set fire to you, that kind of thing. I’d never get round). It takes all sorts, it really does. It’s a good job we’re an inclusive club.

Back in the saddle, Philippa Moorse took the roads of York again on Thursday, coming 2nd in the 20km race, having lost the race by just half a wheel. Never mind, Philippa, I hope the storming success at the wineathalon soon made up for your disappointment.

Your news is always the hot gossip around the water cooler and the photocopier at Nidd Valley HQ. Whether you’re enjoying a steady park run or throwing yourself off mountains in the Lake District, please do keep me updated with all your running news: chair@nioddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


The Week Ahead
• Tuesday: It’s a club run from the Hockey Club, ready to run at 7pm. See you there.
• Tuesday: It’s the last of the fell training sessions led by Emma. Please meet at Black Swan Pub in Burn Bridge for the earlier time of 6.45pm to allow us to get the best out of the daylight (if you can’t get there for the earlier time, you know where we train, so just run up and join us when you can). I was going to make a wry comment about Fell Running Phil, but he feels that the weekly comments about his underpants and fragile emotional state amounts to an ongoing campaign of character assassination, so I’ll leave it there, other than to say he’s a thoroughly decent chap (normal service to be resumed next week, in all likelihood).
• Thursday: Carol Morgan is organising a night run up Almscliffe Crag on Thursday night. If you’re up for it (and I’ll certainly be there), make sure you’ve doubled-knotted your off-road shoes and have a head torch on. Off road running at night is great fun and a great way to break the monotony of road running – I highly recommend that you join us and give it a try. Meet at Weeton Station for 7pm (a train leaves Harrogate at 18:43 and gets to Weeton for 18:56). Please let Carol know if you’re coming so she can look out for you: carolmorgan73@hotmail.com.
• If off-roading isn’t your thing (it will be one day, it comes to us all), there’ll be the usual club run from the Hockey Club meeting at 7pm. For those in need of liquid refreshment or something to blot out the whole experience, there’ll be drinks upstairs in the bar afterwards. As an aside, I should probably add that going to the bar isn’t solely the preserve of the men – all are welcome.
• Sunday: We’re hurtling towards the end of the Road Championships at break-neck speed, kids, and this weekend we’re hurtling towards Sutton-on-the-Forest to compete in the Sutton 10k. Entries are £11, although you can enter on the day for only £13. Go on, have a go and bag yourself a new PB. I know you can do it. More details here: http://www.easingwoldrunningclub.org.uk/sutton-park-10k.

Please think about putting on your hi-viz for the evening runs from the club. It’s getting dark and the last thing we need is an accident (I haven’t got time to do the paperwork, to tell you the truth). If you haven’t got one, you can get them from Up & Running or from Sports Direct in town for little more than a fiver.


End of Summer BBQ: 27 September 2015 – CANCELLED
The summer BBQ with Striders, which we’d provisionally booked for this Sunday, is cancelled. Sorry about that. Due to the lack of numbers from both our side and from Knaresborough, it looked like it was going to fall flat, and it seemed better to call it off. Sorry to disappoint those of you who were hoping to go, and a big thanks to Jane H. for all her work in trying to get the event off the ground.


Goodbye Aimi!: Wednesday 30 September 2015
If you still haven’t let Rebecca Ventress know that you want to go to Aimi’s leaving meal, can you do so as soon as possible as she is hoping to get an Italian restaurant in town booked soon. I’ve never got Italian restaurants to tell you the truth, with the waiters thrusting their groins in your tortellini while brandishing a 4 foot high pepper grinder and singing O Sole Mio, but that might just be me.


Guy Fawkes 10: Sunday 1 November 2015
Mike D has sent out the marshal plan for the GF10. If you are on the plan, can you please confirm your availability with Mike or, if you aren’t on the plan but can help, then he’d love to hear from you. Please let him know as soon as possible: mjfjdeacon@ntlworld.com.

We’ll confirm the dates for the two reccie runs in October as soon as Matt and I get our heads together and plan the calendar.


A Word to the Wise
Ben, Martin, Christine, Nicki and I were sat chatting over a coffee after Park Run on Saturday. Then, out of the blue, Christine volunteered the following information:
“I’m think I’m off to go and look at men’s trousers”
Whether this was for retail purposes on behalf of Mr Jones, or just for recreational purposes, I can’t say.


Whatever you do, have a wonderful week with a good few miles of running. Look forward to seeing you soon.

Sam x


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