Weekly Update: Umpa Lumpas, free pizza, and Martin’s baubles…

Evening all!

Firstly, it’s a quick thanks to Sarah H for stepping into the chairmanly flip flops last week while I slinked off for a post-marathon curry. Unfortunately, Operation Boss-York-Marathon didn’t go quite as planned and, a couple of trips to the hospital later, I’m now the less-than proud owner of a set of crutches. Absolutely gutted not to be joining you at club anytime soon. #chairmandown


But enough of me! Hasn’t it been lovely to see Fell Running Phil with a spring in his step again? On Saturday, he’d packed his compass, maps and waterproof trousers (it’s a mandatory kit requirement – Phil isn’t incontinent) and joined Mark David, Alan Davidson, Maurice Kelly, Tim Harvey and Simon Harris to compete in the British Fell Relays. This was a challenging four-part event on the horror that is Pendle Hill, including solo legs, navigation legs and paired running. Our intrepid team of Nidds completed the odyssean challenge in 5:32:06, finishing 128th out of 147 teams made up the finest fell runners in the country. Their achievement remains profound. Well done, chaps.

On Sunday, Fiona Deacon (1:39:12) lead the team home at the Bridlington Half Marathon, taking 2nd in her age category to boot. And it’s three cheers for Emma David (1:48:19), Jenny Manning (1:50:25 – PB!), Debbie Gibson (1:51:02) and Michelle (2:04:26) who completed the line up. Well done, ladies – they’re all amazing performances.

And so we move onto the Parkrun results, starting with results from the inaugural Junior Park Run. So stamp your feet, clap your hands, and make a lot of noise for the four superstars that tackled the 2km course round the Valley Gardens: Ben Rosie (8:53), Sarah Lofthouse (9:04), Seamus Maclean (9:11) and Annie Rosie (10:52). Well done to you all! You’re all amazing!

In the boring world of the grown-ups, Alex Patrickson (18:58) made a welcome return to running on the Stray, joined by Martin Lofthouse (19:23), Fingers Harris (20:00), Christine Holleran (23:09), Debbie Dilasser (26:47), Sarah Hughan (27:02), Hannah Peagram (27:30)Tony LC (30:00) and Michelle Dinsdale (31:24). Over in Wetherby, Matt Wilkinson (20:26) made fast work of the West Yorkshire course.

Please, please keep sending me your results and achievements. Don’t keep your running lights under the bushel of your own modesty. Take the first steps in flagrant self-publication by dropping me an email: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


The Week Ahead
• Tuesday: it’s a club run, meeting at the Hockey Club for 7pm. When the nights are closing in, it’s more motivating, more enjoyable and safer to be out running with the club. Come on down, why don’t you?
• Thursday: oh go on then, we’ll let you have another club run. Meet at the Hockey Club for 7pm and then upstairs in the bar for pints and a chance to put the athletic world to rights.
• Weekend: what do you mean the championships are over? There are no races? Someone get me the Club Captain on the phone…

And that reminds me: hi-viz tops on, kids!


Winter Training: Intervals
I met with the Nidd Valley Coaches, Mike and Emma, last week, and we’re pleased to announce that the ever-popular winter interval training sessions will be back on offer in the New Year, hopefully starting on 5 January 2015. Emma hopes to offer a few interval ‘taster’ sessions in November, and more details to follow about these soon.

These are a great opportunity to get yourself match fit for the race season and give you that crucial advantage over your competitors. And anyway, that Mob Match Trophy isn’t going to walk itself back to Nidd Valley House on its own…


Halloween Run: 29 October 2015
Nidd Valley HQ can be a creepy place full of pale, terrifying and ghostly sights, as anyone who has walked in the men’s changing rooms without knocking will know all too well. We hope to organise a night time run down the gorge to mark this most spooky of seasons. Head torches and sound off-road shoes will be essential. Meet at the Hockey Club for 7pm, and there will be a more sedate pavement-based run from the club as an alternative.


Guy Fawkes 10: Sunday 1 November 2015 (and FREE PIZZA!)
Bloody hell, it’s nearly the Guy Fawkes 10. Can you believe it? Race and marshal plans are pretty much all there. If you haven’t confirmed your availability etc., or if you have a really good (and I mean REALLY good) excuse, then please let our very own Chief Marshal Mike Deacon know as soon as possible: mjfjdeacon@ntlworld.com.

There will be bag packing from 10:00 at Ripley Village Hall on Saturday 31 October 2015. If you are available and can spare an hour or two, please do come and get involved. There’s so much chocolate that needs packing, you’ll feel like an Umpa Lumpa working in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Please let Matt know if you’re able to help. Either nab him at club, or email him here: guyfawkesten@gmail.com.

As thanks to everyone for getting involved and helping out, there’ll be free pizzas at the Hockey Club after the race from 7pm. Come on down, eat your own body weight in mozzarella and pepperoni and have a few pints. You’ll have earned it.

It goes without saying, but the amount of work that Matt and Mike (among others) have put into the race is staggering. There wouldn’t be a club without this race, and there wouldn’t be a race without these two guys. Buy them a pint when you see them and say thanks. They deserve it.


London Marathon: The Solitary Runner
Well this is disappointing. In line with most other running clubs this year, we’ve had our normal allocation of club places reduced by one, leaving us with one solitary place for the club draw. If you have entered the main ballot but have been unsuccessful, then you are eligible for the club draw. If you’d like to throw your rejection slip into the Nidd Valley hat, then please let me know by the end of October. You must have entered the main race ballot but have been successful to be eligible for this. We’ll do the draw at the Guy Fawkes after-race drinks. My email: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


Christmas Run & Drinks: Saturday 12 December 2015
A quick save the date, this. There’ll be a socially-paced run in the afternoon, followed by drinks in town in the evening. The run will be steady and, although mainly off-road, will be comfortably within the range of everyone in the club. Save your PB aspirations for another day. Everyone at Nidd Valley HQ is very excited, as I’m sure you can imagine: Sarah has got her mistletoe ready, Michelle is singing carols round the tree, and Martin hasn’t stopped polishing his baubles. You won’t want to miss it.


A Word to the Wise
“The way to injury is covered in tarmac” – Fell Running Phil.

Thanks for pointing that out, FRP. I hadn’t noticed.


Have a great week.

Sam x

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