Weekly Update: Which Nidd got lost? Which little person got a new PB? And just who is that mystery Nidd?

Evening all!


Well, this is it. It’s time for the final waltz with Bob and Annie before they pack their cases in the back of the van and head up to pastures new in Scotland. To say they’ll be missed is an understatement. Both Bob and Annie encouraged and welcomed me in my first run with Team Nidd, and I’m gutted that injury prevents me for joining them in their last.


Andy Todd (19:04) was 8th place overall at Fountains Parkrun, and Fingers Harris (19:24) continued his campaign to crack the 19 minute barrier. Phil Robinson (24:14) most have felt like a fish out of water with all this running on paths, the poor thing, and Amanda Metcalfe (26:07) and Fiona Robinson (31:54) rounded up a strong team performance. In Harrogate, Steve Newton (23:20) proved that gingers really can achieve remarkable things when they put their mind to it. Alison Iles (25:15) and Moira McTague (25:30) battled to be second Nidd over the line, with the irrepressible Park Run Dave (27:36) chasing them down. Hannah Peagram (27:41), Nick Smith (28:06) and Tony Ledwaba-Chapman (28:10) gave us a trio of thrilling finishes, and Rebecca Ventress (29:23), Michelle Dinsdale (32:48) and Mandy Smith (38:18) gave us a fitting finale on a cracking team effort. Well done to you all.

There’s a rumour snaking round the corridors of Nidd Valley House that another Nidd was spotted at the Harrogate Parkrun but didn’t get their code scanned. If you’d like to come forward and reveal yourself, then I’ll be more than happy to publish your result.

Would you like to hear how the Juniors fared? Go on then, I’ll tell you. Harrison Iles (8:15) got himself a new PB and third place overall – bloody hell, Harrison, that’s amazing! – with Ben Rosie (8:56), Connie Mitton (11:03), Anna Rosie (11:47), Betty Crowton (14:15) and Willa Crowton (18:16) all flying the flag high for Team Nidd. Well done, kids!

Mark David competed in the Harewood 10m Rail Race and found that his fell shoes were just the ticket to get him round the wet and muddy course (and did anyone else know it’s apparently pronounced Harr-wood rather than Hare-wood? Every day’s a school day, I tell you). Mark described it as a challenging course to complete at speed, and was pleased with his finish of 1:17 (that’s hours and minutes, by the way. Mark isn’t on performance enhancing drugs and about to rock Nidd Valley with a doping scandal). We’re pleased with your time, too, Mark. Well done.

Matt Wilkinson spent the weekend in Manchester to compete in the (slightly alarmingly named, if you ask me) Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest race. Heaven knows that horrors they unleashed on the competitors this year, but Matt got his round the half-marathon distance in 2:03:52, finishing 21st out of 185 finishers. He’d have got there earlier, but he says he got lost. Yeah, I know. Lost. How hard can it be, Matt? You had marshals, tape, other runners to follow, big arrows on brightly coloured card, and you aim for the next big obstacle for crying out loud. Still, well done.

I may be many things: an international man of daring, social worker to the stars, skilled and considerate lover, and running club chairman. But I am not Mystic Meg. If you don’t tell me your results, I won’t be able to publish them. Please keep me updated: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


The Week Ahead
• Tuesday: In the words of the Boss, “Come on with me, tramps like us, baby we were born to run.” Indeed we were, and there’ll be a run from the Hockey Club at 7pm. It’d be great to see as many of you there as possible (well, I won’t be there, but you know what I’m getting at).
• Thursday: Another club run, courtesy of your ever-loving Club. Be at the Hockey Club and ready to run for 7pm, and you can treat yourself to a bag of crisps and a pint of lager upstairs afterwards.
• Sunday: Bob & Annie’s Leaving Run. More below…
• Sunday: Leeds Abbey Dash. Oh that’s sold out. Sorry about that.
• Sunday: Wensleydale Wedge. Oh that’s sold out, too. If you’re disappointed, you’ll know to be quicker next time.


Calling all Social Runners!
It doesn’t really need saying, but we’re a running club for everyone: a club for people of all shapes, sizes, abilities, ambitions, confidences, speeds and experience. So I guess that includes you, huh? A few of our regulars who like to take things at a more steady and social pace feel that they’ve lost a few of their running companions. If this is you, then we’d especially love to see you at club sometime soon.

As an aside, I’m hoping to do some work with the committee this month about making sure that there is always a group for the less confident and more socially-paced runners. If you’ve got any thoughts about how this could be made to work, then please let me know: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


Bob & Annie Leaving: Sunday 15 November 2015
There’ll be the two different runs: an off-road option led by Fell Running Phil and Mark, and a steady run around the reservoirs. Meet at Fewston Carpark, be ready to run for 9am and bring your tissues. It’ll be emotional.

Afterwards, it’s up to the Smokehouse for a bit of breakfast. Fiona D has collated orders for most of you, but if you haven’t yet placed an order and want to join in, can you please let the Smokehouse know directly? Their details here: https://www.yorkshiresmokehouse.co.uk/restaurant/ or 01943 810000. Apparently you need to ask to speak to someone called Gill…


Committee Meeting: Wednesday 11 November 2015
It’s like trying to herd cats, people, it really is. I’ll be doing my best to preside over the chaos that is a Team Nidd Committee Meeting (and the language used in the fall out over the last slice of lemon drizzle the last time doesn’t bear repeating, that’s for sure). If you want anything discussing, changing, stopping, that kind of thing, then you know what to do: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


Other Dates for your Diary
It’s worth keeping these dates in your diary, folks:
• Christmas Afternoon Run & Night Out on the Tiles: Saturday 12 December 2015
• Ladies’ Run, Lunch and Secret Santa: Saturday 19 December 2015
More details to follow with these soon.


A Word to the Wise
“If they go any higher, I’ll fall over backwards” – Philippa M clearly articulating the hazards associated with a firework display.


Have a great week running, people. I’m missing you all (bloody leg) and look forward to seeing you all at breakfast at the weekend.

Sam x

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