Weekly Update: The Nidd Valley legend who isn’t even a member of the club…

Evening all,

By God it’s freezing here at Nidd Valley House and it’s been all hands on deck among the hired help to keep the fires burning. We’ve had the butler and the footmen out sweeping snow from the main driveway earlier this weekend, but I’m told that they’ll be able to get the State Carriage out in time for the Awards Night, so that’s a relief. And while the roads are clear and supplies still getting though, let’s go to the results.



First up this week, we’ve got Sarah Chalmers who raced the Stanbury Splash near Haworth. The snow made the usual route impassable, so they chopped and changed things around and she ended up doing the Stoop instead (that’ll mean nothing to you if your life is boring and you don’t fell run – sorry). Rarely happier than when on a hill, Sarah soon put the course to bed, finishing in a strong 65:46. Congratulations, Sarah. And keeping things suitably muddy, it’s a quick well done to Christine Holleran who raced the Temple Newsam Ten last Sunday (didn’t see that in results last week – sorry Christine). Christine completed the course in a brilliant 1:31:20, so I’m pleased to sing her praises before you all today.

Over in York yesterday, we had a good strong contingent of Nidders race the Brass Monkey Half Marathon (and it’s been so cold that if I were a brass monkey, I’d be looking for a welder, I’ll tell you that much).We’ll save our biggest cheer for Andy Todd (1:20:20), who took the 3rd M50 prize, but we’ll also shout and cheer for Mike Deacon (1:34:37), Fiona Deacon (1:36:55) and Jane Hill (2:12:05), all of whom put in sterling performances on the half marathon course. I think Fingers Harris ran it, but his result isn’t appearing. If you see, ask him how he did.

And so we move onto Parkrun. Staying in York, we’ve got Fiona Robinson (31:32) who wrapped up warm for the Knavesmire course. Over in Fountains, Sue Reast (29:07) and Michelle Dinsdale (30:43) were locked in a head to bead battle for the senior wimple, and Paul Eagling (21:55) took himself for a second spin round the course at Tramore. And to Harrogate, where there was not much to separate Matt Wilkinson (18:35) and Martin Lofthouse (20:50), before Dan Eagling (20:50) and Ben Baird (20:58) came tearing down the finishing funnel. Who’s next? It’s Steve Newton (33:03), followed by Moira McTague (24:40), Jim Cook (25:42) and Sarah Hughan (25:57). Parkrun Dave (26:58), Rebecca Ventress (29:04), Hannah Peagram (29:04) and Mandy Smith (38:05) finished things off for us. Well done to you all.

No sign of any results for the Juniors – was their race called off due to the ice? Wrong kind of snow on the paths, that kind of thing.

Anyway, do keep me updated with your results and all that kind of shizzle. It’s not like I’ve not got enough on: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


The Week Ahead
• Tuesday: this week’s interval session is going to be down on Coppice. As ever, you can meet at the Hockey Club and be ready to run for 7pm, or if you want to be an anti-social-Billy-no-mates, then you can hang around in the car park on Springfield Avenue trying not to look too suspicious and we’ll meet you there at 7.10pm. This is the one affectionately known as Double Trouble, as you are treated to two climbs and two descents per lap. Clearly Mike, who planned this session, is far more generous to you than you could possibly deserve. See you there.
• Thursday: drumroll, please! And this week’s club run is… Coldbath Road and Pannal Ash. It’s actually quite a nice one, this, with some good long stretches and a few cheeky hills. So it’s out over Iron Bridge, down Woodfield Road, Kings Road to the Fat Badger, up Coldbath Road, along Pannal Ash (muster run, anyone?), then you can work your way back along Leadhall Lane, extending or cutting short as the mood takes you. Route here: http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/928012181. As ever, meet at the Hockey Club for 7pm and wrap up warm!
• Saturday: you’re going to want to be at Harrogate Parkrun. Scroll down to find out why.
• Sunday: It’s the fourth of the PECO races, this time at Golden Acre Park in Leeds. Junior races start from 10am, ladies at 10.40am, and the men at 11.30am. It’d be great to see as many of you as possible there. I’m actually surprised they’re letting is back after our collective hangover after the Christmas drinks, not to mention Philippa’s potty-mouthed expletive-ridden outburst near the finish line. We didn’t bring her up like this, we really didn’t. Anyway, all the relevant details here: http://www.pecoxc.co.uk/pages/race4.html.
• Sunday: we’re off to the Jolly Holly 10k, which has been rescheduled from the waterlogged rain-off in January. Not sure what the deal is in terms of entries, but I suspect they’ve sold out. Have a look on the website for more info: http://www.riponrunners.org.uk/jolly-holly-jog-10k/. As an aside, though, if you can give Ewa Scott a lift to the event, then I’m quite sure she’d love to hear from you. You’ll find here somewhere at the end of this line: ewascott@googlemail.com.


Emma’s Stretch of the Week
This is probably one for indoors while watching TV or something! Kneel down on one knee with your knee directly under your hips. Your front foot should have a 90 degree bend in the knee. Push your hips forward to feel a stretch in the top of the thigh.



Harrogate Parkrun: Saturday 23 January 2016
It’s hard to believe that one so soaked in prosecco could drag herself out of bed before lunchtime that regularly, but Sarah Hughan will be running her 100th Parkrun on Saturday morning on the Stray. She’ll be joined in this feat by the much-loved Mrs Harris (that’s Fingers’ mum, for those of you wondering who I’m talking about), who’ll be running her 50th event. It’d be really fab if you could be there to support these two running legends. Yeah, okay, Mrs Fingers isn’t a member of the club but she does turn out to run the Parkrun more than I do and keeps me inundated with gossip about her boy, so this Chairman is prepared to overlook a couple of things.

Afterwards, we’ll be decamping to Cafe Marconi for coffee and a bit of breakfast, so you’d be very welcome there, too. Makes me think, though… when Dave did his 100th Parkrun, we got bacon sandwiches back at his house. And when Rebecca did her 50th, we got bacon sandwiches there, too. Just saying, Sarah, just saying.


Awards Night: Saturday 30 January 2016
If you have not bought a ticket for the Awards Night or have a trophy you have not returned from last year, then you need to contact Judy Greenwood on jugreenwood@hotmail.com to get yourself sorted out. I’ve never yet been to the Awards Night, as the idea of a formal meal and a public address (not to mention doing it all looking like an Emperor Penguin – well I have the hair) terrifies me silly, but apparently the Chairman needs to be there. If I can do it, then I know you can. Come on, it won’t be that bad.


AGM: Thursday 18 February 2016
You had the AGM email from me over the weekend, so I won’t bore you with all the same details again. If you need a refresher, then there is where you can get all the relevant details: http://niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk/2016/01/16/agm-2016/. Please do have a look.

If you can be there, it’s backsides on seats for 8.30pm in the Hockey Club bar. I’d appreciate your time. It’s got to be done, people.


By popular demand, and incessant nagging, here’s the Club Championships for the next year. Get the dates in your diary and the miles in your training plan. All the details here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XK_e04aX7IPXORhDoE62rYUYI3YACQhHdQqXuJhRcrI/edit#gid=0.


A Word to the Wise
Nidd Valley really is a broad church, isn’t it? The one minute we’ve got Phil “Tyson Fury” Robinson dangerously expounding his views on women and the washing machine, then the next we’ve got Dave “Mary Whitehouse” Seaman pulling me up for the dogging quote. It’s probably just as well that Alan Harby won’t let me print his comments about what he found in a bar in Bangkok in his RAF days, so you’ve got something much safer this week.

“Running is hard to explain. Yes it hurts. Yes it is one of the best feelings in the world. Somehow that makes sense if you are a runner.” – Anon.


And leaving you on that firmer ground, I’ll sign off here. See you soon.

Sam x

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