Weekly Update: Oink oink!

Hi folks

On time this week! Ha! How about that, kids? Still, even a broken clock keeps time twice a day….


Gold star of the week goes to Catherine Barber (2:13:24) who completed her very first half marathon at Harewood earlier today. She’s only been in the club a few weeks and she’s putting us all to shame. Well done, Catherine. Paul Manning (1:52:20) described the race as one of those “where you find yourself swearing an awful lot”. If they’re the words of the meek and mild Mr Manning, we can only speculate with what outpouring of filth Rebecca ‘Potty Mouth’ Ventress (2:16:28) graced her fellow competitors. Still, without or without accompanying commentary, they remain a great set of results – well done all.

Down in London, Amanda Metcalfe (25:23) took her place on the start line of the Brooks Serpentine 5k in London, bagging herself a fabulous time in the capital. It’s all very impressive, Amanda – well done!

I’ve got no idea what Ben Baird (21:35) was doing in Bedford, but he got his weekend off to a beautiful start with a cracking run at the parkrun down there. I now it seems like she’s been away on holiday for bloody ages, but Christine Jones (26:04) managed to squeeze the Greenpoint parkrun into her (mainly wine-tasting based, it seems) holiday in South Africa. Closer to home, Catherine Barber (27:58) made tidy work of the Skipton parkrun, while Andy Todd (19:03), Jane Hill (28:37) and Michelle Dinsdale (31:58) kept it suitably monastic up at Fountains.

The main parkrun tour-de-force was, as ever, at Harrogate where Martin Lofthouse (18:52) nailed himself an impressive fifth place overall, to be later joined by the even-lesser-spotted Alan Davidson (20:07). It was squeaky bum time to see if I (21:56) was going to suffer the indignity of being overtaken by Steve Newton (21:59). Although I was spared, it was too close for comfort and he didn’t let me forget it. Keeping it much less amicable, there were great results from Moira McTague (24:34) and Alison Iles (24:50). Nick Smith (24:57) abandoned his plans of running at Fountains to join the team down in Harrogate, leading Sarah Hughan (25:09), Parkrun Dave (27:43), Rebecca Ventress (27:51), Debbie Dilasser (30:51), Hannah Peagram (30:52) to the finishing line. Mandy Smith (37:05) made sure we finished on a high with a fantastic sprint at the finish. Well done to you all.

They may only be the tiniest of peeps, but the Junior’s achievements are anything but diminutive. At parkrun this morning, Harrison (8:16) and Evie Iles (9:54) led the team home in glory, followed by Lucy Everson (11:05) who got herself a brand new PB. Alasdair Davidson (11:10) took his inaugural steps on the hallowed course, with a cracking first deposit in the savings book of the Junior’s times.

I’ve just realised how bad that last metaphor was – sorry about that. And now I’ve just realised I’m subjecting my own emails to literary criticism. I’ve been doing this too long, clearly. Anyway, no matter, keep the results coming. It’s lovely to hear from you: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


The Week Ahead
We’ve got a tag team on Tuesday as Emma and Sarah give us the third session in the stamina building intervals. You wouldn’t want to miss it, so we’ll see you at the Hockey Club for 7pm. Alternatively, you can loiter suspiciously around by the Prince of Wales Roundabout for 7.10pm but, whatever you choose, there’s no getting out of it. Feel the burn, baby!

On Thursday we’ll be running the Supermarkets. I’m not sure why I like this one, maybe it’s because it was my first run with the club. So, in memory of those happy times, we’ll run out round the back of the club at 7pm and head down to ASDA, past Waitrose, then onto the Showground and Sainsburys (adding in M&S on Leeds Roads if you’re feeling brave). From there, it’s down towards Morrisons then back up Kingsley and into the club. This is a route for the creative as there are plenty of variations, shorter routes, and opportunities to extend. This is what you’ve got to work with: http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/926355713.

As an alternative on Thursday night, I’ll be organising a nocturnal Almscliffe Crag run. It’s exactly the same as our big summer run, but this will be done with head torches. I know that night running isn’t for some, but it’s a good laugh and a little bit more edgy than pounding the pavements. I’m proposing catching the 6:43pm train from Harrogate, getting into Weeton for 6.56pm, and ready to run at 7pm. With a fair wind, we should be back at the Hockey Club to meet the others as they finish. Let me know if this appeals, and we’ll see if we’ve got enough to make it a goer: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.

On Saturday, Matt Rickard will be celebrating his 50th parkrun. Everyone at Nidd Valley House is very proud, I can tell you. Matt will be honouring the Nidd Valley tradition of providing bacon sandwiches and mugs of tea afterwards (unlike some members of our running community who we won’t mention will we, Sarah Hughan?). Matt would appreciate an idea of numbers so he knows how many little squealing piggies he’s going to have to slaughter for your breakfast. Either let him know when you see him at club, or drop him an email: emteear@gmail.com.

Breakfast is served! Oink oink!

Breakfast is served! Oink oink!

And before you know it, it’ll be Sunday when Fell Running Phil is organising a reccie of the Rivock Edge Fell Race up near Silsden. Phil is planning to leave Harrogate at about 9am, so if you want to be up with the cock for a bit of hilly and muddy fun, then get in touch with the man himself: philiprobinson@orangehome.co.uk.

If you fancy something a little more competitive than a reccie, you could always have a crack at the Ian Roberts Memorial Fell Race, which is also on Sunday. It’s been in the fell champs a couple of times and seems to have quite a following. So if you’ve got a spare fiver and time to get to Kirklees, you’ll want to have a quick peek at the following info: http://www.fellrunner.org.uk/races.php?id=4208.


Emma’s Stretch of the Week
This one isn’t strictly a stretch but it’s really important to keep the soles of your feet flexible, particularly to prevent or to recover from plantar fasciitis… so just get a golf ball, laundry ball or something similar and roll it round firmly underneath your foot. Try a few minutes at a time for each foot. TV watching optional as usual, Mr Chairman!


Evening League: Tuesday 24 May 2016
It’s our turn to host a race this year. Michelle, Martin and I did a reccie of the route this morning and are pulling together a provisional marshal plan. You can almost guarantee that you’ll be on it as the jobs are both varied and endless. If you are not available on this date, then you might as well let me know your frankly unacceptable and inadequate excuse sooner rather than later: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


Bed Race: Saturday 11 June 2016
And the nominations are in, delivered by my own fair hand earlier this evening.
• Men’s Team: Edoardo Piano, Matt Wilkinson, Andy Todd, Matt Rickard, Fingers Harris, with their team captain Martin Lofthouse
• Mixed Team 1: Fiona Deacon, Emma Dooley, Steve Newton, Alison Iles, Dan Eagling, captained by Mike Deacon
• Mixed Team 2: Sam Fugill, Jon Easton, Adam Kirk, Moira McTague, Sarah Hughan, ably led by Christine Jones
As is usual, I expect that there’ll be too many entries than there are places, so it’ll probably go to a draw, which will be held later in March. I’ve mixed feelings about getting in. I’d be gutted if I can’t race it, but then again I’ll be almost sick with worry on the day if I did. She’s a cruel and fickle mistress is the old Bed Race, you both love her and fear her.

Each team must find a (preferably underweight and fearless) child to take the ride, plus nominate a marshal for the day, so please do get thinking about that. This year’s theme for the fancy dress is Cities of the World so the scope for causing offence is huge, but no doubt the committed cross dressers will find a way to squeeze in a pair of killer heels.

You've no idea quite how difficult it is to get the dates of birth and telephone numbers for 18 runners...

You’ve no idea quite how difficult it is to get the dates of birth and telephone numbers for 18 runners…


Social and Steady Runners
This is just a reminder that we have a special email group for members who like their club runs a little bit more steady and gentle. It’s great if you want a slower run or aren’t that fussed about racking up the miles as it guarantees that there’ll always be someone there to run with you. If you want adding onto it, then please let me know: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


Word to the Wise
Here’s an interesting snippet from parkrun yesterday morning…
Steve Newton: “what’s your parkrun PB, Sam?”
Me: “19:59… it’ll be ages until I get anywhere near that again”
Moira McTague: “19:59? 19:59? That’s not a time, that’s a date of birth!”


Whether Moira was referring to her own date of birth or not, I couldn’t possible say, so, on that frankly antiquarian note, I’ll leave it there. Have a great week and enjoy your running.

Sam x


PS – anyone got my Leonard Cohen CD ‘Popular Problems’? I lent it to someone in the club but I’ve no idea where it is.


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