Weekly Update: Something for the weekend?!

Well now that I’ve got your attention with the title, there really was something for everyone this weekend, whatever running you are into, whatever your pace or favourite distance, there was no excuse for not getting out there and doing something, well unless you had a hangover like mine on Saturday morning that is, it has really put me off the prosecco for life, I even missed parkun, very unlike me.  But saying that, it does lead me nicely on to the parkrun results, so every cloud and all that!

And a great parkrun day it was too with plenty of PB’s – read on!

Over to York first where Martin Lofthouse (18.09) paced Andy Harris home to a brilliant new PB  breaking 19 minutes in the process – Andy’s sparkly new time to beat is 18.46 – great running and well deserved, all that training with Jack the dog is really paying off!

In Harrogate, yet more amazing PB’s!  Edoardo Piano bagged himself a new PB 19.36 and led team Nidd home in the process; Jon Easton followed in 21.22, Alex Crowton, another great PB 22.16, Moira McTague a fabulous 24.03, new PB – go Moira!  Nick Smith 26.03, Junior Evie Isles stormed to her new PB in 26.52, pipping Mum Alison Isles in 26.53. Hot on their heels, marathoner-in-training Hannah Peagram, 27.18, Tony L-C, 27.49, Natalia Lancosova  30.31, Thomas Gillett (Junior) did an awesome 34.16 to bag himself a new PB, and Amanda Smith rounded team Nidd up brilliantly, 36.23.

At Fountains Abbey, Andy Todd was first home, 19.13, Neil Wright followed in 26.54, Nicki Walton 28.41 and Michelle Dinsdale 30.02. Brilliant times!

In Wetherby – a massive well done to Fiona Robinson who sped home to her new PB in 32.30.


Junior Parkrun – oh yes there’s yet more PB’s around Valley Gardens – hang on to your hats, here are the results!

Harrison Isles, not to be outdone by his sister’s PB at the senior run, grabbed a great PB of his own 07.53.

Jake Stalker was next in 08.28, Alasdair Davidson 10.05 another super PB, and Evie Isles followed her great PB yesterday with a brilliant 10.23 round the junior course – great work everyone.

To all of you who made your weekend with a parkrun PB, really well done, some super times there.


We now go from the parkrun 5k to 55 miles, Carol Morgan and Simon Franklin took on the aptly named Hardmoors 55 yesterday, setting off from Helmsley and heading over the scenic moors to Guisborough.

Now I cannot even begin to think of how I would manage to walk, let alone run 55 miles, but Simon and Carol both did, Carol was 3rd lady home in a brilliant 10.05, and Simon in 12.15, that’s hours and minutes everyone,  so really well done to you both, you are amazing.


Into Sunday, and keep up please, there’s loads more results to come.

The Fell running champs kicked off this morning with Rivock Edge race.

Fell running Phil has provided some great insight into the race and the finishing order, although there are no times yet,  and as I understand it, they can take ages to appear, so enjoy Phil’s write up which I have unashamedly used word for word as it’s great. Thanks Phil.

To set the tone for this one, the race was 6.8 miles, with 269m of climb, setting off from Silsden Sports club. Well done all of you taking part.

Here is Phil’s write up…

Announcements at the start:

“ I hope everyone is OK that we’ll donate all the proceeds to Sports Relief instead of giving prizes”.

“You’ll need to be off the moor top by 12.15 because that’s when they start shooting again!” – which other sport would you hear that? (sounds to me like a great incentive to run faster Phil!!  -SH ;-))

Anyway, the weather was super for the first race in the 2016 champs with a really good turnout of 10 Nidds out of 56 finishers – good job we were there. Catherine Barber ran her first ever fell race (brilliant, and was still smiling despite landing back with a mucky backside) and it was the first time Matt W and Eduardo P had appeared at a Nidd fell championship race.

Finishing order: Matt Wilkinson, Alan Davidson (returning from winter hibernation), Eduardo Piano (I keep repeating ‘cos it’s such a brilliant surname), Mark David, Carol M (fresh from Hardmoors 55 on Saturday), Brian Sherwood, Simon Franklin (ditto Hardmoors 55), Phil R, Catherine Barber and Rachael Prince.



Another for the fell fanatics amongst you, the Heptonstall Fell race – a 15.4 mile affair with our esteemed Chairman Sam Fugill taking part, joined by a new starter for Nidd Valley, Russell Geraty, who I am told, managed to beat Sam by a good 15 minutes so what Chair Fugill was playing at I don’t know… just joking Sam, as we all know (or we do now), you were suffering from nasty blisters, some nipple bleeding issue and at the end you were chased by a chicken, a harrowing day for everyone concerned, including both the chicken and the local vicar as I understand it!  Anyway very well done to you both, and Russell I do hope you weren’t put off by any of the goings on there today, we do look forward to seeing you again very soon!


Back to the road racing, and one not in the champs this time, but a great race none the less, the Thirsk 10.  10 miles that is, so it’s a long run in my book!

Fiona Deacon was home in a super speedy  1.14, and Jane Hill did a great 1.43, 11 minutes off her last 10 mile race time last October – well done.

I think Andy Todd took part in this as well, and I suspect he was fast, but I don’t have any more results for this one and there is nothing on the website so let us know Andy and we can give you a belated shout next week.

Talking of belated… Christine Holleran needs a mention for the Spen 20 last week, she did a cracking time of 3.11 over the 2 lap, 20 mile course – good work Christine, I think it’s your new headband paying dividends!


Back to today’s racing – hard to believe but there’s more results…

Over to cross country land…. PECO races have tempted a few of us road runners, me included, to take a spin on a muddy course, the PECO’s have shown me that I actually quite like the mud. They are tough but scenic races with great team support.

Today was no exception.  2 Nidd Valley teams, a ladies and a men’s both expecting a nice run in beautiful sunny weather over a few fields… well how hard could 3 miles be?! ERM VERY! I should have realised when Martin Lofthouse came back with a bleeding shoulder that it was going to be a bit tricky – it was seriously tough. It took me ages, I fell over, I cut my hand, I got stuck in mud , it really wasn’t my most glamorous half hour, but it was actually really good. We all enjoyed it, especially the men’s team (over 40’s and who can believe that!)  who were first in their age category and won wine for their efforts – (rather them than me after Friday’s performance), but seriously,  a great achievement.

No times out as yet, the teams were, Martin Lofthouse, Andy Harris (adding the win to his excellent parkrun PB performance) and Steve “Parker” Newton for the men. The ladies team, Michelle Smith putting in a fine Ladies Captain’s performance, Sarah Hughan (me) and the delightful Debbie Gibson who saved our bacon with a great last leg. Well done and here’s to more cross country in the winter!  Give it a go, I can assure you it’s far more fun than you remember from school!


Other news!

Other things from last week, 2 of our 3 proposed teams made it through the bed race draw and can now look forward to racing up a massive hill, running downhill at speeds faster than their little legs can carry them and swimming across a very cold river (and that’s a very polite way of describing it), as ever the chosen theme gives scope for all sorts of crazy costume and bed decoration ideas… our “Cities of the World” frankly couldn’t be more different, but if anyone has any ideas for Cardiff or Bangkok themed beds, please let us know we would be delighted to hear them… oh and I think we need marshalls, so if you want to do that, let Sam know.


Also, your subs are now due – it’s just £35 for the year, a bargain, please send yours to treasurer Dave if you haven’t already, better if you can pay by BACS and the bank details are on the Nidd Valley website in the memberships section. If you like you can also pay by cheque or cash, but let’s face it, BACS is sooo much easier isn’t it!


This week it’s intervals on Tuesday – meet at the hockey club for 7pm or at Maplins car park at 7.10, where Emma will be leading the session, but you can expect an aerobically themed warm up from me so bring your legwarmers everyone!  We will then run laps of West Park for 25 mins – you know the score by now but with all the PB’s these intervals are definitely working!


Thursday7pm club run. I am supposed to be choosing this – but the only one other than supermarkets that I can think of and we have done that recently, is up Kings Road, along through town to Cold Bath Road and you can then either go up Otley Road and along past Ashville and down Leadhall Lane past M&S and home, or for a shorter run, just go left at SO Bar at the top of Cold Bath Road and back to club over Prince of Wales that way. That’s a suggestion, but I can’t go this week, so I won’t be at all offended if you do something completely different! Oh yes, there’s drinks in the bar afterwards.

Sunday 27th March. It’s Easter Sunday so why not burn off a few calories before eating loads of Easter Eggs with the Guiseley Gallop – you can still enter, it’s the first in the Road Championships too!


Emma’s Stretch of the week! For the Quads

Here’s another stretch for your quads everyone. No excuse now there are so many to choose from! Place a cushion or folded up towel near to a wall. Put one knee on the cushion with your foot behind you onto the wall. The other foot should be flat on the floor in front of you in a lunging position. You should feel a lovely stretch down your thigh and if you don’t, get your knee closer to the wall! Hope this makes sense but if it doesn’t have a look at my demonstration 🙂 With thanks to photographer Carol Morgan!




And finally, we have made it, what seems like the longest report ever but that may be because I have had to write it! (No wonder the Chairman wanted the night off, I take my secretarial hat off to you Sam ;-)). Any results i may have missed, please send on to Sam and we can include them next time.


Word to the Wise…

Sam Fugill: (Hamming up his injuries from Heptonstall Fell race)

15.4 miles of pain, I fell over and face planted on the flat bit, then I fell into a bog, got blisters on both my feet, and had a particularly bad bout of bleeding nipples. All very attractive, to round things off I was then assaulted by a chicken… excellent day.

Edoardo Piano:  (Seemingly unconcerned for our Chairman’s welfare, but most concerned for our feathered friend)

Sam, do you have any pictures of the chicken?


Have a great week everyone whatever you get up to.

Sarah H

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