Weekly Update: They say that timing is everything…

Evening all,


How are you all doing? It was great to see so many of you at Emma’s birthday drinks last night in town. Darlings, I don’t mind telling you that I felt a little bit shabby this morning. Still, all jolly good fun and certainly worth it. Anyway, you’ll be pleased to hear that I haven’t been on any protracted car journeys with other Nidds this weekend, so we can move with a sigh of relief straight to this week’s results.




It was a bit of rude awakening at Nidd Valley House this morning when Fell Running Phil burst into the Chairman’s Luxury Penthouse Apartment at some unholy hour with some exciting results from the hills. He was like a child on Christmas morning, he really was. He could barely contain his excitement when he told me about Emma David’s performance at the Teenager with Altitude race in the Lake District. Emma (4:25:00) made tidy work of the 16 miles and 7,500ft of gruelling Lakeland ascent, before suitably refuelling and rehydrating at her birthday party in the evening. Well done, Emma!


Also in the fells, Simon Franklin (18:05:10) and Terry Massey (16:30:ish – fell runners are a precise breed, clearly) made it to the finish line of the Fellsman in the early hours of this morning. For those in want of further information, this 61 mile race started in Ingleton yesterday morning, and Terry and Simon then made on to Threshfield by way of Whernside, Dentdale, Fleet Moss and Buckden Pike. Very big congratulations to you both.


And what a turn out at parkrun this week as forces of Nidders were deployed far and wide in solidarity with our brethren from Stoke Gifford. Though to be honest with you, everyone was a little bit surprised when Men’s Captain Martin whipped off his yellow and gold tartan and bellowed that “they may take our lives, but they’ll never take our 5k!” across the Stray. Still, it clearly did the job and we’ve got some cracking results to show for it. Fingers Harris (19:18) managed to match last week’s time to the second, while Matt Wilkinson (20:04) took his foot off the gas in readiness for London next week. Dan Eagling (21:03), Steve Newton (22:46) and Jim Cook (23:27) were next to complete the muddy course. Yours truly (23:32) volunteered to run with Fingers’ dog Jack, so spent most of the time a slippin’, a slidin’ and apologisin’ as the hound tripped over a plethora of runners and denied them their PBs. Martin Lofthouse (23:40) demonstrated his profound difficulties with reading a watch as he tried to pace the unexpectedly exhausted 24 minute group, and was followed by Mike (24:06) and Fiona Deacon (24:16), Moira McTague (24:34) and Sarah Hughan (25:01). Nick Smith (25:54) was back out with a strong performance, with Debbie Dilasser (29:09) and the rarely-spotted-at-parkrun Sarah Chalmers (30:05) not far behind. You really wouldn’t have thought it was only weeks since Dave Prince (32:55) had a heart bypass, so we’re all incredibly impressed with his recovery and proud of his achievement yesterday morning. Mandy Smith (37:29) was flying as she approached the finish line, so you’ll know why I’m trying to persuade her to join the team for the Evening League.

Before the William Wallace routine...

Before the William Wallace routine…

Up at Fountains, Andy Todd (19:28) once again showed why he is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to parkrunning, while Matt Rickard (20:12) and Ben Baird (20:43) put in startling performances. Well done, chaps. But the biggest shout on the hallowed ground goes to Nicki Walton (27:25) who took an incredible 40 seconds from her PB. Go, Nicki, go!

Three of my all time favourite people. My love for these peeps... it's pretty spectacular.

Three of my all time favourite people. My love for these peeps… it’s pretty spectacular.

As ever, we’ll finish with a sneak peak at the results from Junior parkrun this morning, and they make very impressive reading indeed. We’ve got Evie Iles (9:54) storming round the 2k course, with Rowan de Boer (10:18) smashing his previous record and getting himself a new PB. Well done to you both.


If you want to make sure that you get your song played here on the requests show at Nidd Valley FM, then this is where you need to be: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk. Don’t touch that dial!



The Week Ahead

We’re on the home straight with the intervals, now, with only three sets remaining. Come on people, dig deep and join us as we head back to Derwent Road for the last time on Tuesday. As usual, we’ll meet at the Hockey Club at 7pm, and down at the start line at 7.10pm. It’d be lovely to see you.


On Tuesday, it’s the last of the Bunny Runs up near Haworth. Come on people, hop to it (boom boom!). This is the relay event, so you’ll need to neatly organise yourselves into groups of three, but it’s only £7.50 per team and I daresay they’ll throw in a crème egg for you: http://fellrunner.org.uk/races.php?id=4456. Incidentally, this all reminds me of the Duracell Bunny who found himself in trouble with the law. He was charged with battery (boom boom again!).


Thursday’s run come courtesy of Michelle Dinsdale who wants to combine the Knox route with a little off-road fun. So we’ll head out the club at 7pm and up the cycle track, but turn left before the viaduct so we’ll head round the back of Bilton and down to Knox Mill. From there, you can head back to club, or head over the hill and over Skipton Road, through the woods, past the retail park and the leisure centre, and then back up the hill through Coppice. Plenty of chances to cut short, and just as many to stretch out for those that want something a little more fruity.


Maybe you’d like to suggest a club run. Perhaps you have a favourite you’re itching to do, a new route to show people, or perhaps you’re ready to be taken up the gorge, you only have to ask. I don’t bite: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


OMG WTF it’s the first of the club championships on Sunday with the Fountains 10k. Please tell me that you’ve already bought your numbers, as it looks worryingly sold-out, but if you want to have a crack at getting yourself some six muddy miles of fun, then this is where you need to be: http://www.fountains10k.co.uk/. Good luck to all competing.



Evening League Numbers

If you still haven’t got yourself a number for the league, there is still time to do so. Come on, people, crack on. There are five races in the league this year in a number of exotic locations from Ilkley to Thirsk. Fun, relaxed, informal and friendly, they are not only for the faster or more confident runners, and it’s important to me that you all feel welcome and able to have a go. Come on, we’re all part of the same team. Get involved! Numbers available from Michelle, Martin and Dave.



Evening League: 24 May 2016

You’ll also be aware that it is our turn to host one of the league races on 24 May 2016. I’ve attached the marshal plan for the event here and the map here for you. Please can you have a look at it and email me to confirm that you will be there and able to help out: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.



Parkrun: 7 May 2016

It’s our turn to host parkrun again on 7 May. If you are around and able to help out with a spot of volunteering, then I’d be really pleased to hear from you. If you are able to pace (I’m being ambitious and trying to fill all the gaps between 19 and 35 minutes), scan barcodes, or just stand in the corner of the field and clap your hands, then there’s a job for you! Get in touch: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.




Rumours that I only paid my subs yesterday are grossly exaggerated. If you haven’t already paid up, we’ll be beginning the campaign of systematic public humiliation soon, you might want to think about registering. We’re already on track for a record membership, so keep those forms coming. As usual, it’s membership forms to Judy even if you are renewing and your details haven’t changed. You can find her here: membership@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.



Word to the Wise

I’m treading with a degree of trepidation here. But first: picture the scene in the men’s changing room after a Thursday night run. Conversation is the usual standard fare, men with chiselled bodies like Adonis wander to and from the showers, and Alan is looking for his underpants. Dave is somewhat preoccupied having recently taken delivery of the Nidd Valley Gazebo and is keen to give it a test run. And amidst a room of semi-naked men,

Dave: “Can anyone help me with the erection?”


They say that timing is everything.


Good to those running London at the weekend, and make sure you rest well and eat loads. Whatever you all do, have a beautiful week. You deserve it.


Sam x


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