Weekly Update: Mrs Fugill’s annual inspection



So am I the only person thinking that Martin Lofthouse was a maybe a little rash in pledging to run the Evening League handicap race in his underpants? The corridors here at Nidd Valley House are scattered with women who have fainted at the very thought, and we’ve only so much smelling salt to go round. Be careful what you say, Martin. These things can be arranged. And with those budgies smuggled, let’s head to the results.



I hadn’t even got out of bed this morning (I had my oldest and bestest friend in the world over this weekend and last night is a trifle hazy after about 11pm, I won’t lie to you) by the time 10 intrepid Nidds had completed the Leeds Half Marathon but, my, what a brilliant set of results. Matt Wilkinson (1:23:43) led the troops home in an eye-wateringly fast time. Martin Lofthouse (1:26:29), Matt Rickard (1:33:31) were never far from his tail, while Dan Eagling (1:35:47) and Fingers Harris (1:47:15) also gave us some fantastic runs. Steve Newton and his hangover (1:49:34), Emma Dooley (1:52:12), Jim Cook (1:54:36), Nick Smith (2:07:41) – he appears on the results as a Nicholas. Nice to see someone marking his Sunday with a little formality, I suppose – and Ewa Scott (2:09:10) coninuted the string of impressive finishes. Michelle Smith (2:19:07), Jane Hill (2:21:42), Rebecca “me and you are going to fall out big time Fugill” Ventress (2:13:40) and Michelle Dinsdale (2:25:51) concluded the team’s strong performances on the challenging course. Congratulations to you all.

Looking strong, Ewa!!

Looking strong, Ewa!!

Underpants. So wrong.

Underpants. So wrong.

I love the Evening League, I really do, but it is always a total bind in terms of having to type the results. But, well, you do like your praises sung (and heaven help me if I get your results wrong), so let’s have a look at the results from Thursday’s hilly opener at Ilkley. It was going to be a tough fight to be first Nidd home, although Men’s Captain Martin Lofthouse (30:54) held Fingers Harris (30:58) at bay in a nail biting finish. Alex Patrickson (32:04) was next to finish the 5 mile course, and was soon joined by Andy Todd (32:15), Matt Rickard (33:00), Dan Eagling (33:55), Ben Baird (33:47) and Sam Fugill (35:03). Jon Easton (35:19) kept the good results coming, hunted down by John Mitton (35:26), Adam Kirk (36:00) and Fiona Deacon (36:34). Steve Newton (36:38), Alex Crowton (37:34) and Ian McLeod (37:35) continued a string of strong finishes and then joined the Nidds at the finish line to shout their comrades home: Jim Cook (38:02), Rob Snow (38:11), Alison Iles (38:24) and Mark Armstrong (39:17). Give Jenny Manning (39:40) a big cheer for her strong race, not forgetting Moira McTague (39:48), Dave Seaman (40:00), Simon Franklin (40:07), Christine Holleran (40:18) and Carol Morgan (40:47). We all love Debbie Gibson (41:48) – just leave some spare time if you are car sharing, obviously – and were also thrilled with the great results from Hannah Peagram (41:55), Nick Smith (42:18) and Sarah Hughan (42:25). Catherine Barber (42:52) and Rachael Prince (43:55) soon tamed that gruelling climb, while Christine Jones (44:11) showed that recovering from an injury is no barrier to a sterling performance. We don’t often see her at club, but Janet Carling (45:03) put down a time worthy of the club colours, as did Ewa Scott (45:19) and Debbie Dilasser (45:23). New lad Neil Wright (45:38) pipped potty-mout Rebecca Ventress (46:39) to the line, and the team performance was rounded up with excellent runs from Michelle Smith (48:55), Andrea Bowen (also 48:55 – what an exciting finish!), Jane Hill (49:31), Sarah Chalmers (49:38) and Michelle Dinsdale (50:37).


The eagle eyed among you may have noticed that Simon and Carol didn’t finish as quickly as you might have thought, and you might have also noticed that Paul Geary didn’t even log a time. Whether they can’t read a watch, got lost or held up in traffic, I can’t say. They’ll be hauled before the Standards and Disciplinary Committee here at Nidd Valley House, and we’ll let you know the outcome of that as soon as we have it (although we do love them, so they’ll probably just get away with a caution).


Now we’re talking about Simon, we should mention his performance at the Great Lakeland 3 Day event last weekend. Simon took part in the Class A event (that’s for the serious people, the daft bugger), requiring him to navigate his way across the Lake District to various checkpoints. Despite a tough second day of ice, rain and snow (not to mention carrying a load of kit), and camping in fields (sounds lovely), Simon finished 4th out of a field of 40. To be fair, only four actually finished, but that is a reflection more on the intensity of the challenge than on Simon’s performance. I know pedants will say he came last, but that is a tad harsh, so we’ll congratulate him heartily and forgive him for his abysmal timekeeping at the Evening League. Simon – you superstar! Well done!


On Monday, Sue Simpson ran the East Leeds 10k. Sue had a good old whinge about it being a windy day, but she (48:15) triumphed over meteorological adversity and claimed the coveted position of 8th Lady and 1st FV55. Well done, Sue! On Wednesday, Amanda Metcalfe (25:53) was wearing the black and gold with pride at the John Carr 5k in Esholt. Well done on a brilliant performance, Amanda. This was the first of three races, with the next held this week. Read more below.


Thank you to all who volunteered at the Harrogate parkrun yesterday. I really appreciate it, and you all showed what makes Nidd Valley such a wonderful and inclusive club. I’m not going to repeat the results in full as people were pacing rather than racing, although we’ll give a quick nod to Andy Todd (19:17) for his tenth place at Fountains Abbey. And while we adults were larking about with clipboards and barcode scanners, the Nidd Valley Juniors put down a couple of cracking results at their 2k course in Valley Gardens. A huge congratulations to Rowan de Boer (10:19) and Thomas Gillet (12:58).


If you have a result for me, some news or delicious gossip you’d like to share, or are just desperate to see the Men’s Captain in his undercrackers, then you know what you need to do: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


The Week Ahead

On Tuesday, we’ve got the first of the reccie runs for our Evening League race (the other will be next week), with this one led by Michelle S. Please try and get to one of these as it is a chance for you to familiarise yourself with the route if you don’t already know it, not to mention a chance to have a run out with some lovely folks. As usual, report for duty at the Hockey Club and be ready to run for 7pm.


Also on Tuesday, there is the Jack Bloor fell race in Ilkley. I did this last year; it is a really nice little run and well within the grasp of a hopeless amateur like me. It’s a scratch over 5 miles with only some 1,100ft of ascent, but there are some great views and a tremendous descent at the finish. Entry is a fiver and the race starts at 7.15pm. More details at http://www.fellrunner.org.uk/races.php?id=4572, or have a chat with Fell Running Phil.


On Wednesday, you can follow in Amanda’s footsteps and compete in the next of the John Carr 5k races near Yeadon. Amanda set a brilliant time last week. I wonder if you can beat it: http://saltairestriders.org.uk/site/johncarr/.


We’ll have another club run out on Thursday night, as usual meeting at the Hockey Club for 7pm. This week, Dave has put in a special request to run the green way up to Ripley. You know the route: out from the Hockey Club, onto the cycle track and over the viaduct. There’s a scenic way back over the fields, although you can head back on tarmac if you don’t fancy negotiating a field full of cows. Afterwards, it is pints in the bar and a couple of bags of salt and vinegar crisps.


If you’re feeling the urge to get muddy on Saturday, then there is the Malham Kirby Fell Race at 2pm. Like Ilkley, it’s short and not too steep, and attractively priced at only £3. Why not have a peek and see what you think: http://fellrunner.org.uk/races.php?id=4415.


On Sunday, it is race number three in the road championships and we’re sending you up north again to compete in the Ripon 10. At 10 miles, we’ve got a step up in trip here but I’m sure you’ll manage it admirably given all the winter training. Entry is a steal at £13 and you can find out all the relevant info here: http://www.riponrunners.org.uk/ripon-10-mile/


Unfortunately, I won’t be able to race this weekend as I have got Mrs Fugill coming down for the annual inspection. It’s like a frigging domestic OFSTED, it really is. Time to get the vacuum cleaner out.


The Most Exciting Offer. Ever.

It’s really important to me that we win the mob match trophy back from the Knaresborough Striders when we return to race the Burton Leonard 10k in July.  We need all of our runners out there: each and every one of you. Therefore, if you get yourself a number and turn out to race, then we will refund the cost of your entry on the day. Yep, that’s right, we’re paying you to race. There are three reasons for this:

  1. We’re an inclusive running club.
  2. We’re an encouraging running club.
  3. I want my trophy back from those b***ards at the Striders.

Get involved: http://www.burtonleonard10k.co.uk/index.html


Come on, people, you can’t argue with that. Dying in your beds many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance, to go back there and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they’ll never take our running shoes!!!


Bed Race

I’m gutted that Christine Jones has dropped out the mixed bed race team. But injury is what it is, and she has to put herself first. If you are (a) female and (b) have no sense of fear, then we’d love to hear from you. We’re training on Thursday evening this week, and you’d be welcome to come and have a run out with us. Speak to Sarah H or drop me an email if this exciting offer tickles your fancy: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


Evening League: 24 May 2016

Once again, I’ve had to rejig the bloody marshal plan. Most positions remain unchanged, but I’d appreciate it you could have a quick look and double check where you need to be. As ever, let me know if there are any problems: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


You’ll have seen an email from Debbie D earlier this afternoon about catering and I know she would appreciate any contributions to the mass catering effort. Any expenses incurred can be claimed back from Dave – just try and keep the receipts. Please note that if you’re on the rota to marshal the race, you’ll need to be there until the tail runners have passed


Word to the Wise

This week’s final wise words come from Steve Newton following the Leeds Half Marathon:

“Don’t do intervals, evening league, park run and 5 pints of the lager the night before and expect tip top performance!”


No s***, Sherlock.


Whatever you do, have a wonderful and beautiful week. I’ll see you soon.


Sam x

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