Weekly Update: It’s all very exciting… more than usual.

Everyone has been very excited at Nidd Valley House… I wonder why!

Yes you guessed it, the Great Knaresborough Bed Race. A spectacular day, with a carnival-esque parade, flamboyant enough to eclipse even Her Majesty’s 90 th Birthday celebrations, followed by the toughest and fastest 2.4 mile course you could encounter, all finished off with a delightful dip in the River Nidd, all worth it in the end for the sweet taste of success. For Nidd Valley mixed B, that “sweet taste” in actual fact was a plastic glass of Prosecco in Conyngham Hall car park, but we loved it and my goodness, we had earned it.

Following this year’s theme, “Cities of the world”, the men’s team had drawn Cardiff, they chose the theme of Welsh Rugby and looked resplendent in their red rugby tops for the parade. In the race, starting out 2 nd , they put in a performance to be proud of and came home in 14.27 – a super effort. A big pat on the back to Martin Lofthouse who Captained the crew. Along with Martin, Andy Harris, Andy Todd, Matt Rickard, Matt Wilkinson and Warren Lowcock who on his first Nidd Valley Bed Race put in a great performance, Ben Rosie was the passenger for the team – well done to all of you. I hope you are wearing your medals with pride!

Nidd Valley Mixed B were gifted the city of Bangkok, team member Moira McTague’s creative genius really brought the theme to life with Buddy the Buddha, the Bangkok sign, lanterns and flowers, thank you Moira for all your efforts, the bed looked brilliant.

Captained by Chairman Sam Fugill yesterday and trained by him really over the last 8 weeks, (and he does get quite feisty in training I can tell you), we were hopeful of a good run! Not a second is wasted with Sam; we had “Surges” and intervals whilst simply trying to get the bed home, repeated freezing Nidd crossings to test us, but whatever he did, it worked. After an exciting race where we had to “shockingly” overtake several beds, (no we hadn’t practiced that) we finished in 18.03 – very respectable, and I for one am very proud of what we achieved. (Not to mention very relieved I wasn’t left behind!).

Along with Chair/Captain Sam we had Jonathan Easton (the voice of calm), Moira McTague (artist extraordinaire), Adam Kirk, Alison Isles and me. Our passenger, Ollie Prince was brilliant as well as brave, thanks to Dave and Rachel for lending him to us.


And there’s more Nidd Valley House excitement to come, as if you needed it; Last Wednesday saw the Otley 10 – the latest in the “long” category of road championship races. A tough run, 10 miles of toughness infact, which I didn’t run in as I decided I needed every ounce of my strength for Bed Race, probably one of my wiser moves. I am reliably informed it’s a hilly route, so well done to all who took part;

Martin Lofthouse 1.06.05, led team Nidd home, next came Andy Todd, 1.08.07, Carol Morgan was hot on both of their heels 1.11.52, with Dan Eagling 1.14.21, Jon Easton 1.17.45 and superfast Fiona Deacon 1.18.30. Steve Newton was next in 1.20.12. Sue Simpson 1.23.45 and Jim Cook 1.23.54 both finished strongly. Paul Manning 1.26.01, Christine Holleran (who in my book is marvellous as she coaxed me round Swaledale the other week) 1.28.22, Jenny Manning 1.28.29, Debbie Gibson, 1.32.54, Neil Wright 1.36.20, Janet Carling 1.36.40, Nick Smith 1.38.14 and Michelle Smith 1.42.32. Simon Franklin also took part, under the Horsforth flag, but we’ll say well done regardless -1.18.22. Well done everyone, some tough hills, but some great times and points for the road championships.

It wouldn’t be a weekly report without a look at the parkrun results – yes you guessed it, that excitement continues… Given it was Bed Race Day, there was still a good turnout at Harrogate. Dan Eagling was first home flying the Nidd Valley flag in 20.28, Jon Mitton 21.37, Mark Armstrong 22.52 (a brilliant new PB), Sue Simpson 23.33, Dave Prince 25.00, great news that Mike Deacon is up and running again, 25.06 and Hannah Peagram had another good run 25.24, followed by Stuart Hatfield 27.44, Michelle Dinsdale 30.51 and Mandy Smith 38.58 – well done all of you. At Fountains, Tony L-C 30.31 and Fiona Robinson 30.52 made good time around the historic course. Over in Skipton, Neil Wright tamed the 5k course in 29.27. Plenty of parkrun tourism to write home about this weekend, results in postcard format have arrived from Catherine Barber on holiday in Lanhydrock in Cornwall- 29.05. Jane Hill ran Rising Sun parkrun finishing in 28.13 and Ben Baird was at Oakwell Hall parkrun, flying round (not literally obviously) in 22.07. Great tourism running team Nidd.

Back to Harrogate, and Chair Fugill’s favourite, Junior parkrun , a massive cheer for Thea Stewart with a new PB for the 2k course, 9.43!

News just in – Simon Franklin has been out running the Howtown Fell Race today in the Eastern Lakes, he finished in 38 th place out of 68 in 2.59.34 so yes Simon, as you say yourself that last sprint was well worth it! Now I have read up on this race and it was 13.3 miles with 1400m or 4593ft of climb… that makes me feel a bit lightheaded even trying to imagine it, so well done to you.

Coming up….
Tuesday is the club run. Meet at the hockey club please for 7pm, it’s lighter nights so why don’t you go from club, into town and through Valley Gardens to the Pine Woods, out to Otley Road and then either cut back and go straight down Otley Road to club or go along Beckwith Road, down Green Lane, down Leadhall Lane and past M&S, to Oatlands and home to club that way for a longer run. As I have been doing bed race training, and have lost my spreadsheet of routes, I have no idea if you have recently done that run or not so do feel free to change it. I won’t be there on Tuesday so I can’t do a thing about it!

Wednesday 15 th June – Committee meeting – If you have an issue to raise, or an idea to make NVRR a better club, let me know asap and I can add it to our agenda for Wednesday.

Thursday: Evening League: Although I’m missing club on Tuesday, I will definitely be there for Thursday’s Evening League race at Thirsk. It is your last chance to get a run in before the final evening league handicap race in Ripon. As an added incentive this also counts in the Road Championships as a short run, so well worth turning up. Dare I mention it’s a close call in the league between us and Knaresborough striders so let’s try to get every possible point. Find out more here niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk/evening-league. For those not taking part in the evening league, Alan and Mandy will lead a slow paced run from the hockey club at 7pm.

While I am on the topic of Knaresborough Striders, don’t forget the mob match v striders at Burton Leonard on Sunday 17 th July. Enter now at www.burtonleonard10k.co.uk. Unbelievably, I have even more exciting news, Treasurer Dave has promised that he will give you your £10 entry fee back when you turn up on the day and run. So there is no excuse at all for not entering. The mob match trophy will be rightfully returned to Nidd Valley House – but only if you run and we beat them!

Anyway, I digress, back to this coming weekend….

Sunday 19 th June – Settle Hills Fell Race. Yes it is the next race in the fell championships, for more info please see http://www.settleharriers.org/SettleHillsRace.php.

Tuesday 21 st June – club run – meet at the hockey club 7pm Or if you fancy something a bit different on the 21st, Harrogate Harriers have invited us to join them for a talk from Matty Brennan, experienced and high placing ultra runner and Mountain Fuel representative. He will cover sports nutrition and all things long distance. Meet at the Squash Club on Plantation Road (upstairs) Tues 21st June at 8.15pm. Tea and coffee will be available.

Thursday 23 rd June – Almscliffe Crag club run – a great favourite on the Nidd Valley annual calendar. We get the train to Weeton and then run up the Crag and back to the club along some scenic country fields. I seem to remember last year, after not being able to get down off the Crag myself without assistance, there was then a slightly scary incident with a herd of charging cows, it’s bound to be just as entertaining this time round so I am definitely going. Why would you miss it?

Here’s a little mantra someone shared with me which sums up our team efforts this weekend especially:
Run with your legs to be fast, run with your mind to be faster, run with your heart to be unstoppable…

I think we did that yesterday.

And finally… Word to the wise
Ollie Prince – bed race passenger having dinner with his Mum and Dad, Rachel and Dave Prince, unwittingly gives an insight into the impression Chair Fugill evidently makes on a minor…

Rachel: “Sam’s a social worker”

Ollie: “Sam can’t be a social worker, he would never ask anyone how they are feeling…”

Have a great week whatever you get up to

Sarah H

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