Weekly Update: And you know what they say about men with big feet…

Afternoon team,


Okay. Thanks so very much to all 23 of you who pointed out the spelling mistakes in last week’s email. Easy mistakes to make when you walk in at 10pm to start writing, to be honest with you. But you’re right. Ron Snow doesn’t exist (sorry Rob!), and willies is very easily misspelled as wellies, although it probably explains what it is they say about men with big feet. And I’m size 11, too. And with such an early foray into daring sexism and wishful thinking, let’s move to some results.



Bill Hitchcock’s results from the Iron Man in Bolton last weekend didn’t make it to Nidd Valley House in time for inclusion in the write up last week, so am happy to kick start proceedings with them today. Bill completed the 4km swim, 180km bike ride and then ran a marathon in a staggering 14:15:56, coming in 1138th out of nearly 2500 runners! What an achievement! Well done, Bill.


Those of you who have been following all the developments on Facebook – and it is the social media bird that catches the newsy worm – will have seen that Matt Wilkinson finished the Thunder Run earlier today. For the uninitiated, this is a challenge down in Derbyshire to complete as many laps of a 10k course as possible within a 24 time limit. Working through the night, Matt completed 18 laps (that’s just shy of 112 miles – incredible!) of the cross country course, taking the overall second position. A profound, if not exhausting, achievement. Well done, Matt.

112 miles later...

112 miles later…

Having had my knuckles duly rapped for slagging off the Harrogate 10k in last week’s email, I thought the least I could do this morning was to turn out and watch you all compete. To be fair, the course and atmosphere did seem a whole lot more interesting than previous years, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Martin Lofthouse (39:51) was on top form as he led the team home on the hilly course, with Alex Patrickson (41:14) just managing to stay in second as Adam Kirk (41:26) motored in to claim yet another PB. Ben Baird (43:11), Dan Eagling (44:35) and Jon Easton (45:15) were all flying round the route, although we were all shocked to see Alex Crowton (49:02) opting not to run in his NVRR Vest. Yeah, I know.

I hope you didn't let that Strider beat you, Ben...

I hope you didn’t let that Strider beat you, Ben…

Just behind Mark Armstrong (50:36) we had Sarah Hughan (52:10) claim the first Nidd Lady, although Hannah Peagram (52:54) was threateningly close behind her as they turned for home. Debbie Gibson (53:14) must have found the course challenging because she was full of bantz as she passed on the first lap, but we barely got a squeak out of her when she passed on the second. After that, it was great to see the lesser-spotted Jon Reast (54:50) back in action and to get a cheery wave from Debbie Dilasser (59:08) as she passed. Rebecca Ventress (59:15) and Nick Smith (1:00:19) made great work, despite a hangover and a niggling injury, respectively. After that, it was a quick wait to see Michelle Smith (1:00:56) finish before Jane Hill (1:02:39) brought things to a brilliant conclusion. Well done to you all.

It's a wonder this woman can find the start line, sometimes...

It’s a wonder this woman can find the start line, sometimes…

If Jenny Manning describes it as her favourite run, then it has to be worth a second look (she has very exacting athletic standards, clearly). And Jenny was up again leading the Nidders at the Northumbrian Costal Run up near the Fugill Ancestral Seat earlier today. You aren’t going to get anything as fancy as chip timing or results this side of Christmas in a race where they draw the start line in the sand, so I’m afraid that Tim Harvey, Mike and Fiona Deacon, Paul and Jenny Manning, Dave Seaman, Steve Newton and Moira McTague will have to settle for their timeless results in this week. I’ll set the statistic record straight as soon as the results are out (but Fiona has just text me to say that she beat Mike. Magnanimous in victory, clearly). Congratulations to you all, though.


It’s a big congratulations to Jim Cook and Sarah Chalmers who took part in the Bingley Trail Race yesterday. From all accounts it looked much more like a fell race, and Sarah was somewhat alarmed to hear the course described as arduous and terrified to hear the organisers give a big shout out to the international competitors. Still, to be fair, the international competitors were quite unnerved and looked at one another with looks that said “Bollocks. Jim and Sarah from Nidd Valley are here, we may as well go home”. In the face of such competition, the Nidd Valley delegation did tremendously well, with both Jim (1:02:27) and Sarah (1:19:44) clocking fantastic times on the difficult course.


Over in the Lakes, Carol Morgan and Simon Franklin were back in the fell running saddle with the Lakes Sky Ultra Race this weekend. Described as a “fell running on steroids”, this challenging run really is something else, with 4,500m of ascent packed into a rocky 56km. It won’t, however, surprise you to hear that Carol (10:41:01) and Simon (12:44:14) did themselves (and us!) proud, both bagging quality times. Very well done to you both.


I took a rare foray down to parkrun yesterday morning – and it really was rare, as it was only my 13th parkrun outing in history – to be greeted by Men’s Captain Martin with “bloody hell, did you shit the bed or something?”. All terribly encouraging. But what exciting results from the Stray! Warren “Slavic” Lowcock (17:56) made it all look very easy with a relaxed fourth place, leaving Martin Lofthouse (18:35) to settle for second Nidd. That’ll teach him to be rude to the Chairman. Ben Baird (20:22) snaffled himself another PB as he moves every closer to the elusive 20 minute barrier, and I (21:07) enjoyed rare trip back round the Stray. Give three cheers, one each for Adam Kirk (22::56), Sue Simpson (23:16) and Marcos Montana (24:02), and make just as much noise for Dave Prince (25:32),Steve Newton (26:29) and Carolyn Easton (26:59). Sarah Hughan (25:53) was pacing the 28 minute group and her charges were a little startled as she turned round near the line and started shouting at them to keep going, but things with much more sedate with Nick Smith (28:05), Dave Rushton (28:15), Tony LC (28:49) and Moira McTague (28:50). Natalia Lancosova (32:57) and Mandy Smith (37:33) tidied things up nicely for us.


We’ve also got some great parkrunning results from Fiona Robinson (33:08) at Wetherby and Michelle Dinsdale (30:00) at Fountains Abbey, so well done there too!


Baby, I’ve been waiting, / I’ve been waiting night and day / I didn’t see the time / I waited half my life away / There were lots of invitations / and I know you sent me some / but I was waiting / For the miracle, for the miracle to come: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


The Week Ahead

Rachel Hebblewhite is terribly upset that there isn’t a pub run this week. She looked crestfallen, the poor thing, sat in the Shoulder of Mutton last week with her drink in her hand, only to be told that we’re based at the club house this week. Still, Dave Seaman promised her a pint and a bag of crisps as a consolation prize if she turns up on Thursday. He knows how to show a girl a good time, I’ll tell you that much. Anyway, to the week ahead…


We start with a lovely little run on Tuesday with a trip round Hookstone Woods. Starting at the Hockey Club, it’s down along Kingsley Drive and through Starbeck past Morrisons. From there, head to Wetherby Road and down past the Travellers Rest. After that, work your way through the woods and under the old viaduct, coming back out near Hornbeam Park then lining up for home. Simples. See you at the Hockey Club and ready to run for 7pm.


On Thursday, let’s get the most out of the balmy weather we’ve been having with a nice evening run down the Gorge. You know the route by now, surely: out from the Hockey Club and up the cycle track. Run as far along the gorge as you want, coming out when you’ve had enough, before turning back to the club. Lovely stuff. Afterwards, you can join Dave and Rachel as they share a pint and a bag of beefy upstairs in the bar. See you at the Hockey Club for 7pm.


On Sunday we’re back into the exciting land of the Club Championships with the James Herriot Trail Race up in Wensleydale. It’s got an absolute bitch of a first hill, I won’t lie to you, but it is a lovely run out with some cracking views. I did it with a raging hangover one year and was heard whimpering “don’t leave me here all alone” to Paul Manning as he passed me with a couple of miles to go. You’ll definitely want your trail shoes for this bad boy, which is 14k long and a tenner to enter. Go have a look and see what you think: http://www.rotary-ribi.org/clubs/page.php?PgID=248055&ClubID=254.


Committee Meeting: 10 August 2016

After two hours with this lot, you begin to understand why people agree to sign extravagant confessions in police stations. It can get very heated, and I hope I don’t have to threaten people with the naughty step again, but I’ll do whatever it takes to preserve order. If you would like anything discussed, debated or changed, then please let Sarah H know so she can compile an agenda with the hope of getting us all home before midnight: enquiries@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


Word to the Wise

This is all terribly daring, so I am going to tread very carefully. Actually, bollocks, who cares? Here you are…


Rebecca Ventress and Debbie Dilasser were having a discussion about which starting group they should have put themselves in at the Harrogate 10k. Rebecca had put herself in green and Debbie in white, so Debbie set off 5 minutes before Rebecca. And after the race, the following friendly discussion between two Nidd Valley chums:

Rebecca: “Debbie, what did you call me at the start?”

Debbie: “A sandbagger! Bloody green wave my arse – you ran under the hour!”




See you in the week.

Sam x


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