Weekly Update: A few sandwiches short of a picnic…

Good evening!


Hello, hello, and welcome back to another fun packed episode of ‘Let’s Make Absolutely No Sense Whatsoever’ with me, your host, Chairman Sam. We’ve a fun packed show for you tonight but, before we start, let’s meet the teams.



We start with a belated result from Phil and Fiona Robinson, who competed in the Horsforth Hurtle at the end of July (the results have only just made it), so we’ll give three cheers to both Phil (48:12) and Fiona (1:07:12) for their cracking efforts on the 5 mile course. Well done to you both.


We’ve also got the results through the James Herriot Trail Race last week. Andy Todd (1:04:30) was first home on the tricky 10 mile course, with Adam Kirk (1:06:14) bagging himself yet another PB and a sterling performance from Carol Morgan (1:07:33). Well give Simon Franklin (1:08:41) a shout even though he ran in colours for his other club (yeah, quite), and we’ll also make a big fuss of Steve Newton (1:16:22), Phil Robinson (1:22:03), Christine Holleran (1:27:36), Alison (1:27:39) and Nick (1:27:40) Iles, and Sarah Hughan (1:28:59). The two Debbies, Gibson and Dilasser, both achieved exactly the same time (1:40:05) – what are the chances of that happening, hey? Well done to you all. I’m fully aware that I have probably missed a few of you out, for which I can only apologise, but the results are all over the place and some of you aren’t registered with Nidd Valley on the final list. All a bit of an omnishambles, to be honest with you, but here is the link if you want to check things out for yourself: https://www.rotary-ribi.org/upimages/clubfiles/254/Heriot%20Run%202016/James_Herriott_Country_Trail_Run_2016_Full_results_mod.pdf.


I suppose we should probably mention the inaugural Nidd Valley Beer Mile, which we held on Friday night on the Stray. No one told me that there was a minimum alcohol limit for the run, so I opted to play it safe with some 2% Fosters Raddler. The stuff is vile, and I came in for no end of abuse from people for my weakness, but it was acidic, fizzy and made me feel decidedly unwell, so they can’t complain. Catherine Barber hit the 5% heavy stuff, and by lap three had broken into a chorus of “Why was she born so beautiful, why was she born at all?”. You had to be there. Anyway, Andy Robinson from Striders was first to finish the unique challenge, followed by yours truly, Fingers Harris and father and son team Phil and Eddie Ventress. Catherine staggered over the line at some point, having decided it was safer to power walk the last lap, with Caroline Rainbow from Harriers finishing things off. Catherine decided she enjoyed it so much that she would like to rerun it for her birthday in September. More details to follow.

Harder than it looks...

Harder than it looks…

Yesterday I competed in the Round Hill Fell Race. That was a toughie, I’ll tell you that much, made all the more interesting when Mark David poked me in the back to keep me focused when we were climbing out one of the many bogs that littered the course. The route didn’t disappoint, with a muddy-as-you-like climb to the top of the hill, a brilliant descent and a couple of little river crossings. This being fell running, we ordinarily wouldn’t expect the results this side of Christmas, but I was pleasantly surprised to get them last night. Tim Harvey (1:01:46) flew round the 8.5 mile course in sparkling time, with Fingers Harris (1:06:15) and Matt Rickard (1:14:18) never far behind. For some reason, Andrew Peagram (1:16:52) registered as unaffiliated, but we managed to find his result in any event. The lesser-spotted Simon Harris (1:18:51) pipped the more-often-spotted Mark David (1:19:11) to the finish line – well I say finish line, it was more a bloke sat on a dry stone wall with a clipboard – before Mark Armstrong (1:20:26) popped his fell running cherry and made his debut on the hills.

Looking strong...

Looking strong…


I (1:23:36) just held Rob Snow (1:23:57) at bay before Jim Cook (1:26:22) and his injuries breathed a sigh of relief at the finish. Well done to Fell Running Phil (1:26:38) and Dave Seaman (1:30:15) on two cracking results, soon to be joined by the fairer halves of the fell running contingent: Debbie Gibson (1:39:30) and Sarah Chalmers (1:48:25).


Emma Dooley (46:52) was on top form when she led the troops home at the York 10k yesterday, with Nick Smith (54:51) making a welcome return from injury and enjoying the world of pain free running. Jeff Walker (55:36) was the next to finish, proving he is a fine new addition to the Nidd Valley fold. I must be doubly careful to get Jane Hill’s  results right, which is going to be awkward given that the results says she did it in 1:01:17 but Jane sent me her result for Leeds a few weeks ago (59:47). What’s a man to do! Anyway, back to York, where Michelle Dinsdale (1:02:50) brought proceedings to a beautiful close. Congratulations to you all.


At the risk of sounding predictable, Carol Morgan and Simon Franklin have been back in the hills again, this time competing in the Marmot 24 Hour Navigation Event up in bonny Scotland. Simon took part in the solo event, claiming an incredibly fourth place overall, while Carol and her fell running chums formed a crack team, taking the first team prize and fifth place overall. Incredible stuff, and I can only hope that they wore their Nidd Valley vests (that includes you, Mr Franklin).


In other news, we should at least take the time to mention Adam Kirk who took things up a notch or two when he competed in the Tough Mudder at Broughton Hall near Skipton this weekend. They don’t seem to publish times for such things, so he’ll have to settle with our praise, admiration and slight concern that he is maybe a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic for putting himself through the ordeal.


And while we are singing the praises of our fellow athletes, we should save a few verses for Alan Davidson, too. This Nidd Valley stalwart took part in the Allerthorpe Classic Triathlon this weekend, a feat requiring him to swim 1500m (that’d take me all day), cycle 40km (again, it’d take me all day) and then run 10k (I could probably do that bit). Still, he did the swim in 32:19, the ride in 1:11:04 and the run in 45:55, finishing in 2:33:32, taking 99th place out of 282 finishers. Alan describes the event as going better than he expected and that he is “pleased with that”. So you should be, Alan. Well done.


Matt Wilkinson (20:05) was looking very relaxed out on the parkrun course at Harrogate, with Andrew Peagram (21:02), yours truly (21:42) and Dan Eagling (21:49) not too far behind. Ginger Newton (21:57) managed to hold Sue Simpson (22:56), Alison Iles (23:27), Marcos Montana (23:34) and Sarah Hughan (23:43 – PB by two seconds, if you’re taking notes) at bay. Christine Holleran (23:55) was the next to finish, with Moira McTague (24:48), Rosemary Thompson (26:17 – PB!), Debbie Dilasser (27:05) and Carolyn Easton (27:08) joining her on the line. After that, it wasn’t a long wait for Dave Rushton (27:13), Jim Cook (27:29), Tony LC (27:41) and a somewhat hungover Fingers Harris (27:47). We’ll also make a bit of space to squeeze in a result for Moira’s sister, Fiona McTague (32:39), who came up from Huddersfield and joined us for the day. Nice to see you, Fiona. Completing our parkrun results for the week, we’ve got Andy Todd (19:16) and Sue Reast (29:38) at Fountains and a great little result from Fiona Robinson (31:27) at Wetherby. Well done to you all.


Everybody is making love or else expecting rain / And the Good Samaritan, he’s dressing, he’s getting ready for the show / He’s going to the carnival tonight on Desolation Row: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


The Week Ahead

Tuesday’s club run comes courtesy of Jenny Manning, who has asked that we do the off road version of the Knox run. Be at the Hockey Club and ready to run for 7pm, where we head up the Greenway, hanging left over the fields behind Bilton. From there it is down through the woods, past the allotments and down into Knox. Get yourself over the field with bulls in it (you’ll be fine, I promise, so long as you don’t dawdle), round through the woods to Oak Beck, past the Hydro, then back up the hill behind Coppice. From there, it’s a quick jaunt over the railway bridge and back to base. As ever, plenty of options to cut short or extend.


Ah great! On Thursday we have got our fourth pub run of the season, this week led by Moira M. It’s about six and a bit miles, but with options to hang back early if you don’t want anything too strenuous. We’re meeting at the New Inn at Burnt Yates, where we will get food and a drink after. As ever, if you want to eat, can you let Moira know for numbers and turn up and get your order in before we start running. See you there, ready to run for 7pm.

Directions, instructions, and a marked pub...

Directions, instructions, and a marked pub…

Now this is very exciting indeed, as we head over to the Lakes on Sunday for the next counter in the fell championship: the Lowther Trail Race. It’s a squeak under the half marathon distance at 13 miles, but it is more undulating than hilly, and you can probably get away with roadies if the weather is dry (though I’d stick your off-roaders on if you have them). The race starts at 12:00, but it’ll probably still be an early start to get up there in time. Let FRP know if you are going, as I think he is going to try to sort shared transport. All the relevant info here: http://fellrunner.org.uk/races.php?id=4560 and here: http://www.lowthershow.co.uk/whats-on/lowther-trail-run.


Intervals: Opinions Wanted

The new trainee coaches (Sarah H, Dan E and Jon E) are reviewing the current plan and looking to spice things up a bit. They’re looking at some different routes to try and keep things from becoming stale. Dan brilliantly compared this to marriage counselling: the basics are there but we need to spice up the sex life and maybe introduce something a bit new. So, with a slap and a tickle, if you have any suggestions for good spots to train, favourite hills, that kind of thing, then please do let me know: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


Committee Meeting: 10 August 2016

I’d sooner stick pins in my eyes. Suggestions or questions to Sarah H, please: enquiries@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


Word to the Wise

There’s been quite a few wise words this week (they’re like buses, they really are), and so you get yourself a couple of the very best from your Valley Brethren on the exciting topic of parkrun.


“Come on, Sarah! Shift your arse. All of it.” – Phil Ventress offering some helpful advice to Sarah Hughan as she passed him on her final lap at Harrogate at the weekend. Whether he dares speak to Reb like that, I can’t say.


And on the subject of being overtaken on Slingsby Walk,

“That’s the thing, I always end up getting taken by someone up the back straight” – Catherine Barber, sharing more than she probably needs to. You people, if it isn’t down the gorge then it is up the back straight.


That’s probably enough puerile school-boy humour for one week, I think. It’s bad enough that we men think about sex every seven seconds. I’m sure that’s a complete phallus, sorry, I mean fallacy.


I’m not at club on tomorrow, but hope to see you all at Moira’s pub run on Thursday. Have a good week, team.


Sam x


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