Weekly Update: Put those pompoms away, for crying out loud!

Good evening!


I can barely hear myself think here at Nidd Valley House today, it’s so noisy. Everywhere I turn I am bumping into over-excited cheerleaders marching up and down the corridors with their black and gold pompoms as they shout out “Give me an I, give me an N, give me a T, give me an E, give me an R, give me a V, give me an A, give me a L, give me an S…. INTERVAAAAALS”. Yes, you’ve guessed it, the intervals are back and Nidd Valley House has not seen this much excitement since Fell Running Phil got a new pair of off-road shoes and Mark David got himself a new spreadsheet. O yes, make no mistake: the intervals are indeed back and everyone is VERY excited. Read on to find out more, why don’t you?



When I was busy faffing round for GF10 last week, I didn’t notice that last Saturday saw Damien and Debbie Handslip pack up and head to the Lake District to compete in the Helvellyn Trail 10k Race. Sorry about that. No matters, that record can be righted and set straight here: Damien (47:39) raced round the scenic course in a brilliant time, with the missus (1:03:16) never far behind. Well done to you both, they’re two brilliant times.

If you're this happy when running then you're not trying hard enough ;-)

If you’re this happy when running then you’re not trying hard enough 😉

And talking of chairmanly failings, I have to console Alan Davidson who was racing up in Greenock in Scotland at the end of October but was let down when yours truly failed to get his name in print. So, yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Scotsman races in Scotland. Hardly news of the century, is it? But then he pointed out to me that he (18:43) had managed to get himself a new PB and – to use his words and not mine – it isn’t often that an old boy like him gets PB so we best make a fuss of him while we have the chance. Consider yourself fussed over, Alan.


It was muddy as buggery up in the Pennines yesterday – and when isn’t it, I hear you reasonably cry? – when Team Nidd was racing the Wadsworth Half Trog (9 miles, 1,400ft of climb and an awful lot of sheep shit, you know the kind of thing). Anyway, Carol Morgan (1:33:23) added more silverware to the Nidd Valley Trophy Cabinet, and was helped by Catherine Barber (2:02:27) and Rachel Prince (2:37:18) to claim the Ladies Team Prize. Just amazing. Edoardo Piano (1:36:00) just pipped part-time-Nidd Simon Franklin (1:37:39) to the finishing tape, while Fell Running Phil (1:52:51) just managed to hold Dave Prince (1:53:15) out of harm’s way as they hurtled down the final hill. Fell running newbie Jim Cook (2:00:35) got himself thoroughly acquainted with all things filthy, and Dave Seaman (2:25:24) and Sarah Chalmers (2:53:51) brought proceedings to a suitably impressive finish. Well done to you all.

Simon is playing with fire...

Simon is playing with fire…

Now then, everyone here at NVH is very excited to see that Warren Lowcock (18:40) was the first to finish overall at Harrogate parkrun, all very impressive until you realise that he was running almost a minute slower than his PB so easily within his comfort zone. It is sickening isn’t it? Never mind, just kick him in the shins when you see him. That’ll learn him for showing off. Jamie Dilasser (21:07) was back where he belongs with Team Nidd, having hung up his Harriers vest for good (great choice, that’s what I say), and was soon joined by Andrew Peagram (22:24) and Sue Simpson (23:12) at the finish. Mark Armstrong (23:44) was joined in his athletic ablutions by Junior Thomas Gillett (24:55), Moira McTague (25:27), Jim Cook (26:23) and Hannah Peagram (26:31). Nick Smith (28:00) swapped YorTours for YorParkrun as he hit the 28 mark smack on the nose, joined by a steadier than usual Fingers Harris (28:04) – what’s going on, Fingers? – Kirsty O’Donnell (28:09), Jeff Walker (32:05) and the old parkrun faithful Mandy Smith (38:11). Excellent work!


Martin Lofthouse pulled off a Warren, if you get my drift, when he also got a first place parkrun finish. He (18:54) was down in Lincolnshire – not something he wants to say too often, if he can help it – and racing in Boston Spa, whereas Fiona Robinson (31:39) was down racing in Cross Flats and Neil Smith (28:13) was even further away in Leicester. You go to all the best places, people, I’ll say that much. Andy Todd (19:54) was in the much more refined setting of Fountains Abbey, where he bumped into Mark (22:25) and Emma (23:00) David. I wonder what Mark was doing there. He races parkruns as often as I race sober. No matter, give a few cheers for Marcos Montana (24:17) and Michelle Dinsdale (30:02) who joined them on the monastic paths.


If you’re like Alan and I’ve missed your result, then don’t fret. I’ll still be here next week: chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


The Week Ahead

Lots going on, so you best pay attention. We start on Tuesday with the first of the winter interval series. It could hardly be more exciting. New coach Sarah Hughan will be out of quarantine and under the watchful gaze of her supervisor Emma David. Who knows how this will end up? If you want to find out, then get yourself to the Hockey Club for 7pm or down outside the Knox Arms for about 7.10pm and be ready to feel the exciting burn on the hills. Burn baby burn! It’ll be great, I promise, and we look forward to seeing you there.


You don’t want to be down in Bilton twice in a week if you can help it, so I suggest that on Thursday we run to Pannal. It’s not as a daunting as it sounds, trust me. Meet at the Hockey Club for 7pm and we’ll head round the Stray and past St Aidans, onto Hookstone Chase and to the crossroads. From there, you can head back to club or head down Leadhall Lane. Alternatively, line up down Leeds Road and plough on to Pannal, through the village, up the yarking big hill and join the others back somewhere in HG2. Catherine B will be leading her usual steady group, so don’t go getting yourself stressed about being left behind, and I’m happy to co-ordinate things for anyone who wants things a bit more sparky. Pints in the bar afterwards and a chance to play the exciting game called ‘I am quite sure we had this very same conversation last week.


On Sunday, Mike and Fiona are leading a 10k-ish run (shorter option available) followed by a breakfast to celebrate their new house. Bloody lovely people, aren’t they? Anyway, it’s a muddy one so make sure you take your shoes off before you go traipsing through the house looking for the toilet. Meet at the cottage for 9.30am. I won’t post their address online as we don’t want the Strider and the Harriers all and athletic sundry turning up demanding to be fed. Fiona has been peddling her bacon butties on the Facebook group and you can find the details there. If you are planning to go, they’d appreciate the heads up: mjfjdeacon@ntlworld.com. They might even tell you their new address if you ask them nicely.


Committee Meeting: Wednesday 16 October 2016

Jesus wept. Speak now or forever hold thy peace: enquiries@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk.


Word to the Wise

Dave Prince would like to share with you the three lessons he learned from the Wadsworth Half Trog yesterday, which are:

  1. Phil Robinson should not follow me when I am blindly following someone who is lost. Maps are more use in your hand than the bag.
  2. But the same applies to Rachael.
  3. It does, however, makes a change from Dave Seaman getting lost.


Can’t argue with that. Enjoy your evening and see you tomorrow.


Sam x

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