Results Round Up – Wednesday 27th June 2018

This is a big one!


At Fountains Abbey on Saturday 16th June, Andy Todd ran his 199th parkrun and a got a new PB of 18:37, finishing 11th out of 343 runners.
At Harrogate, there were PB’s for Jon Beaumont 20:58, Alex Leslie 23:46, James Barnett 23:53, Jane Wilkinson 27:58, and Lisa Clipston 33:39.
Nigel Scaife was at Belton House parkrun, near Grantham to run his 50th and got himself a PB for the course of 20:10. At Wetherby, Nidd junior Liam Escott finished 7th overall with a new PB of 21:08.
Om Saturday 23rd June, Steff Quin got a new PB of 19:02 at Harrogate, as did juniors Max Hamilton in 23:55 and Beth Wiley 26:45.

Otley 10

Love it or loathe it, this challenging mid-summer 10 mile road race has got everything – steep climbs offering great views, long descents, and warm weather guaranteed pretty much every time it’s on. Some of us loved it but many of us loathed it. Here are the finishing times:

Adam Kirk 01:02:30
Martin Lofthouse 01:07:03
Nigel Scaife 01:09:55
Brian Hainsworth 01:10:09
Kevin Dalton 01:15:12
Steven Turner 01:15:38
Jonathan Easton 01:16:40
John Mitton 01:20:20
Phil Ventress 01:20:35
Christopher Beattie 01:20:38
Emma Dooley 01:20:43
James Cook 01:21:36
Carol Morgan 01:22:04
Dave Seaman 01:25:28
Sue Simpson 01:26:15
Alex Leslie 01:28:00
Sarah Hughan 01:28:11
Stephen Newton 01:30:21
Debbie Gibson 01:31:53
Nicholas Smith 01:32:28
Jeff Walker 01:40:20
Nicola Smith 01:40:42
Michelle Smith 01:45:19
Rebecca Carman 01:48:43
Fiona Robinson 01:48:56
Graham Hyde 02:01:43

Settle Hills fell race

Another event to keep the fell lovers happy, this time 11.3km with 400m of climb starting from Settle market place. The event website states that ‘it’s an enjoyable route’ with ‘grassy paths, tarmac at the beginning and the end, rocky paths, tussocky(!) moorland and it includes some steep climbs and descents’

Fighting through the tussocks were:

Luke Wakelin 1:00:15
Martin Lofthouse 1:02:58
Brian Hainsworth 1:08:51
Carol Morgan 1:16:26
FRP Robinson 1:19:17
Chris Beattie 1:22:30
Dave Seaman 1:32:33
Alison Iles 1:39:39
Fiona Robinson 1:52:55
Sarah Chalmers 2:07:29

Freckleton Half marathon (near Preston)

Adam Kirk took part in this event and finished in 1:20:55, 8th overall out of 356 runners – a fantastic effort!

The Wall race 2018

James Braddon took part in this ultra-event, all 69 miles of it, from Carlisle to Newcastle through Hadrian’s Wall country. James dug deep to put in a cracking performance, finishing in 40th place out of 447 solo runners, and in a time 13:24:19!

Beamsley Beacon fell race

This fell race is another popular local event, with 1100ft of climb over a distance of 5.5 miles. Starting from St Peters church hall in Addingham, the route takes runners up through woods, farm land, and open moors before reaching the pile of stones that make up the Beacon. From there the descent back to the finish is your choice on whatever permitted footpath you can find (people are advised to recce the route beforehand to ensure they don’t become geographically challenged on race day)

Here are the results from the Nidds who had a go:

Martin Lofthouse 40.39
Edoardo Piano 42.48
Brian Hainsworth 43.07
Nigel Scaife 43.18
Kevin Nicholas 47.23
Phil Robinson 49.22
Sam Fugill 49.37
Jim Cook 49.41
Chris Beattie 50.02
Simon Harris 50.09
Carol Morgan 51.04
Matt Rickard 51.44
Dave Seaman 57.05
Debbie Gibson 58.37
Russ Geraghty 60.57
Fiona Robinson 85.55
Sarah Chalmers 85.56

Ilkley evening league

Hills and hot conditions were once again the main factors in the latest evening league race, hosted by Ilkley AC. Compared to other races in the league, Ilkley is one of the shorter routes in regards to total distance, but makes up for it with a lengthy climb to start with before a fast descent and flat finish for the last 2 miles. As a club, we had 84 runners take part in this one – a truly staggering turn out and a real testament to how the club has evolved over the last year or so.

Adam Kirk 28:54
Luke Wakelin 29:30
Steff Quinn 31:30
Martin Lofthouse 31:44
Matt Wilkinson 31:49
Edoardo Piano 32:22
Brian Hainsworth 32:24
Nigel Scaife 32:30
Alex Robinson 32:39
Matt Rochester 32:58
Daniel Eagling 33:56
Kevin Dalton 34:09
Kevin Nicholas 34:15
Matt Rickard 34:55
Sam Fugill 34:56
Steve Turner 35:04
Jon Easton 35:24
Becky Barron 35:46
Jim Cook 36:08
Jamie Dilasser 36:11
Paul Eagling 36:13
Liam Marwood 36:23
Chris Beattie 37:04
Andrew Peagram 37:15
Phil Robinson 37:39
Emma Dooley 37:42
Rob Snow 37:47
Alex Crowton 37:53
Jonny Forster 38:15
Ian Mcleod 38:34
Helen Cook 38:40
Damien Hanslip 38:54
Christine Holleran 38:55
Alex Leslie 39:09
Debra Jenkins 39:09
Carol Morgan 39:14
Andrew Aird 39:54
Dave Seaman 40:07
Steve Newton 40:23
Sarah Hughan 40:30
Jenny Manning 41:21
Alison Iles 41:31
Nadene Wilkinson 41:32
Debbie Gibson 41:39
Mark Brown 42:11
Nigel Brereton 42:23
Emma Kettlewell 43:10
Robert Hill 43:12
Moira McTague 43:23
Rachael Prince 43:27
Debbie Dilasser 43:36
Iain Scott 45:20
Jonathon Clipston 45:42
Rosemary Thompson 45:56
Marcos Montana 46:22
Colleen Gruenwald 46:31
Hannah Peagram 46:36
Gayle Wise 47:32
Ursula Holmes 48:03
Jane Wilkinson 48:07
Kate Holliday 48:08
Debbie Hanslip 48:09
Bec Carman 48:17
Jane Hill 49:06
Michelle Smith 50:57
Fiona Robinson 51:08
Amanda Schofield 51:58
Sylvia Morten 52:36
Graham Hyde 53:23
Faith Hammond 53:59
Chris Parker 54:10
Yulia Brereton 55:24
Lianne Coiley 56:09
Jill Hornsby 56:13
Sarah Chalmers 56:19
Lisa Clipston 58:03
Angela Beattie 58:06
Chloe Brydon 58:22
Clare Simpson 58:22
Lizzie Nixon 58:23
Katie Swannie 58:41
Jeff Walker 58:41

Staveley Stampede

Picturesque villages that host these kinds of 10k events always seem to get it right – BBQ, coffee/tea, cake, pub nearby. All good stuff to get excited about as was the number of club runners that turned up for this one. As a club we didn’t do too badly as we had three finish in the top ten! Here are the vital stats:

Adam Kirk 36:21.4 (2nd overall)
Andy Todd 39:07.2 (8th overall, 1st M50)
Martin Lofthouse 39:22.3 (10th overall, 2nd M50)
Nigel Scaife 40:39.5
Brian Hainsworth 41:24.0
Kevin Dalton 42:07.6
John Beaumont 43:34.5
David Shores 45:25.9
James Cook 47:02.4
Debra Jenkins 47:50.8 (3rd F50)
Jane Evans 47:53.7
Helen Cook 48:31.2
Alex Leslie 48:38.2
Sue Simpson 49:02.4 (4th F50)
Michael Benson 49:30.8
Jeremy Scott 49:59.5
Christina Taylor 50:15.8
Rebecca Barron 50:16.8
Carol Morgan 50:41.3
Mark Armstrong 50:53.6
Sarah Hughan 51:24.6
Christine Jones 51:48.1
Lisa Gibson 54:29.2
Robert Hill 54:40.7 (1st M70)
Moira Mctague 55:36.4 (2nd F60)
Emma Kettlewell 55:53.0
Debbie Dilasser 56:58.1
Nicola Smith 57:02.5
Yvonne Skelton 58:14:02
Carolyn Easton 58:53.6
Michelle Smith 01:01:25.0
Martin Weeks 01:02:57.6 (2nd M70)
Colleen Gruenwald 01:03:25.9
Amanda Schofield 01:04:34.6
Sylvia Morten 01:09:00.4
Fiona Cunningham 01:18:14.7
Clare Simpson 01:18:16.5

The Spine Flare 2018

Blatantly copied from the official race page:

The MONTANE® Spine® Flare is a 60hr race from Edale to Hardraw, a magnificent route covering the Southern part of the Pennine Way with highlights including Kinder Scout, Malham Cove & Pen-y-Ghent. At 108 miles this event is not easy, be prepared for a physically demanding challenge with beautiful scenery and great camaraderie.

Nidd Valley has been well represented at the Spine events previously, with Carol Morgan taking on the full mashings in winter time and winning it. On this occasion, Matt Wilkinson decided to have a crack at the Flare event (just 108 miles and no winter weather to contend with) and he went on to finish third overall in a time of 32:24:29. A cracking effort as I am sure you will all agree, will he decide to have a crack at the full winter race??

Well done to everyone who has ran over the last few weeks, keep it up! (Jon Easton)

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