Yulia Brereton


Tell us your name. Yulia Brereton
How and when did you first start running? A couple of years ago I started doing obstacle races and realised that, while my general fitness was great, finishing 5k race in 2 hours wasn’t acceptable, simply because I couldn’t run for more than 2 minutes. Then I tried running on my own (very infrequently), until I joined the club.
What brought you to Nidd Valley? My husband, Nigel, loves running and is pretty good at it, so I thought it would be great for him to join a running club. Paul Manning (who also happens to be my work mate) has recommended NVRR and now I am here….
When did you join Nidd Valley? September 2017 with Zoomers intake.
What is your favourite running music? Genre or specific tracks? I like to listen to podcasts as it helps pace my breathing. If I am in a good mood – it’s metal all the way \m/
What is your favourite food before and after running? I cannot really eat before running, so a banana or a protein bar usually suffice. After, it’s just a normal balanced meal. I haven’t run long distance yet, but looking forward to the future carbload.
What is your best running tip that you would like to share with us? Get a correct pair of running shoes as soon as possible.
What is your proudest moment in your running career? Running non stop for 30 minutes for the first time. It’s the small things!
What are your running goals? I would love to build enough stamina to run a half marathon.
What event are you training for at the moment? Loads of 10k races coming up in the next few months, which I am working towards.
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