Jeff Walker


Jeff Walker

Tell us your name. Jeff Walker
How and when did you first start running? I ran when I was younger but never very quickly then took a 20 years break. My recent running started back in 2013 to recover from a snapped Achilles tendon. Most of my running was in the dark as I was a bit large (19 stones) and a bit embarrassed.
What brought you to Nidd Valley? I had started running at parkrun in York and was fairly active in volunteering. I was due to move to a new house in Harrogate in about a month when I met Andy, Sam and Dave running in their NVRR vests, after a quick chat I thought they seemed like nice guys and promised I would look them up after I had moved.

I moved and eventually (after a few evenings where I chickened out) went down to the club. I’ve been there ever since (about 2 years I think).

When did you join Nidd Valley? I think it was 2016
What is your favourite running music? Genre or specific tracks? For short runs I do like a bit of 1980s Rock. On longer “adventure Runs” I tend to listen to podcasts such as Desert Island Disks or BBC Science programmes.
What is your favourite food before and after running? I don’t have a strict before regimen or a particular after run feast. I tend to listen to my body now and eat whatever appeals to me at the time. I do avoid heavy meals for about four hours before I run.
What is your best running tip that you would like to share with us? Start off slowly then slow down a bit, that way you will get round whatever course you are on.
What is your proudest moment in your running career? I’m going to cheat for this one.

My personal moment has to be crossing the finish line at the Manchester Marathon in 2017.

I feel a massive amount of pride in what the Zip to Zoomers achieved in going from their first tentative steps around the Stray to smashing their first 5k. Just being allowed to be part of what they did was amazing.

What are your running goals? Ultimately, I want to run the Race to the Stones. But I really just want to keep running for as long as I can.
What event are you training for at the moment? This year is devoted to the Reservoir Dogs Ultra.
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