Results Roundup – Wednesday 9th August 2018

Good evening, here is a quick round up of all the latest race/parkrun results from the last couple of weeks.

James Herriot

This 14k trail race is classed as a ‘road’ event in the club championships, but in reality the road part lasts for about 100m. Castle Bolton in Wensleydale makes for a usually glorious backdrop for this race but this year the weather had other ideas. After weeks and weeks of continuous hot, sunny, dry weather, the total amount of rainfall usually associated with the Dales in summer decided to make an appearance on race day. The rain started in the morning and did not stop until well into the afternoon – in the words of Forrest Gump ‘We been through every kind of rain there is. Little bitty stingin’ rain, and big ol’fat rain, rain that flew in sideways, and sometimes rain even seemed to come straight up from underneath’

It was wet but it didn’t deter NVRR sending 23 brave souls in to the murk. Here are the finishing times:

Matt Wilkinson 60.52 (5th overall)

Andy Todd 63.63

Nigel Scaife 69.20

Jon Easton 70.12

Steve Turner 72.48

Chris Beattie 76.48

Phil Ventress 78.97

Jim Cook 79.95

Jane Evans 80.43

Emma Kettlewell 81.32

Christine Holleran 82.80

Steve Newton 85.98

Jeremy Scott 86.90

Debbie Gibson 87.03

Christine Jones 87.08

Christina Taylor 90.73

Jeff Walker 91.48

Rachel Prince 93.93

Dave Prince 93.93

Nadene Wilkinson 94.42

Moira McTague 96.87

Janet Carling 99.17

Ian Scott 107.97

Sarah Chalmers 113.83


Over the last couple of weeks there has been some excellent parkrun results.  On Saturday 21st July there was a new PB of 18:55 for Ben Baird at York, 20:32 for John Beaumont at Harrogate, and Mike Benson 22:54 at Harrogate. At Fountains Abbey Andy Todd finished in 18:35 at and Andrew Aird 23:13.

Last Saturday 28th July saw Andrew Aird at Newcastle and he finished in 22:59, Andrew Peagram ran at Bury St Edmunds in a time of 21:44, Martin Weeks crossed the line at Druridge Bay in 28:11, Ben Rosie 23:51 at Holkham. There was a PB of 26:18 for Colleen Gruenwald at Wetherby, PB of 28:20 for Nidd junior Beth Whiley at Fountains, and a PB of 23:42 for Sarah Hughan at Harrogate.

Last Saturday Adam Kirk was 2nd overall at Cross Flats with a PB of 18:43, Ben Baird got an 18:46 PB at Harrogate, and Mike Benson also got a PB in 22:52 Harrogate.

Round Hill fell race

These local fell races do have an appeal about them – they’re not a great distance to get to, you can enter on the day for a relatively low cost, then you’re done and dusted by lunchtime with the rest of Sunday free to eat/drink/spend some quality time on the Playstation.

 This event, organised by the lovely folk at Otley AC, covered a distance of 8.7 miles with about 1100ft ascent over Blubberhouses Moor from the village of Timble (for all you fell aficionado’s it’s category CM, PM & LK, grid ref 170531) .

Conditions on Sunday were the complete opposite from the previous weekends’ rain fest at James Herriot – the sun was blazing, the ground was bone dry (even the bogs weren’t that boggy, taped seams NOT required). 131 runners finished this event (which, at the start, to be honest looked a bit like a like an Inov8 corporate day out) with 10 made up by Nidd Valley. Here is the list of finishers:

Jonathan Easton 1:15:03

Carol Morgan 1:15:08

Chris Beattie 1:19:50

Jane Evans 1:21:31

Phil Robinson 1:26:45

Jim Cook 1:31:46

Debbie Gibson 1:39:28

Cath Barber 1:43:07

Fiona Robinson 1:58:22

Sarah Chalmers 2:18:07

In other news, Nigel Scaife was 3rd overall in the Sturminster Newton 5k, and Yvonne Skelton completed the Northumberland Coastal Run in 2:36:08.

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