The Week Ahead (3rd September 2018)

Evening Nidders,

It’s September already! We’ll soon be digging out the hi-viz vests and long sleeve training tops, and the ‘hottest summer since records began’ will be a thing of the passed. I won’t mind too much though, I do like the sun but I’ve found it really hard to run in it! Anyway lets see what we’ve got lined up for you this week…

On Tuesday, Jeff has offered to lead a Group 4 paced run leaving the club and heading down the cycleway, before turning left at the bottom and running towards Starbeck. Dave will be running in the same direction, but continuing the full length of the Cycleway – not into the Gorge as it could be getting a bit dark for that – before deciding on whether the best route back is through Killinghall or across the fields, again light will play a factor. Don’t forget we’ve also got the last or our UK Athletics coached sessions, taking place again on the filed behind the hockey club, I’ve spoken with martin and he’s said much like last week, everyone is welcome regardless of your running goals.

So a real variety of activities, and hopefully something for everyone – just meet at the Hockey Club at 7pm and decide which one takes your fancy!

Onto Thursday, and Emma Dooley’s marathon training continues. She’ll be leading an 8 mile run leaving the hockey club at 6.45pm, it’s another fast paced run with 6 miles being ran at 8min/mile pace, with the other 2 being slightly more sensible – if that sounds appealing do get yourself along.

If that’s a bit quick or long, then we’ll also be doing a club run on Thursday. We’re going to head towards the Pine Woods and Birk Crag, via the Valley Gardens – usual timings apply, leaving the club at 7pm. Hopefully there should be several different paced groups, I’m not going to be there on Thursday, so I’ll let the run leaders decide the best route.

Have a great week!


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