The Week Ahead (24th September 2018)

Evening all,
I’ll apologise now for tonight’s email being a bit later than usual, I’ve got a good excuse though – I’ve been down helping out with the Juniors. It’s not too different from running with us seniors really, other than there’s a bit more talk about ‘Fortnite’!
Anyway, it’s late so I’ll not go on. On Tuesday, word has reached me that there’s a bit of 1 mile time-trial event taking place at The Oval. I don’t do Facebook, so not totally up to speed with this, but by all accounts everyone’s welcome, meeting at the club at 7pm and then running up towards the Oval from there. I’d suggest everyone runs in that general direction and then if you’d like to continue your run – and not take part in the time trial – you can do by carrying on up Otley or Leeds Road. Either way meet at the club as usual ready to run at 7pm.
On Thursday, Martin has suggested a run towards Knaresborough, again theres plenty of options to extend or cut short this route, I’ll let you decide on the night. Again we’ll be leaving the club at 7pm.
It’s getting really dark early now, so whatever route you plan to take, please do stay safe, look out for each other and wear your hi-viz vests. If you insist on running on badly lit streets and paths, then please do take care and wear a head torch if you have one.
Onto Sunday and Sarah H is leading our first recce of the Guy Fawkes 10 route, she’ll be meeting at Ripley car park at 9am and running the course in a fairly steady pace, around 9/10 minutes per mile. Everyone welcome, and if you’ve not ran it before it’s definitely worth doing, especially for those people who’ll be marshalling on the day – take it from somebody who’s recently experienced getting lost on their way to their marshalling point. Enough about me, hopefully lots of you will turn up to keep Sarah company
That’s all from me this week, again, sorry about the lateness of the email, and also for the lack of detail in the proposed routes. I’ll hopefully be back at the club next Tuesday. Have great week everyone, I’m off to go and see if I can get a win on Fortnite before I next go to the Juniors.
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