The Week Ahead – Monday 8th October 2018

Evening Nidders,
After a couple of weeks away – watching Spurs and helping out down at the Juniors – I’m back at the club on Tuesday night this week. I’ll hopefully see some of you there, I’ve a feeling it could be a quiet week with lots of you resting before the Yorkshire Marathon on Sunday. Plus this weekend looked like a busy day on both the road and in the fells, so I’m sure there’ll be a few people enjoying an extra nights rest!
Before I get on to talking about what routes we’ll be running this week I’ve been asked to include some information on some upcoming events and some key dates for your diaries. Here they are:
• Saturday 13th October:
Ilkley Skyline attempt 9am at The Hermit Inn lead by Cath Barber
• Sunday 14th October:
Marathons, Medals and Madras, 7pm at Zolsha, Knaresborough
• Tuesday 25th October:
Timed mile II. 7pm run from club
• Sunday 11th November:
Harrogate Ringway anti-clockwise, 10am lead by Fozzy
• Tuesday 13th November:
Start of Winter Intervals
• Sunday 18th November:
Celebrating Nidd’vember. 10am The Craven Arms, Appletreewick lead by Graham Hyde
• Saturday 15th December:
Ladies Secret Santa. Meet 9am Location tbc lead by Sarah Chalmers
• Saturday 22nd December:
Christmas Night Out 7pm Two Brother Grill and Pizzeria
Onto this week and on Tuesday I thought we could run the Supermarker route in reverse. Leaving the club at 7pm, we go out past the school and head down to Kingsley Road and then across to Morrisons. Sticking to the well-lit main roads we go down past the cemetery before turning right and heading back up towards Sainsbury’s along Wetherby Road. From here we’ll go past Fodder, and up the steep hill past the Squash Club before coming out onto Hookstone Road. You can either choose to extend it by running up towards M&S before turning left onto Leeds Road, before passing Waitrose/Asda and then back to the club along the cycle path. 
If that sounds a bit long then you can choose to cut it short by heading towards Waitrose and ASDA via Oatlands Drive. You can of course head back to the club via Slingsby Walk even. So a couple of options there, I’d be happy to lead a group running between 8-8.30mins per mile pace if there’s enough interest…
Please remember to bring your hi-viz vests, it’s really dark now so it’s important that we’re as visible as possible to passing motorists and pedestrians. Of course if you have a headtorch bring them too!
Onto Thursday, and as I’m not going to be able to make it this week I’ve asked Martin for his help. He’s suggested a route which would include Kings Road, Duchy Road and Otley Road. So here’s my take on it, feel free to amend if it’s not to your liking – you’ll be the ones running it after all!
I think we can head out of the club on Claro Road, before turning right on Skipton Road and heading down towards the Fire Station. We could then turn right onto Grove Road before turning left at the end onto Kings Road, before turning right onto Coppice Drive. At the top of Coppice Drive we can cross Ripon Road, before running the length of Duchy Road. Turning left at the bottom we can head towards Otley Road, before either extending the run up Otley Road and along Beckwith Road, and back via Leadhall Lane/Leeds Road. Or we can cut it short here by turning left onto Otley Road and heading back towards the club, via the Stray, doing a lap of the Stray if it’s not quite long enough for yoU!
I hope that’s okay. I appreciate it does often feel like we’re running in the same direction in the winter months, which I’m sure can be really boring for you. So rather than me suggest the routes every week, if you feel like we’ve not a ran in particular direction for some time then just let me know. I’m always happy to receive your suggestions, on top of it helping me out, it also shows that at least some of you are still reading what I write ?
Have a great week everyone, and good luck to everyone racing at the weekend!
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