The Week Ahead – Monday 3rd December 2018

Evening Nidders,

It’s December and week #4 of the intervals already – this year has really flown by. Enough of that, this week sees the return of Sarah H as your coach. She’ll be assisted by three of our assistants, Sarah C, Hannah and Jane. We’re doing to the Pyramid session on the Stray – Sarah’s favourite – you can chose to either meet at he club ready to run at 7pm, or head straight to the bench at the bottom of Slingsby Walk (Wetherby Road end) for about 7.10 in time for a warm-up.

On Thursday I thought we could do our Knox route. Leaving the club via the Iron Bridge we run down Woodfield Road, before joining Tennyson Avenue. Following it to the end we then have a couple of hills to navigate, firstly it’s up Bachelor Gardens before we join Knox Avenue and following that until we reach Skipton Road. It’s then a right down to the bottom to the roundabout, before we join Ripon Road and another couple of hills as we pass the Majestic Hotel, it’s then up Parliament Street before heading back to the club via West Park and York Place.

The initial meeting place for this route is the corner of Woodfield Road and Bilton lane.

Don’t forget your hi-viz vests and head torches (if you have one), it’s really dark now.

Here’s a reminder of the paces we run:

Group 1 – if you run 5k in 23 minutes or quicker
Group 2 – if you run 5k in 26 minutes or quicker
Group 3 – if you run 5k in 29 minutes or quicker 29
Group 4 – if you run 5k in 33 minutes



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