Latest Results – Thursday 17th January 2019

It’s fair to say that I have been a bit slack recently when it has come to publishing race results. I blame this purely on the fact the club is expanding at such a fast rate with people running at events all over the place, it’s difficult to keep up!

October was the last time I sent out a results round up, and no doubt there has been lots going on since then. There have been a couple of PECO XC events but I haven’t included them as there were so many club members taking part. I’ve also left out parkrun (as much as it pains me to do so as there have been some great achievements recently in regards to people getting a new PB and people completing their 50th/100th/250th event) as again there a lots of Nidds running every Saturday morning at Harrogate/Fountains Abbey/all over the globe, so once more it’s difficult to keep tabs on everyone.

Latest set of results for your information.

The Whixley 10k on October 28th was the 21st and final race of the 2018 Club Road Championship and we had a huge turnout.
Martin Lofthouse 38:59
John Beaumont 44:56
Mark Armstrong 47:04
Jane Evans 47:21
Rob Snow 47:56
Sue Simpson 48:24
Mike Benson 48:26
James Barnett 49:12
Jeremy Scott 49:57
Christine Jones 50:21
Nadene Wilkinson 51:20
Richard Taylor 53:28
Marcos Montana 54:34
Kevin Nicholas 58:23
Jane Wilkinson 1:00:04
Jane Hill 1:00:58
Joanne Waring 1:01:19
Graham Hyde 1:01:42
Bec Carmen 1:02:10

Whixley 10k October 2018

Amsterdam Half marathon
Andy Harris 1:43:18
Matt Rickard 1:45:15
Sam Fugill 1:47:03
Jane Hill 2:20:07
Jane Wilkinson 2:28:00
Michelle Beaumont 2:49:36

Amsterdam Full
Martin Lofthouse 3:10:02
John Beaumont 3:32:43
Kevin Dalton 3:44:29
Debbie Gibson 04:08:48
Michelle Smith 4:59:51

Wensleydale Wedge
Lee Welsby 3:56
Jon Easton 4:18
Phil Ventress 4:44
Brian Hainsworth 4:44
Jane Evans 4:56
Jenny Manning 6:18
Paul Manning 6:18
Debbie Gibson 6:18
Cath Barber 6:19
Dave & Rachel Prince 6:37

Jolly Holly Jog
Alex Patrickson 0:39:29.3
Andy Todd 0:40:20.7
Martin Lofthouse 0:41:23.3
Kevin Dalton 0:43:46.5
Nigel Scaife 0:43:48.6
Andrew Peagram 0:46:36.1
Michael Deacon 0:48:29.6
Simon Staiano 0:48:37.1
Jane Evans 0:49:23.5
Michael Benson 0:49:23.4
James Knapp 0:50:01.3
Jamie Dilasser 0:50:18.6
Sarah Hughan 0:51:08.3
Fiona Deacon 0:52:10.6
Christine Holleran 0:53:02.0
Andrew Aird 0:53:58.0
Jeremy Scott 0:55:09.3
Dave Seaman 0:55:29.3
Emma David 0:56:43.6
Hannah Peagram 0:57:01.1
Christina Taylor 0:57:04.0
Nicola Smith 0:57:53.7
Jenny Manning 0:58:45.3
Ari Greenberg 0:59:03.1
Nadene Wilkinson 0:59:52.8
Gary Dooley 1:00:48.6
Moira Mc tague 1:01:25.7
Debbie Dilasser 1:02:10.6
Rosmary Thompson 1:03:24.6
Jeff Walker 1:03:23.8
Debbie Handslip 1:06:56.9
Joanne Waring 1:08:37.7
Graham Hyde 1:09:30.2
Sarah Chalmers 1:10:44.1
Jane Hill 1:11:33.7
Jill Hornsby 1:16:31.6
Fiona Robinson 1:16:31.3
Lianne Coiley 1:16:31.9

Jolly Holly Jog 2018

Soreen Stanbury Splash
Cath Barber kindly summed up the day:
Sunday the 13th January saw 3 Nidds heading over to Haworth for a 6.2 mile 1,200ft race put on by Wharfedale Harriers.
We set off from Harrogate on a lovely morning, but soon after cresting Blubberhouses moor we realised that, amongst other things, shorts were probably not the best choice… ahem, one word for it is…Claggy…
The weather got rougher the closer we got to Penistone Hill Country park, there may have been a small flicker in the resolve…
After struggling, bent double, across the car park to register and pick up our complimentary malt loaf we retreated to the car, watching others do the same and question our sanity. It really was a rather blowy. At least we weren’t on the Spine though.. right!
We held out until 11.20 but then had to break out and into the quarry bottom to huddle up with 250 odd other hardy souls in the lee of an outcrop and watch the rain sheet across. At 11.30 we were away, out of the quarry and down the track.
This race takes in wide tracks, narrow trods, steep banks and 5 river crossings (hence ‘splash’), this year it also took in gale force winds which often made forward progress difficult on the way out. But each cloud has a silver lining, and after turning about at the penultimate river, it was possible to get up some grand speed with the wind behind, the one time it was beneficial to run with your elbows stuck out, good sail!
Martin took the Nidd honours finishing in 43rd place, in a time of 56:29
Cath came in next in 182nd in 1:17:44 and was then thoroughly confused by the arrival of
Jane in 208th in 1:22:51. Turns out she’d tweaked ankle early doors and commendably nursed it round. Normal service will be resumed once Boston is safely negotiated, I’m sure!
Having said all that, times are frankly irrelevant as survival was the main aim of the day.
After retreating to the pub for dry clothes, soup and a roll, tea, a cheeky half and a peer at the video of the race we’d just run (who ever said fell running was behind the times) we stayed for the clapping, got a load of confectionary chucked at us, and left several malt loaves and curlywurlys to the good.

Auld Lang Syne fell race
3 Nidds were at the ALS at Haworth in the usually windy but unusually mild conditions.
Alex Robinson 51.11 (48th out of 327 finishers)
FRP 65.44
Sarah C 92.09 (and “happy as Larry” that she didn’t slide on her bum on the really steep bit.

MONTANE® Spine® Race

The MONTANE® Spine® Race is widely regarded as one of the world’s toughest endurance races. A truly epic challenge that will test your physical resilience and mental fortitude. Racing non-stop along the most iconic trail in the UK, the Pennine Way, you will experience the full intensity and ferocity of the British Winter.  From Edale to Kirk Yetholm.

Matt Wilkinson made it to the start line in Edale for this epic 268 mile race but after (an impressive) 50 miles he retired.

The winner of this race was Jasmin Paris.  Look her up as she is an amazing human being.  She completed the course in a record time of 83 hours 12 minutes and 37 seconds.  A course record and unfortunately takes the women’s course record previously held by the one and only Carol Morgan.

Matt Wilkinson

MONTANE® Spine® Challenger

This one is just 108 miles, from Edale to Hadraw and was taken on by Carol Morgan and husband Simon Franklin.  Carol was Carol and smashed it.  She completed the course, taking first woman and 6th overall in a staggering 31 hours 47 minutes and 37 seconds.  Simon trailed in after Carol in 39 hours 42 minutes and 2 seconds.  Both are truly remarkable athletes and deserve a massive lie down.

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