The Week Ahead – Monday 4th February 2019

Evening Nidders,

It’s February already, which means it will soon be the AGM and receiving these emails from me will soon be a thing of the past! You’re stuck with me for the time being I’m afraid.

On Tuesday we welcome back Sarah as coach, and she’ll be joined by Brian and Sarah C. We’ve come up with a new route for this week, we’ll see you at the top of Slingsby at about 7.15 for a warm up, or be at the club ready to leave at 7pm. Don’t forget your hi-vis vests!

On Thursday I thought we could run to Knaresborough. Leaving the club via Kingsley Drive, we’ll join Knaresborough Road, crossing the railway lines running up through Starbeck before  then heading down the hill into Knaresborough. There are several options to extend, or cut short from here, with the shortest rout being along Waterside – all routes return to the club via Forest Moor Road, Morrisons and then back up Kingsley Drive. The initial meeting point for this route is the corner of Kingsley Drive and Knaresborough Road.

Here’s a reminder of the paces we run:

  • Group 1 – if you run 5k in 23 minutes or quicker
  • Group 2 – if you run 5k in 26 minutes or quicker
  • Group 3 – if you run 5k in 29 minutes or quicker 29
  • Group 4 – if you run 5k in 33 minutes 

Finally, don’t forget to keep an eye out for everyone that’s in your group, when the nights are a bit dark and foggy it’s sometimes easy for people to get left behind, so please be vigilant and look out for each other…

Hopefully see you tomorrow!

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