Week Ahead – Sunday 24th February 2019

Evening All

Hope this finds you all well.

My very first email as the new chair of Nidd Valley! Thank you for accepting me.

I spoke briefly and nervously at the AGM but for those people unable to make it I thought it appropriate to cover selective parts again and add the bits I missed out.

So here it is!

Our club membership has increased dramatically of late which is excellent but I’m aware there are lots of members who don’t know me. I intend to change this and be quite visible meeting as many people as I can during training, races and socially. I’ll be in the bar of the hockey club after Thursday club runs and hope to see some of you there. That said, feel free to initiate contact with me so long as its before 10pm as I’ll be in bed. Chair@niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk

I was completely taken aback when it was suggested I stand for the position as Chair. My initial reaction was to decline as my IT skills are rubbish! Seriously, rubbish! On reflection after a life time of running, over 4 years with Nidd Valley and a year as a general committee member I decided to stand. I’m totally committed to the role and plan to build upon the good work to date.

One of the key areas to focus on is our communication strategy, given the number of members and the use or non – use of various social media sites, there’s a need to consider how we share information, what we share and the frequency of such. Theres a fine line between the duplication of information, and inclusivity of all members.

I am looking forward to another enjoyable year of running having fun on the run.

The week ahead.

Tuesday 26/3/19 Interval hill rep session.

Location. Knox. Knox Lane near the junction with Ripley Drive.

There will be a coach and assistants to take the session.

Meet at Knox at 7.15pm or at the hockey club at 7pm to jog there.

Thursday 28/2/19 Club Run


Harlow Moor Road.
Leaving the club via Claro Road to head over the iron bridge. Woodfield Drive to Skipton Road, down Kings Road, through town via Crescent Road. Up Cornwall Road, left onto Harlow Moor Road. At the junction of Otley Road there are a number of options. Turn left down Otley Road back to the club via The Stray and Claro Road. Approx. 6 miles. If you’re after more miles there’s an option to turn right up Otley Road towards Beckwith Road, Pannal Ash Road and back to Otley Road.

There will be a run leader for each of the paced groups.

Pacing Groups

Group 1. – 5K under 23 mins

Group 2. – 5K under 26 minutes

Group 3. – 5K under 29 minutes

Group 4 – 5K under 33 minutes

Health and Safety Briefing.

A degree of risk is inevitable in almost all sports. Coaches, running assistants and runners all share a responsibility for minimising the risks associated with running.

Some of these risks include but are not limited to a risk of injury, getting lost or being left behind.

Advice on minimising such risk is outlined below:-

Warm up and cool down correctly.
Hi Viz vests and head torches in dark or poor weather conditions.
Water and sunscreen in hot weather.
Maintaining an awareness of other runners. Buddy up where possible.

In the event an injury does occur please remember to inform the welfare officer using the on line form on our club web site.

A rather long first email. The next ones will be more succinct.


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