The Nidd Valley 100 Challenge – Fountains parkrun

A message from Martin L

Evening Nidders,

Inspired by the 300 challenge last year when four of our club septuagenarians (that’s over 70’s by the way) did a parkrun in a combined time of less than 2 hours, I have set up another challenge.

On Saturday 23 March, five of us mature male Nidders who are all in our fifties, will attempt to complete Fountains Parkrun in a combined time of 100 minutes. So Andy Todd, Mike Deacon, Steff Quinn, Jim Cook and I will have to run an average time of sub 20 minutes each. It won’t be easy!

So we need your help. It would be great to have lots of our team mates there running, volunteering see Fountains Volunteer Roster or cheering on the day. If you’re free it would be great to see you there and a trip to Fountains is never wasted with the lovely cafe afterwards. It will be good practice for when we have the club champs race there the following Saturday (more of that in a later communication)

If anyone fancies being our official time-keeper on the day that would be great too.

When I was young, I never needed anyone
And making love was just for fun, those days are gone
Livin’ alone, I think of all the friends I’ve known
But when I dial the telephone, nobody’s home
All by myself, don’t wanna be
All by myself, anymore

Martin Lofthouse

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