Schedule of Training – April to October 2019

Bed Race Training.

30/4/19 to 6/6/19.   6 Weeks at Knaresborough.

Focus on the benefits of hill work and speed work.

Plan owners = Bed race captains. Matt Wilkinson, Sam Fugill and Dave Prince.

Fell Training and Races.

7/5/19 to 25/6/19.   4 sessions over an 8 week period at various locations.

Focus on experiencing guided off road running and technique.

Plan Owner = Cath Barber and Emma Kicks.

Intervals and track.

9/7/19 to 20/8/19.   6 sessions over a 7 week period on the grass track at the Hockey Club.

Focus on speed endurance, pace, running technique and potentially some running core exercises.

Plan Owner = Sarah Hughan.

Half Marathon Training.

9/7/19 to 28/9/19.  12 weeks at various locations.

Focus on specific half marathon training for any level of running as the plan will be based around individual effort over distances or specific sessions.

Training will lead up to the Redcar Half marathon a club championship race.

The initial 6 weeks of the plan may wish to join in the interval training on the grass track at the club.

Plan Owner = Emma Kicks.

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