Week Ahead – Sunday 27th October 2019

Afternoon All

Is it just me and my age but does anyone else feel as though this year is flying by? Only one week to go before we get to showcase the beautiful Nidd Valley, our friendly club, and deliver a cracking 10 mile road race!

Yes, Guy Fawkes 10 next Sunday. I’ve popped a few reminders in the email further down, but Debbie Dilasser will be able to help with queries regarding the marshal plan and Sam Fugill with any other queries.

I caught up with Jeff Walker on Tuesday and met a lovely bunch of enthusiastic couch to 5K participants. They were happy hanging on to every word Jeff was saying and enjoying a fun filled warm up routine. I’m sure a few will be joining the club at the end of this programme.Great work Jeff!

I must say though I had running envy and wanted to join in!

So, the week ahead.

Tuesday 29/10/19 Knaresborough
Kingsley drive, Knaresborough Road, Boroughbridge Road,Stockwell Lane, Briggate, Forest Moor Road, Morrisons and Kingsley Drive. 7 miles

Thursday 31/10/19. Valley Gardens and a Halloween House. AKA Home of the Ventress family.
Claro Road, Town Centre, Cornwall Road, Harlow Moor Road, Beckwith Road and Green Lane returning via Hookstone Road, left onto Wetherby Road and back to the club. 6 miles.

If you come via Hookstone Road turning left at Woodlands onto Wetherby Road you’ll see a fantastic Halloween house that a certain Dan Ventress has decorated.
It’s outstanding by all accounts.

Pacing Groups. Social Run.
Group 1. – Approx 8 to 8.30 minute mile pace
Group 2. – Approx 9 to 9.30 minute mile pace
Group 3. – Approx 10 to 10.30 minute mile pace
Group 4 – Approx 10.30 to 11 minute mile pace
Group 5 – Social, recovery run with no pace in mind but a chance to chat as you jog, going as far as you want.

Saturday 2/11/19. 10am
Goody bag packing, Ripley.

Sunday 3/11/19.
Guy Fawkes 10 mile race.
Pizza evening, Harrogate Hockey Club from 7pm.

Whatever you chose to do, have a good week and remember when you least feel like running, just do it because there will be times when you can’t, and you want to!

Health and Safety Briefing.
Use a head torch.
Warm up and stretch off after running.
Buddy up with someone where possible.
Report any injuries to Bec Carman our Welfare Rep, or any Committee member.

Best Wishes, Christine.
NVRR Chair.

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