A New Year Run for 2020 – The Ringway Relay

For many years it was the tradition of Nidd Valley Road Runners to celebrate New Year by running the Harrogate Ringway footpath as a relay. It was a popular event but attracted too many teams for an event which could not be licenced or insured – you can’t place marshals around 20+ miles of footpaths and the hand-over points were on busy roads. We reluctantly accepted it had become too risky and gave it up several years ago.

Harrogate Harriers have suggested that we revive the run but that it should be restricted to teams from the three local clubs only, Knaresborough Striders being the third. It will be a fun run and there will be no mass start. The first leg runner will simply turn up at the start between 9:00 and 9:30 am, tell the control that he/she is starting, and set off.

I’m attaching a flyer which outlines the event and a detailed route description for anybody who wants to do a reccie themselves though I would always recommend a map myself. It has one page for each leg.

There is also a disclaimer which Harriers have insisted on and which I have incorporated into an entry form for NV use. (The Harriers’ entry form asked for asked for much more personal information)

Ringway Relay Flyer

Ringway Relay Route Description

Ringway Relay Entry Form and Waiver

The “rules” are: (These might well be expanded / clarified before the event)
There are 4 legs so the standard entry is for a team of 4 of whatever gender mix. This does not stop you running in pairs or a small group on one or more legs. Also Harriers have said “No kids” and it’s obvious that you should not have an unaccompanied junior running a leg alone. Much of the route is just unsuitable for younger ones even if accompanied.
There will be some form of control to ensure that everybody is accounted for with, probably, a controller from each club at base receiving reports from runners at the end of each leg by phone. The idea is that you send a selfie including a logo which will be situated at each checkpoint. Also, the next runner should not start until the previous one arrives at the hand-over point as a safety measure.
The route is self-navigating and you are trusted to follow the Ringway route as far as possible. We hope to organise reccie runs in the weeks before the event (see below) or you could do your own.
You will need to think about how to get to the start of your leg and how to get home from the end of it.
A donation of £10 per team will be sought, to go to Yorkshire Air Ambulance.
Fancy dress optional.
Their will be a social event in the evening at The Foundry Project
So start thinking about forming a team! If you aren’t familiar with the route or a particular leg, you are strongly advised to do a reccie beforehand. Harriers have already nominated the following dates for reccies and have invited other clubs to join in if they want to. Each one starting from the start of the leg at 9:00 am

Leg 1 1st Dec
Leg 2 8th Dec
Leg 3 22nd Dec
Leg 4 29th Dec

Otherwise we could organise our own reccies. I would be happy to lead on the 1st and 29 December but I’ll be away for the other two so volunteers please! Also you can say which leg you want to reccie on a particular date but there may only be time to do one for each leg

If you don’t already know, each leg has it’s share of mud and the bits I’ve run recently have all been particularly sticky. Trail shoes are recommended though it’s unlikely that you’ll die if you wear old road shoes.

Have fun!


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