The New Fortnightly Email: Week Commencing 23rd March 2020

Hello everyone,

I do hope this finds you all both physically and mentally very well, with plenty of strategies to manage this new world we’re living in.

I’ve decided not to title this the weekly email as, being realistic, there is and will continue to be a limited amount of news to bring you and I know you’ve all got plenty to read about, lots to listen to and other things on your mind. It’s for that reason that I’m going to write every fortnight rather than weekly.

That said, I did promise that as much as possible, we will remain a club of people with a common purpose, namely running.

We might be doing it alone but at this point hopefully you’re still doing it alone or with maybe one other at the set distance apart!

And on that note, whilst I’m not the Coronavirus Police it’s worth me mentioning that we need to be mindful of the impression we give when out running. There’s not much point cancelling club nights then running in groups especially if in club kit. I’m sure you get where I’m coming from. Enough said!

On a positive note, our lovely Emma Kicks has quickly adapted her coaching and training techniques to morph into an on line entrepreneur.

She has already set up an on line version of her Kick The Core class using the Zoom meeting app, which allows you to see others in the group and exercise together. I’ve signed up!

She is offering training sessions which will be based on general aerobic fitness for runners. At the moment she is looking for expressions of interest, so she can gauge demand and create classes to meet your needs.

She is currently thinking along these lines.

2 sessions at 9.30am. Days to be confirmed.
2 sessions around 6 or 7pm. Monday and Thursday.

If you’re interested please email Emma for full details.

So, back to the running. How about this for a few ideas to keep us connected?

• After your run, write up a little run report maybe with a photo? I could select a few for this email then our members not on social networks can also see what we’ve been up to? This should help with motivation.
• Go out for a run over a set distance at the same time as friends then report back to the others on how the run went. Another great way to stay focused.
• Strava. Whilst I don’t use it it’s a great way for staying connected.

If you have any other ideas, please let me or any committee member know.

I’m going to finish on a positive, and remind you that as runners you’re focused, determined, strong and disciplined people who can dig deep when necessary. You can use all of these positive attributes to stay well, in every sense, as we manage the challenges ahead.

Best Wishes.
NVRR Chair.

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