The Chair’s Blog – 1st April 2020

Hello everyone,

I have a bit of news to share, so I thought it worth sending out the email a little earlier than expected.

I hope you’re all well and settling into your new lives of social distancing or isolation. I would personally, and on behalf of the club like to thank all our members working in key roles for your dedication and hard work. I know we have many, and I can only imagine how tough it is.

Thank you too, to all the members who have renewed their membership, I know this is an uncertain time financially for many people so thank you.

We have just held a committee meeting using the Zoom meeting app, Oh how I laugh at my I.T skills and the challenges it brings!  I’ve certainly had to lift my game and learn a lot over this past week.

One of the issues the committee has been looking at, is how to keep that sense of belonging within the club and follow the government rules on exercise etc. It changes daily but thanks to some suggestions and what we’ve seen already on the likes of Facebook, I’ve been able to attach a document that will give you some ideas.  Running Ideas COVID19 (002)

I hope you get something from it and are able to keep the motivation levels up and get out to run. If you have any running stories to share over this period please email me, and I’ll look to put them in this email.

Other issues we’ve been considering include the club finances. I know Sylvia has emailed everyone explaining our position. We’re hoping the GF10 race goes ahead which will certainly ease some of the financial pressure.

The new kit has been ordered, but as you might expect, we’re unsure of delivery timescales now.

Our club championship races are being reviewed too, but to be fair we’re having to watch this space as we have very little idea of timescales. That said, we have discussed various ways of salvaging something from the year. We will keep you posted once we know.

Ive been asked by The Harrogate Advertiser to describe the impact of COVID.19 on our running club, so I’ve drafted a short piece, outlining the issues with an emphasis on the way we’ve adapted whilst following the rules! I’m not sure when it will appear but at least you’re aware of it.

Mark David has recently emailed with information on sports discount codes which is always good news but it’s probably worth a mention that Up&Running have an on line service too and will welcome any business.

I think that covers most things, but I will leave you with this piece that Simon Staiano sent me to share. He only just manged to achieve this before the rules on isolation came into being.

Well done Simon, quite an achievement!

Simon’s 100 mile challenge.

Final run of the 100 mile week personal challenge. Fortunately no injuries (well none that I’ve noticed so far) and apart from tired legs I feel pretty good. Certainly well pleased with myself for doing it.
For a lot of proper runners 100 miles is pretty normal but for me it was a huge jump up in volume and had risks because of that. I am now 1 for 2 in personal challenges, my last one, eating only wotsits for a week, failed after one day so at least I’ve managed this challenge. Some stats, 100 miles over 12 runs, 14 hours and 35 mins running, 5479 feet of climb, approx 90 miles ran alone, approx 80 miles ran with a rucksack. Total fruit eaten, one small banana, total veg eaten, one small piece of beetroot. Thanks to my unofficial sponsors, Hoka, Domino’s and Just Eat. Thanks for kind words on Strava and on the odd time I’ve been seen on the road.
I will end this with a quote. “The real purpose of running isn’t to win a race, its to test the limit of the human heart” – Bill Bowerman.

Stay at home, stay safe and stay fit everyone!

Best wishes, Christine.
NVRR Chair

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