Nidd Valley Virtual Championships – 2020

Hello All,

I hope you’re all well. As previously communicated by Christine we’ve been working on the Nidd Valley Virtual Championships. This is to generate a bit of competition and motivation whilst we all can’t be together to race.

Virtual Races will consist of 7 events in the months of July, August and September:

WC 06/07/20 – 1 Mile
WC 13/07/20 – 5 Mile Off Road
WC 20/07/20 – 5 km
WC 27/07/20 – 10 km/mob match (2 weeks) – Mob Match Details are currently being finalised and subject to change.
WC 10/08/20 – 10 Mile
WC 24/08/20 – Half Marathon
WC 31/08/20 – 30 Minute distance challenge

There will be a participation badge for those who have completed 4 out of the 7 races. Prizes will be awarded to female and male overall winners and female and male Age Adjusted winners.

Points will be allocated the same way as the existing championships and the best 4 results will determine your final position.

Results need to be emailed to Sarah and Me by 21:00 on the Sunday night at the end of the race week – we will submit these to Mark for the website. I know not all members use Strava, Garmin or have GPS watches. As a result evidence is not required for submitting results. We’re going on your trust for the virtual championships.

Race Rules/Guidelines –
• Try and keep courses as Net Flat – e.g. Circular or Out and back
• Do not stop and pause watches mid race
• Keep within social distancing rules
• Must be a paid member by the 31/08/2020
Thank you to Martin, Sarah and Christine who have supported putting this together.

Any questions let me know?


(Head Boy)

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