The Week Ahead 26th July 2020

Afternoon All,

As always I hope this finds you all fit and well and enjoying some good running.

Are you sitting comfortably? Because it’s a long one this week!

We had a committee meeting last Wednesday; we have an ongoing inter club virtual race; our own virtual champs, and of course this week it involves our virtual 10K Mob Match with Striders, so there’s lots to report on.

Virtual Races, Club nights and Subs.

Don’t forget if you want your times and subsequent scores to count, you need to have paid your subs before 31st August 2020. I think there are a few people who haven’t paid and are racing. If you’re not sure please contact Sylvia. We don’t want you to miss out!  Membership Renewal Form  

Similarly, just a gentle reminder that if you’re coming along on Tuesday or Thursday for club- organised runs, on or off road, you need to pay your subs by 31st August at the very latest please. Insurance, liability and all the usual boring but essential stuff we have to comply with.

Non members are invited to come along on the last Thursday of each month which happens to be this Thursday 30th July. I know we have at least two ladies coming along to try us out. Please give them the usual warm welcome.

Nidd Valley Clothing Information.

We have one of the new design men’s medium Nidd Valley tee shirt left for sale at a bargain price of £22.20. If you’re interested in buying it , please contact Sylvia.

Carol Morgan and The Bob Graham!

Just in case you need some inspiration, motivation or just want to hear of Carol’s recent running adventures, please read on.

Carol actually wrote about her experience in completing the BG unsupported, and posted it on Facebook. Now those of you who know her will know this is highly unusual, as she is the most humble and modest of people.

What she didn’t describe is just how tough this challenge actually is and precisely what it involves.

The Bob Graham.

66 miles traversing 42 fells, including England’s highest mountain Scafell Pike as well as Helvellyn.

Total ascent of 26,900 feet in 24 hours.

Only about 2300 people have completed it, less than have climbed Everest!

The record was set last year by Kilian Jornet of 12 hours 52mins and Jasmin Paris holds the women’s record of 15 hours 24 minutes.

HOWEVER , these records are held by people who did assisted rounds; where they had people, approx 25, who are there to lead on the navigation, carry and supply food, drink, dry clothes, see to the runners feet etc..

Carols unsupported BG means she did all of those 42 fells and 66 miles on her own, no one to provide food, water, navigate for her or brought her dry socks.  She did it without GPS, using a map and compass, with a mobile phone only for emergencies.

Carol carried all the food she needed and had to rely on her knowledge of the route to top up her water along the way.

Starting and finishing in the dark, she completed the route within the 24 hours.  As this was a solo round it won’t be officially recognised by the Bob Graham club.

Well done Carol, you really are phenomenal and such an inspiration to many of us.


So, onto our running this week.

The Week Ahead.

Interclub Virtual 5K Race. You have until 9th August to race your 5K and submit your results through the Facebook link

W/C 27 July  until Sunday 9th August MOB MATCH VIRTUAL 10K!! The big one! Your club needs you.

You have from 27th July to the 9th August to run your 10K. Please submit your time to Sarah or Kevin our club captains.

This is a whole 2 weeks, you can have as many goes at it as you want but please only submit one time.

We’ve retained this title for several years now and I would hate to lose it just because of a pandemic. Putting it simply, the more people we have virtually racing the more chance we have of beating Knaresborough Striders.

Tuesday 28/7/20. 7pm Hockey Club.

Route 9. Green Lane 6.6miles . Club Routes

Please use the link for full details.

Dave Seaman is also kindly leading a group down the gorge.

Thursday 30/7/20 7pm Hockey Club.

Route 7. Duchy (Reverse) 5.98miles. Club Routes

Please use the link for full details.

The Knox Pub.

Dave Seaman and Graham Hyde are organising a run from The Knox pub, it will be off road in some part and with the chance of a drink at the end. They didn’t mention anything about paying for the drink!

More details will follow from Dave and Graham once the detail is confirmed.


Potential new members in attendance this evening are Annette and Kaisa.


Please ensure that if you should  feel ill after attending the club with any COVID.19 symptoms that you inform a member of the Committee as soon as possible, so we can trace other people in your group.

This is especially important as we are no longer using the booking on system.

Pacing Groups. Social Run.

Group 1. – Approx 8 to 8.30 minute mile pace

Group 2. – Approx 9 to 9.30 minute mile pace

Group 3. – Approx 10 to 10.30 minute mile pace

Group 4 – Approx 10.30 to 11 minute mile pace

Group 5 –  Social, recovery run with no pace in mind but a chance to chat as you jog, going as far as you want.

Health and Safety Briefing.

Warm up and stretch off after running.

Report any injuries to Bec Carman our Welfare Rep, or any Committee member.


Best Wishes, Christine

NVRR Chair.

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