Week Ahead 16th August 2020

Afternoon All

I hope this finds you all well.

This week is kind of the good news and the not so good news, so I will start with the good.

We won the mob match 10K virtual race against Knaresborough Striders. Congratulations and well done to everyone who ran.

The not so good news is, we didn’t quite win the inter club 5K virtual race. Not to worry I’m sure our time will come and we will have our moment of glory. Congratulations to Ripon Runners, the winners.

Staying on the subject of virtual races, please remember to send in your club subscriptions by the end of August if you want to be counted for our virtual road champ.  Membership Renewal Form 

We have a committee meeting this Wednesday please reply to Christina’s email with any items you would like to raise including anyone you would like to nominate for a superstar award.

So, here’s the detail of our club runs for the week ahead.

Tuesday 18/8/20

7pm Hockey Club.

Route 11. Supermarket Sweep. 6.5 miles. 

Please use the link for full details. Club Routes

There will be an off road route on offer too, setting off from the club. Dave Seaman has offered to lead a group either towards Crimple or the Gorge.

Thursday 20/8/20

7pm Hockey Club.

Route 12. Jennyfields. 6.4miles.

Please use the link for full details. Club Routes

Dave Seaman is offering another off road run. It will start at 7pm at Hampsthwaite village hall. The route that will take you to the top of the Birstwith Brute without running up it! Some road but mainly off-road with 3 possible return routes, the longest being 9.5km.


Please do NOT ATTEND the club runs if you feel ill or have any COVID.19 symptoms.

Should you feel ill after attending the club with any COVID.19 symptoms please inform a member of the Committee as soon as possible, so we can trace other people in your group.

This is especially important as we are no longer using the booking on system.

Pacing Groups. Social Run.

Group 1. – Approx 8 to 8.30 minute mile pace

Group 2. – Approx 9 to 9.30 minute mile pace

Group 3. – Approx 10 to 10.30 minute mile pace

Group 4 – Approx 10.30 to 11 minute mile pace

Group 5 –  Social, recovery run with no pace in mind but a chance to chat as you jog, going as far as you want.

Health and Safety Briefing.

Warm up and stretch off after running.

Report any injuries to Bec Carman our Welfare Rep, or any Committee member.


Best Wishes,


NVRR Chair.

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