Week Ahead – Sunday 10th January 2021

Afternoon All,

Well, the Tier 3 didnt last long did it?

Lockdown 3, for the foreseable future so yet another change to the Nidd Valley plans to keep us all moving and motivated.

We appreciate travelling is now severely restricted and will impact on some peoples ability to complete the XC series we planned. Not to worry, this is still on going but Captain Kevin has added another mini challenge.

3 distances and dates:

  • 1 Mile – WC – 11/01/2021 – 2 Weeks
  • 5 KM – WC – 25/01/2021 – 1 Week
  • 10 KM – WC – 08/02/2021 – 1 Week

If you complete these 3 races you will gain a badge.  These distance races will not count towards the cross country championships and you will not get 2 badges if you choose to do both, as they will be the same.

In addition coach Emma will continue to send an email with details of an interval session for you to do.

Theres no escaping the fact that this is tough going, on every level not having regular, casual, friendly contact with family and friends takes its toll on all of us.

Please take time out to contact others in the club, a phone call or a message but keep the contact going. Where safe and possible make the effort to run or walk with someone else. Im sure you all know the benefits of this.

So, I’ll finish this email wishing you all the strength to carry on and the wisdom to do so wisely. Stay safe.

Best Wishes,


NVRR Chair.

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