Roadmap out of Lockdown – 14th March 2021

It’s great to think that we can all be running together again soon and we can really start to look forward to that now. So here is a basic plan of what returning to club running is going to look like:

29th March 

Intervals in our groups of 6 will resume on the 30th March! Let’s stay in the same groups and start the block of 6 sessions over again seeing as the weather and Covid were conspiring against us at the end of last year!

Thursday club runs will resume in groups of 6 on the 1st April (no, I’m not kidding) and I will publish guidelines next week about meeting at the club to ensure that we are covid secure.

Covid Secure races are allowed to resume and your captains have sent out the list of championship races for you to choose from.

Travel should still be minimised so please consider this when entering races.

17th May

We MIGHT be able to run in groups bigger than 6. Guidance is currently unclear on this one so I am still doing some research!

Travel restrictions will be lifted so we can travel a bit further to races

21st June 

LOCKDOWN ENDS! Fingers crossed……………

Now here are some intervals for you, to be done in pairs or solo in the meantime: 

*This is quite a long session so pace yourselves and/or stop after the 10 min tempo if you prefer a shorter session

Warm up jog 5 – 10 mins followed by drills such as squats, lunges, high knees, heel flicks and fast feet.

Then a different type of pyramid for the main set:

2 x ( 1 min fast run , 2 min slow run or walk)

Then straight into

2 x (3 min fast run , 2 min slow run or walk)

Then straight into

10 min at tempo pace

Then straight into

2 x (3 min fast run , 2 min slow run or walk)

Then straight into

2 x ( 1 min fast run , 2 min slow run or walk)

Followed by your usual cool down jog and stretches.

Notes on pacing:

The 1 minute fast should be about 9/10 effort and faster than 5km pace.

The 3 minutes fast should be about 8/10 effort or your 5km pace.

Tempo will be your half marathon pace or about 7/10 on the effort scale.

That’s all for now folks! Shout up with any questions and have a great week,



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