Week Ahead – Sunday 4th April 2021

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve had a good Easter weekend so far. It was great to be back running in small groups last week and it’s the same plan again for next week. So, it’s intervals or a run from the club on Tuesday, and a run from the club on Thursday. See below for pacing groups.

You may notice that we’ve added a couple of extra spaces to each interval group to allow more people to take part, so if you’re not in a group and would like to be, check out the spreadsheet and sign yourselves in: Winter Intervals 2021 Book-in

On Thursday the suggested route is route 2 to Knaresborough (you’ll already start to see the pattern here!) which is here: http://niddvalleyroadrunners.co.uk/club-training-routes/

Then I’m sure there will be some off roading going on at the weekend but I’ve not checked with Dave S yet so watch this space……

Have a fantastic week and bring on the 12th of April when more restrictions will be lifted …….

Stay safe


 Pacing Groups. Social Run.

  1. – Approx. 8 to 8.30 minute mile pace.         Leave the club at 6:50
  2. – Approx. 8:30 to 9.30 minute mile pace.         Leave the club at 6:55
  3. – Approx. 9:30 to 10.30 minute mile pace.    Leave the club at 7 pm
  4. – Approx. 10.30 to 11:30 minute mile pace.      Leave the club at 7:05pm

5 –  Back to running with JeffThis one is likely to be a large group, so Jeff will be making sure it is split into groups of 6. Thank you Jeff. Leaving the running club at 7:10 pm. 

6 – Off road groups if it’s light enough!


Covid 19 and Health and Safety: 

COVID19 Risk Assessment please take the time to read it.

The COVID19 Briefing Note

Don’t attend club if you have any symptoms or have been in contact with anyone with symptoms.

Keep to your groups of 6, and try to keep at least 1 m apart from each other at all times.


Know the route you’re running.

Run within your capabilities.

Warm up and stretch off after running.

Wear head torch and high viz clothing if it’s dark.

Remember there are no toilet facilities at the club at the moment.

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