From The Chair

Good Morning to the Nidd Valley Road Runners Team,

Hoping you, your families and friends, are all in good health and spirits.

“From The Chair” is a communication sent periodically to keep the membership informed of things that maybe not all are aware of.  In my mind I always try to put myself in other peoples shoes,  even though I have my own shoes,  and my own views.  Then I have to consider  around 160 pairs of others shoes so please try to read these communications with that in mind.

To be honest I wasn’t sure whether taking the role of Chair was right for me.  However having said that I must say it has been a pleasure being around positive people that work hard to ensure that the club is a great place to be, and a positive experience for the membership.


Welcome every newcomer that has joined since our last communication.  It is so pleasing that we are attracting like minded people that wish to be part of our community running club. Last night I ran for a time with someone who was considering joining us, who ran confidently and did very well. In fact in asking a few questions without going into detail, they were certainly apprehensive about coming to a running club.  Well who wouldn’t be with all of us laughing and chatting as though we all live together. Also in asking more questions they were happy to share some information that told me we certainly need to support newcomers in their early weeks if they decide to join.  The point being, each and every one of us has a tiny responsibility in supporting newcomers just as we were supported when we joined.  And from where I am sitting I can see that is definitely happening.

Racing Again

Well for those who are competitive amongst us and those that are just happy to participate,  it is great to see we are starting to see the green shoots of races both virtual and actual starting to appear.

A big NVRR thank you to everyone that has helped to get us moving again, from the coaches and leaders of groups on a Tuesday and Thursday evening, to people like Phil Ventress and Dave Seaman that have gone beyond expectations to encourage us.   It is difficult to mention everyone as there are so many, however a BIG CLUB THANK YOU, to you all.

For anyone that maybe a little behind the curve and not feeling as motivated as they know they should, please book yourself in on a Tuesday interval session, or Thursday run as I can personally guarantee we will be totally aware of your needs and help all we possibly can to support you.

If you do not believe that, just look at the great work Jeff  Walker is doing with people that were/are  in a similar situation.  This is a club that is “friendly and all inclusive” .

Emma David continues to do a great job updating us weekly, so come on let us encourage each other to raise our bars !


Can we remember when we were all Juniors and looking forward to our football training, athletics evening, ballet, scouts, girl guides, etc, etc?  Well I can’t  Lol !  However I am sure you can.  And it is pleasing to tell you that at our committee meeting this week Martin Lofthouse could report some progress since we last requested help from the membership.  Let me tell you that a large part of that is down to Martin,  who once again stepped up and has taken an  interim role of Chair, and Lynsey Barraclough that has worked hard to get this on our agenda and moving in the right direction.  Let us not forget the other coaches and committee members that continue  to give their time to Junior development.

One thing that Martin requested was helpers that are qualified to be part of a rota to support the Juniors on a Monday evening.

All you coaches out there, please please, please consider this request.  We understand that you are busy and have your own lives and challenges, but please get in touch with Martin if you think you maybe able to give the odd couple of hours.

Superstar Nominations

We have wonderful people in our club, doing wonderful things all of the time.  Therefore there are plenty of opportunities to recognise these people by taking a minute of our time in nominating them to Sylvia at    Please get nominating.

I realise that we do need our minds jogging, me included,  and therefore I will send my nomination over today. Remember you cannot nominate a member of the committee, however that leaves nearly 140 others that can be considered. So get nominating and let us not miss the opportunity !


It is the committees responsibility to ensure we continue to consider the welfare of our membership at all times.  Bec Carmen is our welfare representative and personally I could not think of a better person to be tackling this role.

Bec together with Sylvia Morten and Chris Morris have put together a new Complaints Procedure that the committee are considering for publication very soon.  Thank you Bec, Sylvia, and Chris for actioning this, therefore when we publish the document next month please take a few minutes to read it.

Also the committee discussed our organisation on a Thursday evening.  Martin Lofthouse confidently got us into groups and set us off running last Thursday.  However we have our own responsibility to ensure we are in the correct group.  Please take the time to do that.  Having said that, if you find yourself in a faster group than you calculated, please please, be assured that you will not be left alone.  This happened in our group a couple of weeks ago and I was more than  happy to branch off and run as a double leaving the group to carry on.

So members, please take time to consider your group, and be prepared to support someone that has miscalculated.

Outstanding Performance

We pride ourselves at Nidd Valley Road Runners of being a club that is all inclusive, and personally I believe we achieve high standards in that regard. However every now and again we need to recognise an outstanding performance, and it is my pleasure to tell you that Jonny Johnson this week ran the Melberby virtual 10k. After completing the course the organisers contacted him to tell him that he had beaten the course record held since 1999. And that they are now checking the records back to 1987 and he may have beaten the all time record.  His time was an outstanding 32 minutes and 35 seconds.

So from all of us at NVRR Jonny, congratulations and it is great having someone so talented in the club.

Harrogate Hospital and Community Charity Steps Challenge

We have lift off !!!

As we would all agree, the front line workers in all industries have supported us unbelievably well over the last 16 months.  Now here is another opportunity to show our appreciation.  We now have nearly 2 teams of 6  as a start.

Next week you will receive an e.mail from Yvonne Campbell, head of charity & business development project manager.  Yvonne will explain much better than I ever could the impact and benefits the charity will receive if you decide to take part.  Yvonne will explain also how to enter.

The next opportunity to take part will be the 1st of July and step up  for the whole of the month. Entry fee is £20 per person but it will be my pleasure to support the charity by contributing £10 to each persons entry who is a member of the club.  In the meantime if you wish to find out a little more about the challenge this is the link.

Coaching The Coaches & The Wider Membership

Recently I have thoroughly enjoyed the tough interval sessions coached by our Captain Sarah Staiano. Two weeks ago as we left the Slingsby Walk session Rachel Mills turned to me and said, “what a great coach Sarah is “  Well when someone says that unsolicited  it is a true compliment. I totally agreed.  The following week on the tough Knox Avenue Hill Sarah said something to me that motivated me and I am a very self motivated person anyway.

Travelling home in the car I thought “ Sarah is doing a great job, and I am sure the other coaches are also “   however I know she could be doing even more.  Why do I say that ?  People would not know my past however most of my working life has been spent coaching and mentoring successful people from the board of BP to the Captain of the England World Cup Rugby Team, Martin Corry, who also played for Leicester Tigers. Along the way I also coached an England Football Goalkeeper as well as a double Olympic Silver medalist.

I suggested at our committee meeting that I could compliment the skills of the coaches, if they so wished.  And it was then suggested to me that maybe the wider membership would be interested.  All free of charge of course.

Next  Tuesday our other wonderful coach and physio Emma David are getting together  to discuss if there is any value in me being involved and at what level.

In the meantime please find a link that would give you an idea of how I helped an ex Premiership Footballer that went into Management and came to me struggling to develop himself.

Finally, I hope you enjoy the updates.  I know it is a bit like War and Peace, however I would sooner take the time to update people,  they then have the choice to read it or not.

Have a great week ahead


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