Is it the last week in may already? Is the Sunshine aware of this? :-)


Who needs perfect weather! We’re all still out running and racing anyway!

Captain Sarah says ‘Well done to everyone who has run Melmerby so far, we’ve heard about some great times coming in, special mention to Rebecca Ventress this week with her first sub 50 10k- great running and a well deserved PB. There’s still time to run, just remember you need to enter via Racebest at least 48 hours before and submit your times to the organisers – see last week’s email for the full details.  Good luck!’

Well done to those running at Harewood too. Nice work all round.

This week is Hills set 3 on Tuesday or a club run. As always for the intervals, check the spreadsheet for location and time, and in or out as needed. Here’s the signing in sheet:

Then on Thursday it’s plogging time! Here is a message from the Head Plogger, Kevin:


This Thursdays run will be plogging a combination or running/walking and litter collecting.  We will setup some mini routes from club to collect litter.

Harrogate council are lending us equipment and we are using some of the money donated to us from Bettys towards gloves and hand sanitiser. 

Please arrive promptly I’ll be at the car park from 6:45 to help organise groups.  If you are borrowing council equipment please come back to club to return it.  I will take any bags of rubbish collected back to my house as the council will be collecting it.  Please don’t leave any rubbish next to bins etc.

It would also be appropriate to wear club vests if you’d like to. 




For those who would like to help with the plogging, but are also following the 10km plan, I’d suggest doing the paced run on Friday or at the weekend? You could make it part of your long run by doing a longer warm up and cool down for example. Feel free to message me if you have any questions about it.

I’m betting that there will be another adventure run on Sunday led by Graham and/or Dave S, so watch this space and facebook for details of that. Or an idea for a weekend adventure could be a Burton Leonard recce followed by a Pub Visit? Have fun whatever you do!

So have a great week everyone and see you all soon


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