Countryside Code

It’s great to see so many Nidds getting off-road in recent years and enjoying the hills, trails and brilliant footpath network North Yorkshire and beyond has to offer. Over 140,000 miles of it in the UK. We should of course cherish this. It’s a huge national asset.

You may or may not be aware of the Countryside Code. It’s been produced by Natural England and its predecessors since the 1950’s. In short a Highway Code for the countryside. In April 2021 a new rendition was published. It’s a mix of both legal requirements and good respectful advice.

If you hit the footpath network, please may I ask that you give it a read. I’ve attached a short summary here and a link to the full version on the website.

Both of these are on the Fell Running section of the Nidd website too.

Happy running on our glorious footpath network.


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