From The Chair

Good Morning to the ever growing membership of Nidd Valley Road runners,

Yes I was told by our Membership Manager Graham Hyde recently that since we last spoke another 4 members have joined.  At the moment I am abroad and read this morning we have another 3 members join this week ! And a very BIG welcome to them all,   and all of the people that have joined our running community over recent times.  We must be doing something right eh ?  And Graham Hyde , the person that  welcomes each one individually, and  professionally,  when introducing them to the club. Thanks Graham.

As most would be aware by now, I believe that recognition, appreciation, and reward are very important.  My only regret is that when recognising people I know there are so many unsung heroes we do not notice, and therefore I urge you to let us know who they are as it may not be something I or the committee pick up,  and for that I apologise in advance.

This week on Wednesday the committee had it’s monthly meeting and it was such a pleasure dealing with mostly items of positivity,  moving the club forward, and with a team that is a pleasure to work with. We not only give our time however with a smile, and in a way that I find enjoyable when we are discussing agenda items. I am sure like me we all appreciate the vast amount of time they give.

Captains Sarah Staiano, Kevin Dalton, & Coach Emma David 

When I took the role of  Chair I knew I was far from the best person to be informing you regularly of weekly events such as intervals, upcoming races, performances etc, and therefore asked Emma to work with the Captains to keep us all up to date.  And  I must say what a wonderful job they do in that regard.  I hope you agree that I was never going to be the best person to give you that information.  That is the reason you hardly  get a comment  from me, because I know we are all in such good hands.

Also let us not forget the larger team of leaders and coaches  that support their efforts. We have so many that give their time unselfishly for the benefit of us all.

Superstar Awards 🏆

Thank you everyone for this month’s nominations and I’m pleased to say we have a bumper crop of Superstars this month to award and thank you for going the extra mile in support of our club.

Firstly,  on behalf of the club I would like to thank Guy Parker and Moira McTague for stepping up to now store all of our Bed Race beds and I believe Guy may also have volunteered to try and repair one that has been broken for a while too. In thanking Guy and Moira for taking this job on we also extend our thanks to Sarah Chalmers whose late father looked after several of the beds for a number of years, Sarah was instrumental in a smooth transition to the beds new home.

Our next Superstar Award  and thanks go to Phil Ventress who organised the Cleveland Way Relay for real this year.  A very well deserved award, as thinking about arranging an event as challenging as The Cleveland Way is vastly different to actually doing it.  And we look forward to seeing the results of Phil’s and everyones efforts after the event finishes later today. Congratulations Phil.

And finally to our coaches who have worked tirelessly these last 3 months to motivate and encourage us to run that bit faster, with better style and to not stop on lung busting hills!

As you can only win one award at once and as the Committee exempt themselves from the Superstar process, our thanks alone are extended to Emma David, Martin Lofthouse, Sarah Staiano, Sarah Chalmers, Phil Ventress and Sylvia Morten and also our thanks and awards to Christine Jones, Lynsey Barroclough and Cath Barber – you are all Superstars!

Cheers 🥂

Pub Runs/ Summer off road🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️

This was put on the committee agenda this week as we know from anyone that has been on one find them such a wonderful evening.  Great social events and great running. The committee unanimously agreed that now was not the right time to be arranging a pub run for reasons we all know.  Therefore I offered to host an evening run from my home. We have parking facilities and also happy to host the after run refreshments.  Emma David will work out a date, however unfortunately whatever date it is some will not be able to make it. Therefore  we will soon be out of restrictions fingers crossed,  and we can get back to having more dates for us to choose and enjoy.

Watch this space !

Club Culture

Attending my very first meeting as Chair,  Club Culture was the very first agenda point I put forward.  Not because there was anything wrong with it,  because there wasn’t.  However my past experience tells me it is something that we constantly need to focus on to build on the great work people have done before us to make Nidd Valley Road Runners the club it is today.  I just hope when my tenure ends I can look back and say I did my best to continue that good work and leave the club for the next Chair/Committee/ Members in just as good shape.

Therefore I would like to take the time to thank everyone that can say,  “as a result of my contribution/membership Nidd Valley Road Runners is a better place for us all”

It is the duty of us all to make Nidd Valley Road Runners something we are all proud of.

The Bar is Open 🍻

We have been informed that the club bar is now open for us to partake in a drink of our choice after our runs.  Please take the opportunity to now and again pop in, even if it is for a quick one and maybe even meet and speak to someone we may not have had the opportunity to speak with before.  It is quite natural for us to gravitate  to people that run in our group every week, or we meet at intervals.  And it takes a little of stepping out of our comfort zones to go up to someone we have not met and introduce ourselves.  However as we know when we do that the rewards can be great for not only us however as importantly them also.

Finally, if you have anything on your mind that you would wish me to consider for communication to the members, please do not hesitate to contact me as I know the depth of knowledge and experience that exists in our membership outweighs my own a thousand times.

In the meantime, stay safe healthy, and remember, we are not here for along time,  so let’s make sure we have a good time.


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