From The Chair

Good Morning to our Nidd Valley Road Runners Team,

Hoping this communication finds you all,  together with your families in good health and spirits.

Do you feel the same as me ? Recently I have been injured,  and yet still from a distance of many of the events and club meetings feel the buzz of our running community. This buzz has been around for many years I know, however as we grow and warmly welcome all levels of running ability,  we appear to be working harder to ensure we do not lose this reputation of being competitive,  however ensuring at the same time every level of ability feels comfortable and included.

Nidd Valley Family Sports Day

Captain Sarah Staiano has been instrumental in putting together  the above starting at 2pm on Sunday 15th of August on the Park Run Stray.  Bring a picnic, join in the fun and games, and build on the camaraderie  we have in our running community.  The committee has arranged for the weather to be good, so come along and have a great time.

Thanks Sarah and every one that supports you to make this day a success.

Full details can be found on our Facebook page.

Racing and Competitive Spirit

Although we welcome all levels of running ability, we never lose our competitive spirit and encouragement for those of us that want to push the barriers with the support of our club. As I have said many times,  our coaches, physio, and volunteers do a wonderful job communicating what is going on and when, and I would never want to interfere with that. As we know that amazing event Park Run restarted 2 weeks ago,  and it was great last week for me to stand because of injury,   on the 3rd corner and just watch and clap every single runner around the course 3 times.

However what I noticed when I got back and looked  at the times was that we had Nidd Valley Road Runners doing personal bests. Then I remembered,  once I did a personal best at Park Run and Martin Lofthouse our then Captain congratulated me on a forum like this and how good it made me feel.  Therefore I have listed below all the NVRR people that have achieved Pb’s over the last 3 Park Run’s.

They are –

Richard Evans
Emily Wighton 2 Pb’s achieved in 3 runs
Aidan Ranns
Lilian Scaife
Joshua Bryer
Eleanor Easton

There will be others that have achieved Pb’s in races that I would not know,  therefore please let us know in order we can congratulate you all in achieving your new personal bests.


It would be amiss of me not to recognise 2 great achievements last week and this. Last week Jeremy (ParkRun) Scott  one of our most colourful and liked characters completed 300 Park Runs,  and yesterday  Sarah Staiano our enthusiastic also well liked Captain completed her 250th Park Run. Achievements like this are an inspiration for us all whatever pace we run. Congratulations to both of you !

Superstar Awards

Just a quick reminder to wing over to our Sylvia at your SuperStar nomination.  Let us use every opportunity to recognise those amongst us that go over and above to help others,  and improve our club. Remember that you cannot vote for a committee member.

Run From Home

It was Judi and my pleasure to host an off road run last Thursday together with our new Butler Nick Smith 😉 at our home.  Even though the heavens opened we had a great evening with around 30 Nidders drying off.  We said that we should make this an annual event and Judi and I would be happy to do that.

Nick however wanted to call the evening run “The Nick Valley Road Runners  Evening” and charge £5 for parking,  however you will be pleased to know we have not agreed to that.

On a serious note, thanks Nick for helping with everything otherwise it would not have  gone as well as it did.

Committee Meeting

On Wednesday the 1st of September we have our next committee meeting.  We have missed a number of weeks due to holidays and some of us not being available.

Therefore please pass anything you wish us to consider for the agenda over to  our secretary  Chris at

Finally as we now manage to try and get back to some kind of normality we would encourage everyone to join us in the bar at the Hockey Club after a run.  I am on holiday from tomorrow for 11 days, however will be in the bar on Thursday the 26th of August.  Please come along even if it is for 1 drink, or maybe  a couple !

In the meantime I hope you stay fit and healthy and continue to enjoy the benefits of good health and being a part of our great community.

Onwards and Upwards


Ps  It is always at the forefront of my mind that I may get things wrong or miss people that should be recognised.  Therefore, please, please, contact me if you feel someone should be recognised on this communication.

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