From The Chair

Good Day to all members of NVRR

As we have gradually got back to normal, it has been wonderful seeing old friends and new meeting at various events and club nights. Seeing the smiles, the banter, and the hard work we all put in at whatever pace we run. After the club run on Thursday evening I thought to myself, “isn’t this great “ as I jogged around speaking to one of our newcomers Vicki. And I am sure most feel exactly the same as I do.
Ask yourself the question, How many newcomers have I personally welcomed to our club ? I am doing my best to meet everyone in the club, and certainly personally welcome all of the newcomers. They really appreciate it as I am sure everyone of us when first joining would have done.
The bar may be the best place therefore ……………………….

The Bar is Open !
The Bar in the Hockey club is now open, so please pop in, even if it’s for a quick drink, and have a catch up with Friends old and new. On Thursday there were around 25 in the bar doing just that, and it was great ! We understand how busy we can all be, however please try to find the time to have a drink from time to time. It is so good to see people.

Club Nights
If you were in attendance on Thursday evening you would have noticed we are making some small changes to organisation. We agreed at a recent committee meeting that as the club has grown it has become more difficult to organise everyone, together with welcoming newcomers, ensuring people are comfortable with pace groups making announcements and getting everyone away. Also recently you may have noticed all the car parks are a lot more full.
Therefore we have decided, certainly in the short term to park and meet in the car park immediately to the right as we enter the gates. Recently you would have received an e.mail from Captain Sarah regarding encouraging newcomers on the 1st Thursday of each month, and pace parameters. Please take time to read Sarah’s communication
Also we would encourage members to arrive at 6.45 to ensure there is time to gather our thoughts, make all announcements, get into pace groups ready to run at 7. We accept that with our busy lives this may not always be possible.

Inclusivity and Survey
It is every organisations responsibility under whatever banner, club, society, group, team etc, to ensure it is doing it’s very best to be inclusive. The committee agree that we needed to look at this through the eyes of the members. It was recently pointed out to me and the committee that inclusivity goes both ways upwards and downwards and I do not think anyone is going to disagree with that.
We have had a great response to the survey to date, however we do want to have as many responses as possible. Please take 5 minutes of your time to give your feedback. It will be very much appreciated. The link can be found below.

Banging On
One of the things I have always banged on about, long before this role with NVRR is appreciating volunteers. Most will not do it for any other reason than that they wish to help the wheels go around and enable the majority to enjoy the benefits. Having said the above appreciation and recognition is important. Volunteers will make mistakes and nearly 100 % of the time when a mistake is made we will still be attempting to do our very best. Mistakes happen ! Please be considerate of those mistakes. By all means bring it to someones attention, however take a minute to realise it will never be on purpose and approach it accordingly.

SuperStar Awards
There is so much good done by members, we should always take time to look for and reward those efforts. Over the next 2 weeks before our next committee meeting please take the time to put forward a name that in your opinion should be recognised with a Super Star Award.

Finally have a great week, and I look forward to seeing everyone at some point soon.

Onwards and Upwards


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