What’s occurring this week?

Jeremy is organising a Guy Fawkes 10 mile run starting at 6 pm from Ripley Car park. He says that everyone is welcome and that it will be slow and steady. I’d definitely suggest head torches for this one, as it will get dark and a lot of the route is on quiet country roads with no pavements.

Club run as normal from the Hockey Club. Don’t forget high Viz and please use the car park on the right as you go in instead of by the club house until further notice. There will be committee members and run leaders around with signs to show you where to go, and to help with getting into groups according to your approximate pace.

The route will be to Knaresborough as follows:
Route Description: Rear of School to Kingsley Drive, turn right, Knaresborough Road, Boroughbridge Road, Stockwell Road, Briggate, Forest Moor Road, Morrisons, Prospect Road, Knaresborough Road, Kingsley Drive, Rear of School. Option to cut short along Forest Lane, Waterside or High Street. Longer option to miss Stockwell Lane and go down Halfpenny Lane, Chain Lane, York Road and Briggate.

Pacing groups will be something like this:
8-9mins per mile
9-10mins per mile
10-11mins per mile
11-12 mins per mile
Run walk

Tuesday Intervals Option
Usual 10 – 15 mins steady warm up following by dynamic stretching and activation drills (Lunges, squats, Legs swings, calf bounces, High knee walk, high knees, straight leg running, 4 x 30 metre strides)

Then do the following twice:
12 mins at 10 mile race pace or tempo pace
4 mins easy jog or walk recovery
8 mins at 10 mile race pace or tempo pace
4 mins easy jog or walk recovery
4 mins at 5km race pace or quicker than tempo
4 mins easy jog or walk recovery

Good luck if you choose to do this interval set and as ever, please feel free to ask if you need anything clarifying.

It’s EA#walkandtalk week this week, arranged in association with MIND, and coinciding with world gratitude day on Tuesday. Captain Sarah has planned the following route for us to run/jog/walk in our groups. Chat to each other on the way round, come on down to the club if you’ve not been for a while, and why not carry on talking over a drink at the bar afterwards?
Walk And Talk Route 5.4 Miles – 9km Running Route near Harrogate (ID: 1696050) (plotaroute.com)

Here and above is the route for Thursday. The route is 5.4miles.
From the club up Claro road, turn left past Granby. Over Knaresborough road, past the hospital, over Wetherby Road, up Slingsby Walk, over Oatlands Drive, over the the railway bridge – past the Well and then take the path over to POW roundabout. (For a shorter run or walk- cross over the road to Prince of wales mansions then turn right here and run back to club past Cedar Court hotel.

Everyone else, Cross over to Otley Road past Trinity Church on the left – Run up Otley Road to Cold Bath Road. Re group at top. Run down Cold Bath Road to Valley Gardens entrance- Re group here. Run up the Valley gardens footpath to the planted roundabout and back down the path back to the bottom Gates where you came in.
Once out of the gardens, pass the Pump Rooms, then Run to the Parliament street cross roads and cross to run up Kings Road. Turn right onto Grove Road and past Grove road church on your right. At the end of Grove Road turn right and then head back to club via Devonshire Place, Claro Road and Ainsty Road.

The weekend
It’s Great Whernside fell race in the fell champs on Saturday. A noon-ish start and you can still enter in advance or enter in the day. It’s about 4.5 miles and goes up a hill and back down again. Oh, and it’s fun!

On Sunday is the Crag Rat run which is in the road champs. This one is about 5 miles (ish) and is also fun!!! Why not do both?

Or if racing isn’t your thing then do get together with some friends and go for a social run!

Race results
If you’re wondering how you are getting on in the club chamionships, take a look at the results on the website which have been updated by Mark. Well done once again if you’ve been racing this week.

Club Survey
We have already had a great response to our club survey which closes on 3rd October. Please do take the time to tell the club what you think here https://forms.office.com/r/uX27pz2tVx

The aim of this survey is to understand what the members think of the club, what’s good, what can be improved. This survey will take about 6 minutes to complete and is completely anonymous however if you have any specific comments you wish to make please get in touch separately.

Well I think that is all for now folks,

Until next time
Have a fantastic week

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