2022 Road Championship Race Calendar and lots more!

Sunday 28th November 2021

Hi Team Nidd

Road Championship 2022 – Road Championship (2022) – Nidd Valley Road Runners
Our road championship races for 2022 have been live on the website for a couple of weeks now – earlier than usual as we have included some new races early in the season that sell out fast.
To give you the best opportunity to have a go at these races Kevin and I put the championship list above together and publicised it as early as we could. You need 7 races to qualify for your badge.
– Just a note that we haven’t yet included the Evening League races to count in the list – these will be added after the 13th December when the Evening League committee has decided the dates. It is very likely the mob match v Striders will be one of these.

You will see that there are some different races this time and the list has changed quite a bit from previous years. This is as a result of the recent club survey (results here) which highlighted some key areas we needed to action to address various points raised.
1) Accessibility for all – More shorter races / 5k / 6k distances that are accessible for all runners of all abilities.
2) More chances of a fast time or a PB at various distances – this requires faster courses to give the best opportunities to race to full potential, hence some of the new inclusions over the same distances we have always offered, just on a quicker course.
3) Goal races were well received – and these will continue over selected races from this list next year to help members achieve their goals. Coach Emma will provide some fabulous training plans for these.

The opportunity to race and to hit your own goals, is at the heart of our offering for 2022.

Just for Fun
There are some races usually in the championships, that we have left out this time.
These would generally be local village races, and although called road races, are often more mixed terrain and don’t support getting a fast time.
However, I am still keen for us as a club to support these local races and another key message from the survey results was that there are a proportion of members who enjoy racing but don’t necessarily enjoy the club competition element.
So we had an idea to create this list of races that are “Just for fun”. They wont count for the road champs, but you can still run and enjoy them as part of a social, fun and pressure free way of racing.
Listing them out separately will ensure that we can still support them as they often raise vital funds for schools, local fundraisers etc.
The Just for Fun race list will be finalised and sent out to you very soon.

Fell Championship 2022
Huge thanks to Sarah C who will be compiling and sending out a list of Fell Races for the Fell race Champs in 2022. Keep your eyes peeled for these. Thanks as always to Phil Robinson who offers great advice and encouragement for all things fell orientated. Kevin and I appreciate your support.

Cross Country Winter Champs – 2021 / 2022
While you are reading (& hopefully you haven’t switched off yet)… there is still chance to enter lots of the winter series races too, a great chance for you to stay race fit before some of the early road races in 2022. You need 5 races to qualify.
Here’s the list – Cross Country Championship 2021 2022 – Nidd Valley Road Runners

Hope you all enjoy the new road races next year, and training, running and racing to your full potential.

Keep on running,

Captains Sarah & Kevin 😊

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