Tuesday and Thursday

Happy New Year everyone!

Intervals are back! It’s a new block of 6 sessions, and we move away from the hills and on to the flatter endurance intervals at Slingsby, St Cath’s and West Park.

This week we’re at Slingsby (meet at the hospital end of Slingsby Walk) at 6 pm and 7 pm. At 6 pm you’ve got me and Denise as your Coaches, and at 7pm you have Captain Sarah. You’ll have the usual 15 minute jog warm up, followed by drills and mobility at 7:15 pm, and then the main event. Enjoy.

On Thursday is social club run at 7 pm from the Hockey club in your paced groups. The route chosen at random is this one:


Please feel free to choose your own route within your groups if you want.

At the weekend there’s the Yorkshire Cross Country race on Saturday, and Graham has already sent out an invite for a social off roader on Sunday.

As usual watch this space and facebook for any other runs going on, and have a great first week of 2022.


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